A Proposal for Mr. Waters re: The Endless River, the new 'Pink Floyd' album
  • I am aware of the past acrimony.

    I am aware that the music sessions that this album will pull from are from the time of greatest conflict with your former bandmates.

    But I have also come to believe you are in a different place now, as an artist, you respect what you did with your former bandmates, maybe even had 'fun' from time to time ;)... you and Dave seem to have patched up.  Roger, let me tell you, as a fan of you both, it warmed it my heart to see you two act friendly with each other.  Seeing all of you together at Live 8 or you and David at O2... it simply warmed my heart.  I love what you've done together, and separately.  I never bought into the hatred, I insisted on following both camps.

    This album is intended as a tribute to Rick.

    If you can conjure good memories and good times with my personal all time favourite keyboardist, will you please consider a humble request?  

    Consider, that is all I ask.

    The album is, as yet, incomplete.

    It is 'mostly instrumental and ambient'.... There are some tracks with lyrics and vocals... Durga McBroom, Graham Nash and David Crosby all lending Vox to at least one track....

    As David played lead on Comfortably Numb at O2, I have a humble a proposal;
    Would you please ask your old/new friend David to send some rough mixes over? and, if so inspired, please......

    Would you consider penning some lyrics for a musician who's music and playing I so loved... if you felt inspired by a track... would you consider writing some lyrics for Rick? 

    That is all I ask, listen and consider... if the Muse, strikes you, wonderful, if not... well, art is a fickle mistress, music more than most, no harm no foul.  Just an idea I would like you to consider before the album is in the can.

    Thank you for you time,
    Dave, a lifelong fan regardless, relax, you can't lose here with me.

    PS (Not THAT Dave)
  • Gibbin82 July 2014
    I don't think there will be the slightest chance that Roger would contribute to this album, mind you I never thought there would be a new Pink Floyd album.

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