The Dark Side of the Rainbow
  • Gibbin82 January 2014
    Thought I would revive to old urban legend that DSOTM was written to synchronise with The Wizard of Oz.. If in the very unlikely event you haven't already heard about it, there is lots of stuff about it on the net, just Google it and you will find lots of sites which point to similarities between the record and the film.

    While it is a load of nonsense, I thought it might appeal to one or two of the crazier comtributors and any excuse to listen again to DSOTM can't be a bad thing.

  • waveprojectwaveproject January 2014


    before i start to go into this issue i have to questions to you:

    firstly what makes you think that it´s" very unlikely "of never having heard about that "old urban legend" and secondly would you mind to tell YOUR opinion
    about the"similarities between the record and the film"?
  • Gibbin82 February 2014

    Hi waveproject thanks for taking an interest and apologies for the delay in replying.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
      Why do I think it unlikely that most people on here wouldn't have heard about this? Well as with most things I have heard of, if I have a little knowledge of it I usually think that it must be common knowledge to everyone else, on the basis of realising I don't know much about anything ;-). And also I believe this is one of the better known musical legends and myths, and at least among Floyd fans almost as well known as the one about Paul McCartney being dead and replaced with a look alike since the Abbey Road album. Which was indicated by the cover photos showing McCartney with no shoes and allegedly if played backward you can make out him saying "turn me on dead man”. And of course there is always the ones about Jim Morrison being still alive and that Keith Richards snorted his dad’s ashes. 
    What is my opinion about the similarities? Well if you follow the supposedly links between the film and the album, there are some bits with a huge leap of the imagination that can just about be linked. But there is so much that doesn’t fit that to me the bit that do loosely fit are pure coincidence. And if there was any intention to match the music to the film there would have been so many things to link it wouldn’t have been possibly be coincidence. However it is quite nice and amusing to watch while listening to the album like watching scenes from Metropolis while listening to Kraftwork, and as said any excuse to listen to it again and again can’t be bad.
  • waveprojectwaveproject February 2014

    i can´t see any sense in your implemetations about "legends and myths" in connection with rock music in general. why should it be important to invent an exiting science fiction story about a "being dead "paul mcartney or a "still alive"jim morrison? and for what reasons should anyone watch that old kitsch movie and have fun to search for similarities with one of the still best music productions of the rockscene which comprises a rather serious lyrical controversy of human insanity at the same time?

    your are just talking about the musical points. what´s about the lyrics of DSOTM?

     "to listen to it again and again can’t be bad"...i agree and even recommend to buy the documantary dvd about the album to understand the musical and lyrical background of that conceptional album of pf .
     "quite nice and amusing"....i´m shure this kind of result was not part of the expectations to the audience and if anyone has the need to reduce such a serious work being sucessful at the same time to cheap entertainment for the braindead made masses, i must say, it would make sense to discuss about WHY such thing happens.
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston February 2014
    Wasn't there some nonsense about the theme from Gilligan's Island being linked to Stairway to Heaven?

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