Roger Waters The Wall pictures from Wembley Saturday 14th Sept
  • Gibbin82 September 2013

    Not my pictures but I thought they were incredibly good and reposted from the efestivals Glastonbury forum with kind permission of the photographer Keef

    My photos are online now click here to see them

    A few of the better ones:





  • Gibbin82 September 2013
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    And some more again not mine, but this time from glasto-worker again off the efestivals Glastonbury forum

    although it will never top the Berlin Wall concert 21 July 1990 which I attended {  although none will ever get close due to the sheer size { 350,000 ticket holders and a estimated 100,000 were allowed in for free { from east Berlin } - now that is what you call a audience } - not even Wembley has the space for a 550-foot-long by 82-foot-high wall but the Sound was fantastic.

    went to my seat to find a joker sitting in it - turns out it was a couple ' chancing their arm ' - I soon moved them on and they moved along the row and were moved again when the real ticket holders showed up - they moved a third time and then moved on - they must have come from level two and were trying to find better seats - the ushers were not bothering to check so anyone could have moved to a better spot - 

    It never did rain but it was touch and go - the pitch was a sea of people using their iPhone's { or whatever they are called these days }

    We could have done with Rogers machine gun outside as it was packed out with ticket touts.

    very similar show to his 02 gig last year { or the year before }  except his voice was far better this time - if you count the seats where a person can view the stage I would estimate there was 20% empty - most on the top level - anyone who was standing on the pitch  was able to get very close as it was not as dense { as say the stage at Glasto } up until the start.

    Concert ended at 10.30pm - I shot out and found a train waiting at Wembley Stadium train station and reached Tottenham Hale at 11pm which was bloody fast going - then a 5 mile bus back home .

    Overall well worth the money.

    first time at the new Wembley - was able to take in a sealed bottle of coke { even although they claim no drink can be taken in } - did not fancy paying £5 for a bottle of Carlsberg. 



  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    And a bit about the demise of the pig from Neptune Pink Floyd

    Bahnstormer wrote:
    Was the pigs violent demise part of the show, or a malfunction ?

    My first Roger Waters concert - impressive !

    Part of the show - It was hovering over us during the trial and as the wall came tumbling down the security guards started pulling it down towards the crowd so that the crowd could grab hold. once there was a hole in it some people were putting their heads in to breath the helium - one bloke was biting it to rip it and I managed to get a little bit of it. it was quite unnerving for a while as there were a couple of us under it with with people diving in on top to get their bit

  • syd_barnet September 2013
    Everything - absolutely everything - about Saturday night was brilliant.  I don't think I've ever been to a rock concert with such meticulous attention to detail.  The sound quality, lighting, visuals were on a scale that I don't think many could comprehend.   There's not much point in me going into the fine details as anyone who has attended this tour (particularly at Wembley) will already know just how incredible the  shows have been.
    What I will say though, is that I found the the show very emotional at times.  I would imagine Comfortably Numb would be a particular case in point for many Floyd/Waters fans.  And so it was for my son and I.  I was biting my lip during the guitar solo (trying to 'man up'!), turned round to see tears in my son's eyes and that was me gone too.  A 24 year old and his 57 year old dad behaving like stupid teenage girls!  I suspect that we weren't the only ones.
    If this really is the finale for Roger then I don't think he could possibly do it in a better way than such perfect performances of an album which is so personal to him.  I'm glad that was there to witness such brilliance.    
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    My i enquire as to the reason for the tears. I took felt sorrow on the first time around but did not on the second. I did feal pleased the second time. Well actually 3rd but the first was at earls court and i had a big mug of mushroom tea prior to the gig followed by any amount of Durban poison. At the wembley gig we all just sort of nodded at one another to say, yeh hes hit it , AGAIN. 
  • syd_barnet September 2013
    I think maybe the realisation that I might never see anything so brilliant on such an epic scale? Perhaps.  All I do know is I went through every conceivable emotion and arrived home in Glasgow on Sunday evening a very happy chappy indeed.

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