Other related news- David Gilmour is working on a new album
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    Thought you might be interested to know that David Gilmour is also working on a new album. 2014 might be a good year for those who appreciate a bit of Floyd and it's legacy. Read about Gimours new album here; http://www.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/index.php/news/738-david-gilmour-new-album?utm_source=emailcampaign296&utm_medium=phpList&utm_content=HTMLemail&utm_campaign=New+Albums+from+Roger+Waters+and+David+Gilmour
  • CorneliusCornelius November 2013
    Can't believe how lucky we are, new album from both Roger and David, 2014 is gonna be a good year
  • churchmileschurchmiles November 2013
    True word Senor Maize,  but not sure i can bare another dvd with crosby n nash smiling like they just burst a pipe somewhere. Not sure what they add to his music and i was not over struck with the last on an island offering. Hope Dave does something slightly more challenging. Or should i say more awake.
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    I know what you mean churchmiles about On a Island, it did come across as being a bit bland, too safe in a middle of the road type way and over produced. However the live version on Live in Gdansk is an altogether different kettle of fish, it seems as the more spontaneous, and live rendition (without the edges knocked off) added the atmosphere the original carefully produced studio album lacked.
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2013
    I heard the keyboard player from high flying birds is also playing on it.
  • churchmileschurchmiles November 2013
    Cheers for the Mr gibbins i might wack it on my crimbo list,. Its either that or another hi karate soap on a rope give box. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    You won't be disapointed churchmiles, Echoes on the Gdansk album is also superb, in my opinion by far the best recorded version of the track.

    Bit of a taster below

  • churchmileschurchmiles November 2013
    Nice one Mr Gibbins i will aquire over the christmas peroid and spend the holiday immersed in Gilmore. 
  • voodoochild1975 November 2013
    I second Gdasnk as the best recorded version of Echoes.  Amazing.  Nothing I have touches it, no bootlegs, nothing.  Just a stunning performance that night.  

    I honestly think they killed it.  Rick had health problems, probably knew it was the last outing (even if we didn't), and the interplay between him and Gilmour on this track that night in Gdansk.... I just don't think there is anywhere left for that song to go.. it hit it's pinnacle in Poland, and with Rick gone, I strongly doubt it will ever be performed again.

    One last note, although I consider this impossible myself, please note that while sources have said Dave is working on and album and Roger is working on an album... no one has yet confirmed that it isn't in fact the SAME album they are working on... Like I said, I'll call BS on my own rumour... but dare to dream right?
  • Hano11 November 2013
    Dude i looked it up. His manger and executives said he is not making a new album, but roger is.
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    Hano11 well spotted, it seems as though there are mixed messages coming out. I suppose it's just a matter of just waiting and see what happens. That said though I would be very surprised if David Gilmour had retired (as Roger suggested he had during the press conference for the last Wall tour), and I would think that information coming from Graham Nash and Gilmours guitar technician would be more reliable than the official keep it secret until it's ready line, put out by the management to a minor online radio station. Note that it also says not working on a recording project 'Yet' and I suppose that could well mean they might be working out a few tracks, but actually not at the stage where it is being recorded, assembled and mixed as a complete album. And also as David Gimours wife t Polly tweeted about "Crosby and Nash in the studio singing like birds tonight." it confirms what Grahan Nash was saying.

    Anyway here's the link below quoting Gilmours management,


    And the interview below from Graham Nash, the relevant part being at about 12m 50s..


  • Hano11 November 2013
    I know roger is making a new album because, he already said he finished a 55 minute demo track for his new album. Roger might also do a new tour, and maybe he will do the wall again, but he is not sure yet.
  • CorneliusCornelius December 2013
    Hi Hano11, are you and DMTisESP the same person...?
  • churchmileschurchmiles December 2013
    I know Dave is because i need something to go with my depression.

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