Roger Waters regrets sueing Pink Floyd - TV interview
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    It's going to be on the BBC news if you are quick enough to catch it.

    Roger Waters: 'I was wrong to sue Pink Floyd'

    HARDtalk will be broadcast on Thursday, 19 September on BBC Two at 10:35 am and internationally on BBC World News at 14:30 and 20:30 GMT.
    BBC News { 80 freeview } 00.30 - 01.00 20 SEP
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston September 2013
    What does any of this have to do with the new math?
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    If you are UK based HardTalk is on the BBC World News channel is on at 15:30 and on BBC 1 at half past midnight.
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    I managed to watch this on my motorised satellite dish (why on earth can't you get BBC World on any UK TV service Sky, Virgin or terrestrial?) and it was really interesting. Roger came across very well and became a little emotional at one point, although I think the interviewer could have let Roger talk a bit more at times when he obviously had something he wanted to say, it could have always been edited out later if they wanted to include something else instead.
  • voodoochild1975 September 2013
    That was good to hear honestly.

    I never took a side in the split, enjoyed both separately and equally.  I think the study in contrast between Division Bell and Amused to Death is really interesting actually... throwing a lot of light on who brought what to the party all those years (on a smaller scale, the contrast between MLOR and DB highlight Rick's contributions I think... toss Broken China in with that too... loved that album).

    Believe it or not, the feud actually bothered me personally for those years.  Partly longing for a reunion, which we finally got at Live 8, but mostly because I hated hearing the crap going back and forth.  These were artists and musicians I respect immensely trying to tear each other apart.  When Roger would talk crap about Dave and Floyd, even as a fan of his, it really bothered me... because I also really liked Dave and Floyd.  Please don't ask me to choose between Division Bell and Amused to Death, it would be agonizing, and I don't think I could pick a favorite of the two.

    So really I just wanted the hatchet buried and for all parties to acknowledge 'you know, the other guys were pretty damned good musicians too actually', have a beer, and realise they accomplished great things together, and maybe were even good friends once.

    Near as I can tell, that is exactly the place they've gotten to now.  

    It puts a smile on my face.

    Now, Roger, why not ask Dave to play guitar on a song or two on the new album?  Dave, why don't you ask Roger to write lyrics for a song on your next album.  Not a Floyd reunion, but... Roger can still help make Dave's music better on a smaller scale... and Dave can still help make Roger's music better on a smaller scale.  And each working with the other on a song or 2 won't make it Floyd, it's still a solo album etc.  But Waters and Gilmour working together on... anything... tends to result in some of the best music this world has ever heard.  It's a powerful combo and each plays so well to the other's strengths and shoring up their weaknesses.  

    Hell, if the hatchet is buried deep enough, they might actually ENJOY working together again.  

  • imspartacusimspartacus September 2013

    couldn't have put it better myself voodoo.

  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Yeh ya could
  • imspartacusimspartacus September 2013
    well I do prefer amused to death to the division bell'
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    Anyone who missed the Roger Water interview on HardTalk there is another chance to catch it on BBC iPlayer here

    It is a UK only but if you are overseas do a google search for Proxy Servers and you should be able to see it
  • voodoochild1975 October 2013
    Strange that a BBC site would be UK only, since they are such a global news source.  I've always gotten a fair bit of news from the BBC.  If you click the 'why?' link for UK only, it goes to a dead page.
  • Gibbin82 October 2013
    Hi voodoochild1975

    Oh! The wonder that is YouTube

    P.S. Appolagies to some others on here as this will not please everybody, but this is only about Roger Waters!

  • voodoochild1975 October 2013
    This is actually an interesting point... if they restricted to UK only due to bandwidth or something... why bother hosting it all?  Put it on youtube and link to it instead.
  • Gibbin82 October 2013
    I expect the limiting of the BBC UK content is more to do with international licensing laws than anything else. As with Sky TV, Canal+ and other pay TV services they are usually country specific only and receiving them in other countries is usually only possible by using illegal methods. Funny thing is though with the BBC there is no service provider in the UK that airs BBC World News, yet it is free to air everywhere else in the world?

    Anyway not sure if you had managed to catch this before, but if not what did you think?
  • voodoochild1975 October 2013
    Great interview... I really liked the interviewer actually, he was respectful, well informed, and wasn't tossing softball questions.

    I am THRILLED at how fired up Roger is over his next album, and completely agree that Amused to Death didn't get the attention it deserves...  

    The fact that I still run into alleged Floyd fans that have never heard this bothers me actually... I don't know how many times I have begged people to give it a listen... interestingly, those whose arms I twisted usually thank me later...
  • imspartacusimspartacus October 2013
    excellent album. im debating on buying the body on dvd has anybody seen it if so is it worth getting.
  • CorneliusCornelius November 2013

    No, but it would be doubleplusgood if Roger does an another long playing record and I reckon it will be a corker, great interview, very honest

    Amused To Death is a true masterpiece of an album but I don't think it's quite up there with Wish You Were Here or even Animals, but who am I to judge

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