Happy birthday Roger
  • Gibbin82 September 2014
    As it seemed to have passed this forum by due to a lack of interest, just thought I would wish Roger a belated happy birthday who was 71 yesterday. Happy Birthday Roger, hope you have a exciting, prosperous and interesting year.
  • Andre September 2014
    I second that.

    I come here every few weeks to see, what's new, but I consider this forum pretty much dead - for years, actually, since it hasn't been taken care for from moderators or admin for a long time.

    Anyway, happy birthday, Roger (which you probably will never read, but still). I still have fond memories from the Wall-shows I've seen last year and the kind people I had the privilege to meet and I will keep those memories for the rest of my life, I hope.

    My best wishes go to everyone still out there.
  • waveprojectwaveproject September 2014
    roger, you are 71 years old now. what would you mean would be better:

    getting old as a clown and going to keep in slumber your fans
    or to die young(er)as a "heroe "who uses his captivity
    as an artist to tell the truth and investing your money into projects which
    could switch on their brains?

    are you afraid of death or are you afraid of only having been existed?

    and what´s about this man here in the video? wasn´t it you
    who told your fans to vote him some time ago? this man and
    his gang ARE TOTAL INSANE. ARE YOU AWARE about that, roger?

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