Jewish Group Calls For Boycott Of Roger Waters The Wall
  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013

    Protests are taking place in Berlin, Ahead of tonights performance


  • Andre September 2013
    Take pics. I'm in Düsseldorf today.
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    More room for my fat arse. Boycott away.
  • ripvanpol December 2013
    It would be healing to differentiate the divisiveness of the name "Jew" form the term, "Zionist". This can only happen if people took a collective stance against ignorance which I believe is a common enemy of anyone seeking the truth during the time they have on this planet. I know this because for most of my life, I was ignorant to this as well...I simply did not know and never took the time to delve into this wound that afflicts our society...and when I say society, I mean the Earth.
    One morning several years ago, I read this letter in the AM New York paper while riding on the subway into Manhattan:
    "I wish Yair Koenig all the best as he moves to Israel.
    I also hope he examines the origins of terrorism directed at Israel. Israel’s policies of
    isolating Palestinians behind a wall, cutting them off from valuable natural
    resources, demolishing homes, invading Lebanon in one generation and bombing
    its innocent citizens in another, and allying itself with the U.S. as the sole
    supporter of our policy for control of Middle Eastern oil are all reasons for
    the despair that leads to terrorism. Mr. Koenig, these policies betray the
    moral tradition of the Jewish people."

    It was written by a man in Guttenburg, New Jersey whom I tried to contact once I arrived at my office. A simple call to information put him on the other end of the line. The letter was in reference to a wave of people living in the United States, moving back to Israel and becoming part of a movement to claim land where Palestinian homes had been bulldozed and razed. Among several topics, he explained to me the difference between Judaism and Zionism.
    This was an eye-opener for me.
    I later read this in Dr. Cornel West' book, "Democracy Matters":

    , "We recall
    that the Jewish invention of the prophetic, to be found in the scriptural
    teachings of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, and Habakkuk, not only put
    justice at the center of what it means to be chosen as a Jewish people but also made compassion to human suffering
    and kindness to the stranger the fundamental features of the most noble human
    calling...At the heart of the prophetic in the Hebrew scripture is an
    indictment of those who worship the idol of human power...Prophetic witness
    consists of human deeds of justice and kindness that attend to the unjust
    sources of human hurt and misery. It calls attention to the causes of
    unjustified suffering and unnecessary social misery and highlights personal and
    institutional evil, including the evil of being indifferent to personal and
    institutional evil.
    The especial aim
    of prophetic utterance is to shatter deliberate ignorance and willful blindness
    to the suffering of others and to expose the clever forms of evasion and escape
    we devise in order to hide and conceal injustice. The prophetic goal is to stir
    up in us the courage to care and empower us to change our lives and our
    historical circumstances."

    This has had a great impact on my interpretation of this divisive issue. While I cannot speak for Mr. Waters, any Pink Floyd fan who has delved into his extensive lifetime body of work should know that his music is filled with empathy and compassion towards the human experience. To label this man with the Pavlovian Anti-Semite tag is clear cut willful blindness and a refusal to look at ones self for fear of what one might find.

    Most of my "willful blindness" was destroyed when a terrorist plot to blow up a Hebrew School and Synagogue in 2007, (later discovered to be staged by the FBI - very little if no media attention to that!) was thwarted. Apparently the men, from upstate NY who had agreed to do this had parked several cars across the street from the institutions with enough C4 explosive to destroy every building on the block.
    My then 9 year old son was in school that day, and was in one of those buildings on that block.

    Only a parent who loves their children more than themselves can even contemplate what may have been.
    Is it not really the time to cut the bullshit and to place this situation in perspective?

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