Toys in the attic I am crazy, or Is there anybody (else) out there?
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    I must admit I joined this forum sometime ago expecting to read and talk about Roger Waters and the work he did with Pink Floyd with other people who had a similar interest. However disappointingly I find very little of relevance or even at all interesting, which is quite surprising at a time when there is so much to discuss such as the current tour that is coming to its end.

    Instead of posts about things like 'a review of last night gig', 'would anyone from the forum like to meet up before the .... Gig', 'any news on the Wall tour DVD', 'what do you think about the BBC Dark Side of the Moon 40th anniversary broadcasts', we get post like 'Roger Waters I hate you and hope all your family die', 'I am completely crazy and no one will talk to me, but will you look at and help me with my lunatic ideas' and even on the rare occasion when there are posts that may be slightly interesting they inevitably get spoiled after getting hijacked by people who have petty grievances with another person on the forum or just decend into non relevant nonsense.

    As it is I am really beginning to think if it worthwhile looking at this forum anymore (it certainly isn't at the moment) and are there still any people "out there" who are not either completely crazy, bitter and twisted, phsycotic religeous maniacs, or Internet Trolls.

    I also an starting to wonder if Roger Waters attracts more than his fair share of the worlds nutcases, from a quick look through the posts on this forum it would appear as though they are the only ones who have any interest him.

    So as the thread topic suggests 'Is there anyone out there' who is reasonably sane and might have something relevant about Roger Waters, the Wall tour or Pink Floyd to discuss that would for a change be interesting and would make it worth coming here for?
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    You are about a year or two to late, This site was lost when about 3 or 4 regulars would slag and kill you for any reasonable thought that you put forward. At least 5 real floydonions have been lost due to peoples idiotic pc bravery and threats of violence. This site has been used / abused and never monitored since its start. I now just use it to get any updates on whats occuring. Neptune pink floyd is the place if you want to talk the 4 corners of Floyd. Now if you want to buld a flux capacitor then your in the right place. There are a few goodens on here who i enjoy recieving their quirky comments from. Once the Wembley show is history this site will go along with it.

    Of coarse you then have the fact that most forums are linked into a site that gives constant updates on whatever is relevent to that particular topic. At best this site gives you something from the artist about once every 3 months. This means every topic has to thought up by someone rather than getting thought and topic provoking words from the editors of the site. Basically its out there on it own with no updates or sidelines that you can chew and debate. Evry other forum i use has daily updates on something than can offer food for thought.. I am surprised it has lastest thus far. It will die when the tour does.

  • cdburnercdburner September 2013
    I Suppose you're right in a way Gibbin, as this forum doesn't seem to get any admin (or very little) every crackpot who wants to have a go at Roger & his fans, are allowed to post stupid, inane comments.. "Boycott this", "Car Insurance" [!!!] blah blah blah,  & other threads which have no right to be on here, but that doesn't mean to say that we have to stop commenting. I hope churchmiles is wrong in saying that once the tour's over, this will close, but as he also says, there are other forums ie Neptune's, which I am on too, if you really want to see what's going on, their are plenty of us "out there !! I've personally put a few things on here, including the 40th Anniversary broadcasts..............
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Didnt want to be a bummer on things because at the moment i am absolutly buzzing about the Wembley show, bring it on. I cant believe it i have now go to go and drive past it on my way to visit family. I love it. It could not be at a better stadium. Its immense. Plenty of leg room , nice steep sides , perfect view from anywhere in the stadium. I must say that at the very top of the 500 blocks its bloody high up. Take some oxygen if your going. They wont let you take it in though. If your lucky they will dispense it into pint glasses. lol. All this anti anti anti she ite stuff that been plaguing this tour has been a proper bore. Bring the piggy wiggy home. There is still plenty of interesting floyd stuff coming up but as i have said. This site wont be providing anything in the way of news. It never does. Neptune on facebook is pretty cool as well. I have enjoyed most of the time i have spent on here and i am sure you guys are a if we meet up at Wembley Wembley. I am the one you will be watching for few hours singing some of my old favorite songs to about 70k believers. Keep it reel Hombres chow, adios.
  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013
    "I don't belong here", said old Tessa out loud.
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    yeh ya do senor maize
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    Thanks for the replies cdburner and churchmiles, I know there are one or two reasonably sane people on here but I feel they are few compared to the hoards of nutters that frequent here. Anyway signed up to the Neptune PF forum in hope of finding some relevant chat, no disrespect intended but sometimes on here I feel that I am not just on the same planet as some of the regular posters on here but in a completely different universe.
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Neptune is another far safer planet altogether. I dont do the quantum physics threads. I can only just get out of bed every morning let alone solve the mystery of the wooly mammoth extinction. 

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