Roger can you help with the People's Voice?
  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Hi Roger,

    Sorry for any mistakes here, no time to edit I have no internet. 

    The People's Voice is a New Media in the UK so the People can get information, NOT Disinformation.  I saw little clips here and there with Roger spreading the word of what is going on in the world.  But None of the clips I saw him in, where he Defending Bradly Manning and talks of Isreal's Nazi Regime did I see on BBC, CBC, ABC, CNN...I wonder why....duh? 

    Anyhow the ONLY Media that is available to the Mass is a New Media called the People's Voice.  Roger can you help with it?  David Icke is to the point of Exaustion and if he drops the people's voice will fail and it is tit's up for pretty much all of us. 

    Perhaps you could go on the Show, play a song or 2 or just talk about yourself or the band, it don't matter what you do on the show, just the fact your on it will support the station.  This would bring more people to watch the it so they can tell others?  Perhaps you can bring other famous people to the Show?  Just an Idea because I know you have a soul and I know your heart is in the Right Place, but no one is hearing your voice.  The Peoples Voice Youtube Channel was just hacked and all content was removed so David is fighting a battle on his own.  We need NAMES and VOICES like Yours on the Show.  Can you just think about it?

    Thanks Roger :)  Got to fly, back in a few days when I can get on line again.

    PEACE...and Always choose Love...while there is still a choice, Listen to the People's Voice...

    I'm a Poet and I didn't know it :)

  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Hey Roger the People I spoke with Like You a Lot and would like you to come on the people's voice!  You only have friends here

    Jesus Love's you Roger :)  Peace...oh I am the puppy golden Labrador Retriever on the Site I go by the name  jesuschristantichrist, cool handle eh?...

  • DMTisESP January 2014


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