Happy Martin Luther Kings Day :)
  • DMTisESP January 2014
  • Gibbin82 January 2014
    I find it difficult to believe that anyone could post something like this anywhere other than a site devoted to racial hatred. To suggest that we should thank anyone for killing someone and suggest it was done to give people a holiday, is beyond any reasonable human decency. Whether this is an ill judged attempt at humour, or an ironic statement about the death of an inspirational man, you really should take a good look at yourself. Of all the crap you have posted here, this is beyond the pale, as it comes across as disgusting and very offensive.
  • waveprojectwaveproject January 2014


    as far as i understand the background of
    DMTisTEP´s choice of dark sarcasm( not humor or ironic statement at all), it´s an outcry of consternation and rage about the power of the elites who always did and will switch out everybody who is a potential danger for their only the background THEY have: to KEEP their power. you seriously can´t say that this is a suggestion to thank anyone for killing him.

    (...though i don´t get that "holyday"-thing. maybe DMTisTEP could explain to me this riddle)

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