I am Joing the Rockefeller Rothschild's
  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Sorry Roger but if you can't beat them Join them :)

    Hey Rockefeller Rothschild's I figured it out!  Your Nazis right and you really Like Adolph Hitler, so OK now when Hitler took over, he got the Echonomy and stuff BOOMING! pardon the pun...anyway he FEED the People and they went along with his shit because they were being feed and they didn't give a shit about one another, because their bellys were full...but you guys got greedy and this is what is going wrong... you cannot do the following moves below that Your Buddy Adolf Hitler did with out at least feeding them well OK... when people are hungry and pissed they didtrust their UNELECTED DICTASTERS ok...  so feed them first and then you can try below what he tried OK?

    1. had created a common enemy of the people (basically any group that wasn't on board..he picked them off one by one. the Jews, the Communists...you know anyone.  Now I know you tried to create a common enemy like this...  http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=258576 now it sort of backfired on you guys because people saw threw it and it sort of pissed a lot of them off because you were sexualising little children...so that didn't work, so now your trying to get the people angry at the police with taticts like this http://www.activistpost.com/2014/01/police-beat-mentally-ill-homeless-man.html Now this IS WORKING!  Your doing a great Job cause of your super invisible powers!  And the People are getting Pissed at your Police...Hats Off To You!  I hope they don't read this and Begin Looking at YOU....Police Please do NOT Read this OK?  This is between me and the Rockefeller Rothschild's OK?  Go back to sleep....

    2.  He blew up his own shit and killed his own people and blamed it on Poland or some other country, now you MUST PLEASE UNDERSTAND...this is NOT 1930 OK?  This is the Information Age and most people now know that the Government of "The United States of the Rothschild's" Blew up the world Trade Centres OK?  Anyhow to deflect from that and other shit you blow up the Boston City Marathon, AND THAT DIDN'T WORK!  Something to do with a Black Water Napsack I am guessing?  Perhaps I am mistaken, anyhow so now you keep it Hush Hush on the Main Media You control through your Influence...which is good, always keep a LOW Profile is my Motto...anyhow Now your Looking at the CN Tower In Toronto I bet ya ;)  I could be wrong, but a 130 million dollar fish tank at the base of the tower?  Hummmm Something smells fishy to me ;) get it? FISHY?  Anyhow so like I could be wrong...so anyway You need a NEW False Flag, I don't know what to suggest cause I am like not into hurting people so your on your own on this one.

    So You A.  Feed the People so they stay asleep longer  B.  Create a Real Enemy, like your using China and Russia and Stuff, but may I suggest an enemy like Oh let's say, Piers Morgan, PEOPLE Despise HIM, and since you have No Honour you will sell him and anyone out that has out lived their usefulness to you, like...oh the Police you are getting the people pissed with, don't read this police this is TOP Secret Stuff between me and Rockefeller Rothschilds OK, anyhow Morgan is usless now, so like focuse the people's attention towards HIM OK, drop him like a hot potato in the middle of the Irish Potato Famin and let the people eat him OK?  Sorry Piers but your useless now and must be disposed of, this is how psychopaths think...so yea feed him to the wolves OK?  Now like I said I'm not into like hurting but Morgan is a ROBOT. 

    This should help take off some of the pressure OK?  I am going to think of some other stuff for you to try...I am doing this for FREE out of the Goodness of my Soul cause like you I am superiour, You are Invisible to them and so am I.  So Yea think about it OK?

    Peace, sorry I mean War :)  Forgot your psychopaths, my bad :)

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