Arrest Rockefeller Rothschild's....Please?
  • DMTisESP October 2013
    Many reading this will not be able to Digest it because it Threatens their Way Of Life and WAKING UP IS HARD TO DO!

    1913 the US Government was Broke and the Rothschild's Family Guy had a secret meeting with the President.

    In the Meeting the Rothschild Dude said, "Hey I will Loan You the Money
    in Gold, BUT You can never pay off the Loan You Must Only Pay the
    Interest of the Loan and I will Help SAVE YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE, Just
    mean I Help You FOREVER!"

    Then the President of the USA said "Since I have No Street Smarts and I
    am an Intellectual ZomBiE TARD, I will Believe everything you say and
    Believe this is a Good Idea, and I will HELP YOU Create the FED, and
    You ROTHSCHILD'S can Be our Private Bank, and we will trust you because
    You Have Honor!"

    The Rothschild Dude said "Sweeeet!"  The USA People did NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS....

    New Birth Certificates were issued to the People and NEW Funky TAXES were
    created by the ROTHSCHILD'S which were ONLY to Pay the INTEREST OF THE

    So time pases and the ZomBiE TARDS have No Clue what is going on or why they have to pay so much money in Taxes.

    The United States of America is Now called "THE UNITED STATES OF THE ROTHSCHILD'S!"

    In a country called Germany, there is a little fellow named
    "Adolf Hitler". He is a Charismatic, Brave, Political and
    Psychological Genius, but his Party Needs Money to Help them Promote
    their LOVING Cause called "Nazism". ROTHSCHILD'S HEDGES HIS BETS BY
    CAMPAINS! So the Rothschilds Bet on ALL HORSES!

    Hitler WIns! Yaaaaaa! Hitler Honor's his Promises to the Rothschild's
    by Supporting Major Industries to help him with his War Effort.
    Disney Helps him, then IBM Helps Hitler by Inventing Cool Computer Like
    Cards Used to Process Hitlers Political Enemy's into His F.EM.A....I
    mean Detainment Camps, where you NEVER LEAVE....Many Many MANY United
    States of the ROTHSCHILD'S Industries Help Hitler with his Effort and
    they get SUPER RICH!

    Rothschild's LOVES Hitlers Dictatorship Called Nazism because it the Most Efficient Method of Controlling a Dumb Mass.

    Hitler Looses the War ;( and The Rothschild's Dude says "I am So sad,
    Nazism was the Most Effective means of Controlling a DUMB ZomBiE TARD
    MASS and the People can Still Vote for an Elected Leader...Boo Hoo Hoo,
    What is a Psychopath to do...with out me CONTROLLING THEIR EVERY MOVE,
    THEIR DANGERIOUS Boo Hoo Hoo..."

    Then Rockefeller Says, "Don't Cry Rothschild's Dude, I Have an Idea!,
    Lets Do a Brain Drane from the Nazi Scientists and Every smart Nazi
    there is, and we will Use them in OUR NEW GOVERNMENT WE WILL CALL "THE
    NEW WORLD ORDER? We will Over Time Convert the ZomBiE TARD MASS, and
    in a Generation or 2, we will Create Nazism for these ZomBiE TARDS, who
    Should Never Grow up, or be RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES, OR THEIR

    Then the Rothschild Dude said "Thank You Rockefeller, You ROCK! and We
    will also Create the Greatest War Machine Ever! We will call it The Military Industrial Complex! We will Defeat the Communists People who are being Controlled By "Political Psychopaths" and Replace their Political Psychopaths with our "Corporate Psychopaths!"
    then We can Enslave!...I mean Free, the People, all the people on the
    planet with our Psychopathy, Cause We are Smart, Cause We Have Lots Of
    Money, Therefor We Are Superior!,...hey I got a Great Idea Rockefeller. Why don't our 2 Families INBREED TOGETHER , Because We Are So Smart and are Soulless Psychopaths, We Should Mix ONLY Our Genetics Together, Because I THINK Sleeping with Family Members is a Good thing, Makes Sense to Me"...then their New Family Motto Becomes "Incests the Best Put Your sister to the Test!"

    Then these 2 Families Started Inbreeding together and Had Lot's of
    Weird Children, many they Hid from the Public View, as their Experiment
    Proved Not the Be the Best Idea they had they Stopped
    Sleeping with their Family Members and Began Breeding with other
    Psychopaths in High Places.

