Home less man 2010 Buffalo and Houston
  • kbusr August 2013

    Who is this? Same guy both places... I did get a picture in Houston, but in Buffalo I was sitting in the aisle seat of row four and he stopped pushing the cart and came directly to me ... put his hand on my shoulder and said " I hope you enjoy the show" He continued on ... Threw Pink on stage and the experience began. Please help if you can.

  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    He has been part of all the shows so i am led to believe. He was certainly at the london shows in 2011. Just part of the gemeral ambience, maybe a thought provoker.
  • kbusr August 2013

    Was at Buffalo, Houston 2010, then for 2012 was at Albany, Hartford, Boston, Philadelphia, Quebec , 2013 London, Manchester, Dublin. I have only seen him in 2010, it would be great if he was at one of the UK shows 

  • Andre August 2013
    What do you mean by "who is this"? Do you want a name?

    The homeless man was part of the show. He was meant to start conversations/interactions with the audience. I've seen him two year ago at Düsseldorf, Germany.

    However, this year, he is not part of the show.
  • NoImSpartacus August 2013
    Hi name was Brent, he was one of the crew, one of the truck drivers to be exact.
  • kbusr August 2013
    Yes, I was after a name... Thank you for the information.

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