Saturday the 14th....................
  • bmock78bmock78 September 2013
    Booked the tickets in darkest January, waited a long nine months, arrived at Wembley last night to the best concert I've ever been to. The music, the crowd, Roger, fucking amazing.
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    chow now , corn, etc have a good life. Noce doing banter with you
  • syd_barnet September 2013
    I've commented elsewhere how much I enjoyed the Wembley gig, but one thing slightly annoyed me - well, it annoyed me a lot actually - and that was the hiking of the prices of the merchandise on the night. A few weeks ago, I bought a hoodie (£29.95) , t-shirt (£19.95) and a tour programme (£9.95).  Boy, am I glad I bought them early!  On the night, the t-shirts were £25 (+25%), hoodies were a whopping £60 (+100%) and programmes were also doubled in price!  I know Wembley Stadium were acting as an agent and were  probably entitled to a small cut, but a fucking 100% increase on the programmes and hoodies?  Just how the fuck is THAT justified?  
  • cdburnercdburner September 2013
    Totally agree with syd, I did the same and am glad I did, £6.40 for a cheeseburger [NO chips] (I know that's nothing to do with Roger), was ridiculous ! I enjoyed the Wembley gig, tho a few idiots [as usual] tried to spoil it for others.
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Syd i have to agree 100percent,  I wanted a childs shirt of the bomber on the grey t shirt for my son. tHEY DID NOT SELL CHILDS SHIRTS SO HE SAID BUY HIM A SMALL ADULT AND ONE DAY HE WILL GROW INTO IT. fAIR COMMENT , BUT AT £35 FOR A CHILDS SHIRT. rOG CAN POKE IT.

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