    So Today We Have LOTS OF BABY PSYCHOPATHS That Grew up and are now
    controlling Government's, Industry's, Media's, Military's and Police's!
    Yaaaa! The Psychopath will Rule Us Yaaaa!

    The Internet comes Along and all this begins coming first these People are called Conspiracy Theorists,
    many people shun them, as they are speak of crazy ideas and are
    panicking over things they shouldn't. They EVEN Accuse the Government
    CONTROLLED by The ROTHSCHILD'S and ROCKEFELLER of Destroying the World
    Trade Centers with the Zionist Mossad so they can begin a war with their
    Military Industrial Complex, Because Out of Chaos Comes Order...

    There is a New Breed
    of Police and Military in the United States of the ROTHSCHILD'S, called
    COWARDS. Being an OATH KEEPER Means Using Common Sense and YOU
    PROTECT THE OATH YOU WERE SWAN TO UPHOLD! Their are Many Honorable Oath
    Keepers in the United States of the ROTHSCHILD'S and their
    Numbers are growing as More and More Police and Military Service people
    WAKE UP!

    Anyhow the Rothschild's now CONTROL 90% of the Processed Censored
    Disinformation on the TeLIEvision with Sports, Talent Shows and
    Scandals, woooo scandals. The People in the ONCE GREATEST AND FREEST
    Nation the World had ever seen, were Now being Dumbed Down with The
    TeLIEVision and the WORST EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM ON THE PLANET, THAT GOOD OLD DAVID ROCKEFELLER'S CIA DESTROYED WITH HIS CONTROLLED TEACHERS UNION!...Most Slave ZomBiE TARDS of the UNITED STATES OF THE ROTHSCHILD'S become more and more IGNORANT, to the point of RETARDATION...Meaning NOT USING YOUR BRAIN AND THINKING! Most People Have No Critical Thought anymore, and Most only Think they Can "THINK", but all they really can do is just repeat stuff they hear from other ZomBiE TARDS LIKE THEMSELVES as if it were Gospel,... why???? because their ZomBiE TARDS OK?...

    Support your OATH KEEPERS! Keep them Strong So they can keep You SAFE!

    Just google the stuff I said, it is not 100% correct cause of the
    dialogue and stuff but you get the idea...Better Wake Up FAST Before
    the Rockefeller and Rothschild's KILL YOU! With this Little Thing Called CLASS WARFARE YOU BETTER....W....A....K....E........U....P!!!

    MERICA! Land of the Slave and Home of the ZomBiE TARD! W....A....K....E.......U....P!!!

    Sadly Britan Is Like Canada their are No Oath Keepers, just ZomBiE TARDS
    In Uniform Being the Good Guys...Hey ZomBiE TARDS! You Like the Story?
    Google this shit and Join the People with LOVE and I will Forgive Your
    ZOmBiE TARDISM of the Past, You Have My Word!

    Yaaaaa O-MERICA got Taken Over By the Rothschild Rockefeller Nazi Dictatorship where You ONLY THINK... (theres that word again), You can VOTE for Your Dictator!

    Yaaaaa! I Vote For Obama Because He Loves People and Freedom MERICA!
  • churchmileschurchmiles October 2013
    Wont be able to digest it because its to bloody long and to damn boring.
  • Andre October 2013
    * [citation needed]

    I love the internet. It brings people together. No matter how stupid your ideas are, there is always at least one guy believing it.

    However, if Quentin Tarantino turns this into a movie, I'd watch it.
  • DMTisESP October 2013
    Fuck I can't believe this, this is a dream...
  • churchmileschurchmiles October 2013
    Hopefully not the type Richard Wright wrote about.
  • voodoochild1975 October 2013
    Edited for being overly mean.

