Which personality below is Roger?
  • DMTisESP January 2014
    I had a really strong background in Eastern Thinking growing up. So Yin
    and Yang was my philosophy, just can't describe the stuff.

    Anyhow here is a New Psychology I am playing with, has anyone seen this
    before? I am sure there are lots of mistakes in it below, but does it
    make sense to anyone? The direction at least? This is Liquid Gummy
    Science. I am not trying to abort it with debate, but give birth to it
    with discussion.

    Yang - Male - Alpha - Left Brain

    Alpha Alpha's are Competitive by nature.

    Alpha Alphas compete against other Alpha Alpha's for the Omegas.

    All Alpha's Protect and Cooperate with Omega's.

    Alpha Beta's are Weak Alpha's, and do what they are told by the Alpha Alpha and Stronger Alpha Beta's.

    There can only be One Alpha Alpha at the top for Peace within the Alpha's Social Structor (A.S.S.)

    Detachment, Ego and Fear (Compotion)

    The 4 Male Alpha Types.

    Alpha Alpha - Jessy Ventura

    Alpha Omega - Howard Stern

    Omega Alpha - Joe Rogan, Alex Jones

    Omega Omega - David Icke

    Yin - Female - Omega - Right Brain

    Omega's coroperate with other Omegas. Omegas control the Alpha's they serve.

    Omega Beta's are Weaker or Younger Omegas.

    Omega Beta's Mature into Omega's and Cooropate with other Omega's.

    There can be many Omega's together for Peace within the Omega Social Structor (O.S.S.)

    Empathy, Oneness and Love (Corroperation)

    The 4 Female Omega Types.

    Omega Omega - Jane Addams

    Omega Alpha - Cleopatra

    Alpha Omega - Joan of Arc

    Alpha Alpha - Margaret Thatcher

    Omegas Serve while Alphas Protect, in Ballance they serve and protect each other smile.gif
    Omega is Inside, Alpha is Outside. Alpha is the skin to protecting it's
    Heart Omega, Omega is the Heart for Alpha, without Omega Alpha suffers.
    Alpha protect's all Omega's.

    As Omega's Receive they Share.

    As Alphas Share they Receive.

    The Omega Balances the Alpha. Alpha's go crazy till they have Omega's to
    bring their Power into focus. Without the Slave Controlling Master the
    Master is Powerless. Power is only as great as the Labour that controls

    An Alpha Omega Omega is an Alpha who is More about Empathy, Oneness and
    Love. It is Not Competitive yet it welcomes suggestions not Orders from
    Alphas as it is Cooperation Based. They do not want to be followed as
    they are Omega and they do not want to be Lead as they are the Alpha,
    they want to Live and let Live, I am about Live and Let Live, guess
    which one I am :)

    Females Omega Omega are the Softest of Omegas and are Maternal and Feminine, they desire Power.

    Male Alpha Alpha's are the Strongest of Alphas and are Paternal and Masculine, they desire Labour.

    This is yin yang based.

    So which personality is Roger?  I see Alpha, but their is Omega as well it seems...I am confused, I cannot peg Roger...Alpha Omega Perhaps?  Or is it Alpha Alpha?

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