My Take On Roger Waters vs The Stones Playing In Israel
  • Roger How are you doing? Hope your feeling great
    Please focus on your music and bringing new music out there to us
    Your not going to change the world though you have changed millions of people
    who understand your music but no one can change or save this world from destroying itself
    which will inevitably happen since the walls of division are crumbling to dust there is nothing left but dust
    The general consciousness of most can't comprehend another dimension which as an artist you can comprehend
    The mind body spirit and soul discovers a new creation outside of the mind body spirit and soul were born with
    But most in fact 99% of this worlds population can't comprehend Nor find this sanctity thus they are destined to
    live with pain anguish frustration and negativity in they're lives
    and it does'nt matter rich or poor they feel the same effects of an unused consciousness
    Forget politics altogether
    Politics will never contribute to your music or ideas but defeat your inspiration
    Forget the Stones who cares? Forget Neil Young and Scarlett Johanssen Who CARES???
    Really the hell with those people if they don't get it or understand where your coming from
    I understand where your coming from
    I know Pink Floyd will never go on tour again but I hope you continue to
    Grace allowing
    Please follow this link to see what I do to keep the Pink Floyd
    and your vision persisting
    Your music can never die

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