    Best to just ignore this guy,
  • DMTisESP October 2013
    I cannot believe this is happening...I am so any here the Fractal Binary Math is being turned into a cartoon so Roger and everyone here will be able to see what I am so Poorly describing with Words :(  Roger I tried to warn them...but I guess there is nothing you can do.  
  • Gibbin82 October 2013
    DMTisESP What is wrong with you? This is a ROGER WATERS forum, you stupid blighter!
  • StrayDogStrayDog October 2013

    Hey Dude, relax! And cheer up a bit - it might be not that bad after all. In fact, if you had paid attention to my repeated encouragements to read my main thread, this failure of your “waking up the masses” attempt wouldn’t have become such an enormous surprise and disappointment for you. Or you could have taken into consideration my advice from the very first post in that thread – choose your conversers. Because it’s a waste of time and energy to try to talk some sense into biomass which are expressing their expert opinions on subjects they evidently do not have the slightest clue about, dashingly indulging in personal attacks while hiding behind their keyboards (a couple of scumbags here who were cordially invited to corroborate in person instantly heroically soiled their pants), or simply totally unable to get concentrated enough to read and “digest” several short paragraphs. So don’t sweat about that. The bigger their mouths, the faster they will be swallowing their own shit when this shit hits the fan. Which can happen soon enough. And, since I do not share your pacifistic attitude, I’m seriously thinking about booking a couple of nice first row seats for the show.   

    When I started my thread mentioned I was already completely free from any illusions in this respect. With the exception of one, maybe – for some time I had that folly of thinking that I was talking, however indirectly, to the author of “The Wall”. When it became exceedingly clear that I was talking to the wall itself, I terminated those vain activities. Statistics of the results? My six-month talk can be held partially responsible for waking up one single person – “partially” is used not because I think that this person is still half asleep, but because I think that he was pretty much awake already at the beginning all by himself. So you’re facing the only possible outcomes right now. And yes, you are facing them here – on Roger Waters’ site. Not on Miley Cyrus’ one. The reasons behind this state of things are among the major topics of the thread itself. I won’t be inviting you for the fourth time to read it, but the post entitled Part 3 is specifically dedicated to outlining the way out of this mess. But it has nothing to do with “salvation in herds” or any other flower children beautiful bullshit. So just in case you need some “harsh truth” support … 

    As for your post – from exact to social sciences? Refreshing. If we put aside your somewhat erratic way of presenting things – but that would be this chef’s trademark, right? :) - the general message might make certain sense. However, as for its economic and, even more importantly, philosophic specifics and implications … I have to admit that before I chose to shift to a little underappreciated by you arts and seriously underappreciated sports, having eventually divided my time and efforts more or less evenly between these two fields, I worked as a private financial consultant for quite some time. So I happen to know one or two things about economy and finance both from theory and practice. While I mean some real practice - not that fake one where you are lying, or “making a mistake”, about rosy prospects of US housing and mortgage-backed securities markets two months before the crash and then retain your job (how many of those clowns, for example, who we see on major mainstream “expert” channels and who totally fucked up for the whole world to see on multiple occasions in the course of the last decade have lost theirs? None. They’re all still there. And they’re all still delirious. There is nothing strange about that. Because delivering the “right” kind of delirium is exactly what they are paid for). And the real practice requires some real theory (make a wild guess – how many Universities in the States promote Austrian Economics?) (however, Mr. Joseph of TZM, for instance, would hardly support this statement - and he has his reasons).

    So, without going into any detail (again, some of them are briefly touched upon in my threads), I can tell you this: the Rothschilds may or may not have had their hand in everything, but it doesn’t really matter.  I’m not sure if this entity is solely to blame for such pivotal events as America’s effective default on Bretton Woods in 1971 and introducing the regime of dollar hegemony, for instance. But the fact is that Rothschild’s dream “Give me control of a Nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws“ actually came true for the financial elite in general in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. The fact is that since then the glorious greenback’s lost about 95% of its value. However, the worst thing is not about the Rothschilds or any of those. The worst thing is that with the Constitution shredded to pieces by all sorts of Democratic “giant douches” and Republican “turd sandwiches”, working in shifts in front of the acquiescent docile masses, Oath Keepers do not seem to have that much left to keep nowadays. More and more Police and Military people wake up? I wish it was true … You want people at large to wake up? It won’t happen – the only thing they want is to cozy remain with their lazy mugs cozy plunged into their cozy illusionary slops. So, it’s getting a bit old, but I’ll repeat it once again – it’s not them, it’s all of us who are responsible. And, by the way, let me ask you this: why do you think we never saw the author of “The Wall” and “Animals” among Ron Paul supporters? Did the Rothschilds do that? And what can you expect from others in this case?

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