• think about yourself and say if i were a knight what were my duty ?
  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    i would turn on a light. Take a couple if you wish they are on the dish.
  • cdburnercdburner August 2013
    can I be a day knight ??
  • Andre August 2013
    There are two answers to this:

    1) If I were a REAL knight, my duties were to protect my King, kill all enemies with my sword, win the heart of Milady in a tournament and make sure I look good while riding my horse. Or at least have all cell phone videos deleted when I fall off that stupid animal.

    2) If I was knighted TODAY, my duties were the exact same duties I have today: Be nice and respectful to others and do good wherever I can.
    (My point is: Being a knight means nothing. It's just a title. You, as a human being, are defined by your actions. Not your words, your titles or your intentions. If you have a title, you have good intentions, but end up killing millions, then you are still a bad person. If you are nothing, you have nothing, but still do good deeds, then you are - at least - a good person.)

  • Just a promis to god and you are a knight in the powerfull kingdom of the god.
  • CorneliusCornelius August 2013

    What a load of Poo-Poo

  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    I beg your pardonia Senor Maize

  • CorneliusCornelius August 2013

    What a load of Ka-Ka

  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
     Great footballer and role model.

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