Here is some Gummy LSD for you all!
  • DMTisESP December 2013
    There are 3 Systems of Science

    Solid Science Development (SSD) the Science of Engineers and Doctors.
    This is Life and Death Science. It makes sure Bridges don't Collapse and Patients don't suffer or die.
    This is what keeps us out of the Dark Ages and is not about Hocus Pocus
    mumbo jumbo. It is about Fact, Real and can be Repeated. You can bet your life on it.
    This science is in the Envelope, signed sealed and delivered.
    These are the White Swan Scientists.

    Gummy Science Development (GSD) the Science of Research and Development
    where failure is not wanted but Expected. From mistakes come learning
    and improvement's. This pushes science to the edge of the envelope. This
    comes from Science Fiction to Become Science Fact. You may not want to
    bet your life on it. Tries to push over new ideas to find weakness or
    improvement. These are the Grey Swan Scientists.

    Liquid Science Development (LSD) the Science of Fiction. Intelligence, Imagination,
    creativity, complete open mindedness and free to challenge Anything in
    Modern Day Science. All accepted ideas in today's science are not only
    challenged, sometimes they are completely ignored or replaced with
    different thinking. This pushes science out of the envelope and explores
    new possibilities and helps new ideas to walk on their own.
    But don't bet your life on it. These are the Black Swan Scientists.

    All 3 sciences are needed, but the LSD is gone, Science NEEDS LSD! Here is some cool GUMMY LSD for you...

    I am trying to solve for Pi and using Fractal Binary Wavelength IS Pi...Here is what I am working on...Remember this is GUMMY LSD so just go with it :)

    Does everything come from Pi, check it out! 

    Below is the Number 1 written in Fractal Binary, it comes from Pi...

    Has Physics been counting wrong? ...

    Anyhow this is GUMMY LSD MATH - WAVES FROM Pi - Fractal Binary!

    Hope you enjoyed the essay and if you didn't, your not this guy are you! ... 

    We have ourselves, a Poet!
    Money get back, I'm all right Jack, keep hands off my stack.
  • churchmileschurchmiles December 2013
    Yeh cool , like you really need L,S,D dont ya

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