Pink Floyd/Roger Waters...Jammit Petition Idea
  • Greenandsubmarine September 2013

    I have really appreciated the possibilities in a site like,

    where the actual guitar, keys, bass, vocals, and drum sounds of major recording artists can be isolated, cut up, reimagined, blended with other things, and so on.

    however, the music of Waters and the Floyd are unavailable there.

    imagine being able to take apart favorites like Breathe, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Run Like Hell or something so otherworldly as On The Run!

    it is already being done with the music of Yes and Rush, as well as many new groups.

    being able to use the actual multitracks of Floyd for musician's use, for the purposes of creative reinterpretation, or to simply enjoy reconfigured versions of the songs, is a wish i have long had, and jammit provides that outlet.

    Gilmour's solos on Comfortably Numb could finally be isolated by just anyone with internet access.

    still, the Floyd ain't there yet.

    i'm keen to see a petition started to get PF in the jammit ranks.

    i have no idea where to start, but if someone would like to take the baton and run with it, more power to you.

  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013

    Maybe they don't want people to "Take apart favourites like Breath, Shine on, Run like hell or something so otherworldly as On the run,

    I don't care if it's being done by artists like Rush or Yes, Rush and Yes are not Floyd never have been.

    Who wants to isolate Gilmour's solo's ?



  • Greenandsubmarine September 2013
    i'm not sure why my thread post is eliciting such a negative response from you, but i wish you well nevertheless.
  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013

    I just think Pink Floyd and bands like them deserve more respect than to have their music cut up, reimagined, blended, mixed or isolated.

    I can't imagine it being done in the name of music because the music's fine as it is.

    Sorry if I sounded negative but messing about with stuff like that is akin to sacrilege.

  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    You dont like dweezils run like billio then ??/
  • Greenandsubmarine September 2013

    well, one instance of the music being reimagined is available on the Echoes collection, where Shine On You Crazy Diamond is featured as parts I-VII.

    the Floyd do not appear to think it is sacrilegious.

    if a Mozart piece were available to be broken down and understood from the inside out, it would hardly be sacrilegious. it would be a matter of appreciating the music in a fresh new way, being awed by the craft, the thinking that went into the work.

    we already have that appreciation, of course, but it is a new way of enjoying the music, that's all.

    it's not as sacrilegious as the unrigorous mindset of so many who hear something like Dark Side or Shine On and think, "y'know, that album is great, but perhaps if i dropped this tab of acid it'd be better."

    that is true sacrilege.

  • Greenandsubmarine September 2013

    in other words, wanting to dive into the music and mess with absolutely requires respect from the listener.

    it is in no way meant as disrespect.

    was George Martin being disrespectful to the memory of John Lennon when he and his son created the "Love" record? of course not. it's a magic experience that incorporates a lot of the things i've mentioned in the first post.

  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    I hear what you are saying, almost over and over again . Like echoes. ( wink ) I think that its all down to personal opinion. The Mozart thing carrys no weight whatsoever because for me some of the Floyd/ Waters stuff is my Mozart. It is very rare that , in fact very very very rare that someone does a cover and it is anywhere close to being as good as the original. I am sure there are a few examples but my brain is half asleep to name them. But putting a reggae beat to d.s.o.t.m. was just a piss take if you ask me. Maybe you should start a new topic that is covers that sound better than the originals. I would put my brain to work and pull something out the hat if you do. Gotta go work now , chow.
  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013
    Pass the popcorn, please..!
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    everybody twist
  • voodoochild1975 October 2013
    And to think I do it the hard way with Floyd, learning the guitar parts, bass parts, drum parts (can't play keys worth a damned though)... and actually trying to play them..... ;)

    I am going to think this is a very personal decision for an artist.  I can see reasons why some might like it, I can see where some would be absolutely opposed to it.

    And I have always hated the 'sampling' phenomena in rap and hip hop.  It's theft in my book.

    So if it were done for personal use and interest?  OK, cool.  As soon as someone starts making money off these tracks, screw that. 

    As a good example, there was an edition of Nine Inch Nail's year zero remix that included a DVD with .wav files of the isolated tracked, and even a free version of ableton to mix em up yourself (although I am a Reaper man myself).. Trent asked people to post their remixes to his website.  He fully encouraged it

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