Which of Roger Waters solo albums do you listen to most and why?
  • For me it's Amused to Death.

    Muscially it's wonderful with incredible performances from all concerned - Jeff Beck & Rita Coolidge especially. And as with all of RW's music it is a savage attack on those who seek to be brave out of range..
  • In order of frequency:

    1. Amused to death
    2. Radio KAOS
    3. In the flesh live
    4. Pros & cons
    5. The wall live in Berlin
    5. When the wind blows soundtrack
    6. Flickering flame compilation
    7. The Body :)
  • Hammer666Hammer666 June 2011
    Hell of a question... The pros and cons...
  • I'm tied for pros and cons and amused to death.....but I don't listen to them lately, because I can't stop fantasizing, I'm non objective still xxxx
  • Bibi_Uncle June 2011

    Amused to Death for me too. I also often listen to Radio K.A.O.S. I do not have the other albums, but I will buy them someday...

    Maybe just add Ça Ira to the albums, no ?

  • Pros and Cons is for me the best album about man/woman relationships, an amazing concept; from the deep loneliness of the dreams while sleeping beside is wife, hitchhiking tells Pros and Cons of picking up someone new on the roads of life.

    Amused to Death is the ultimate engaged album trough warnings and facts about mankind.

    And if it could be the Final Cut made a lots of people hiding behind a bullet proof mask I personally know cry, people who had lose someone special... it works!!!

  • Interesting responses - thank you All :)

    @oneofthefew - I'm one of those that sees The Final Cut as pretty much a RW work and after growing up in cold war Britain through the Falklands war and the awful Thatcher years it is probably the album that resonates with me the most.

    But Amused would just pip it to the post..I have a brother who is in the forces and is currently in the North African region. Proud of him but don't really think he's been sent there to help the Libyan people. But then, it DOES make sense expressed in dollars & cents...

  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    this is embarrasing but i don't have any of Roger's solo stuff :( from reading this thread is 'Amused to death' the one i should start with? 



  • I say, buy his collection, and listen chronologically to them all xxxxxxxx
  • In regards to pros and cons, maybe not ALL just conceptual???? xxxx
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    SBH - is there a Roger Waters box set that i can buy? ... gonna go check amazon & JB hifi \m/
  • You can buy "the Roger Waters Collection" right on here, and right now, is at a special reduced price (i think it still is) click on discography, and click on "Roger Waters collection". Im not at my desktop or id give you the link. That went on sale very recently (last two weeks). I am going to get that myself asap. Anyone aroynd that can help this person out too????? Let me know once you find it! Is his entire collection over decades for just 49.99????
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    thanx for the help SBH >=:) i compared the cost & amazon was 10 bucks cheaper. but it's not going to ship until ~August 11 :/
  • Really? And its the same collection? I wonder if Roger loses money that way. He is "huger" than ever before, I think. Not a place in the world, he couldnt sell out, even big stadiums. Im hoping for a remake of the movie, The Wall, in Imax. That would be the biggest Inax seller to date, imho xxxx I dont know how Roger and band, do this. Xxxxxx
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    i think it's the same one... it looks the same.
  • Make sure, wouldnt want you to be missing anything! And I want to hear his opera. First time I listened to ATD, alone, I giggled the first time I heard Roger start song with "the monkey sat on a pile of stone", then I went and bought radio kaos and pros and cons. Atd is old, could use a replacement. I also, was just thinking, we should nickname Rogers fans "little vampires" for bleeding whats left of him dry. Didnt want to say "suck dry", got me in trouble before on another site, or something very similar, lol xxxx
  • fordfish July 2011
    in the flesh with the concert dvd is the best value . amazing live performance as well
  • milli July 2011
    For me it's Amused to Death..but I agree about The final cut - for me it's Roger's. (looove it)!

    And yes, In the flesh awesome live performance as well, (as ever)!
  • C_Eduardo July 2011
    The Pros and Cons.... I don't no why but this is my favourite Roger's solo album. I think that Amused to death is his best work ever and In the Flesh is also an awesome show, but Pros and Cons just blows my mind
  • Wouldn't it be really great, if, Roger released a whole new cd, and we had, even one more, to choose from? xxxx

  • My favourite has to be Radio Kaos.  I saw it live and it was amazing... 
  • Naughtrish July 2011

    Tough choice. I agree with Final Cut being a Roger solo, and it touches me very deeply being Argentine.

    Love Amused to Death to bits, it has amazing songs. Love Pros and Cons and Kaos too, I listen to them depending on my mood :)

    I enjoy Flickering Flame too. Still need to buy Ça Ira.

  • nikibhoy July 2011
    for me its in the flesh , i know its a concert with songs off different albums , but the cd and dvd for me is top class
  • I've had a rummage through my old vinyl and I was right.  The Final Cut is in fact a Pink Floyd album. 
  • JuSoskaJuSoska July 2011
    The final cut!!
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    amazon just shipped the Roger Waters Collection, i should have it in a month! >=:)
  • Great BB!!!!  xxxx That's next on my list.....IF, Congress can get it's act together in time...let's hope xxx AND praying, can't hurt!! xxx
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    SBH - they shipped it early O_o in my order it said it wasn't going to ship til August
  • BB: You'll get it.....:) You're in for a treat, I haven't even heard a few in that collection myself yet  xxxx
  • claydean72claydean72 July 2011

    Do The Wall and Final Cut count? :) (holds arms over head)

    1. Amused to Death (best album from either solo or Floyd since The Final Cut)

    2. Pros & Cons

    3. When The Wind Blows soundtrack

    4. Flickering Flame

    5. Radio KAOS (sorry Rog but this has dated sooooooo much)

    Not heard Ca Ira or The Body so couldnt comment

  • Jamesratto July 2011

    Amused to Death. Bought it on cassette days after it hit the shelves in 1992 and spent many an hour behind the wheel twice a week traveling 480 miles round trip to visit a loved one. Prior to Aumsed it was Pros and Cons.

    Amused to Death has no rivals, it rates, for me, higher than even some Pink Floyd releases.

  • 1) Amused to Death

    Is the best by far.There is 1 onthere i dont like.Sounds like someone getting there head smashed in?

    2) In the Flesh live.

    3) Radio Kaos

    4)Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.


  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    the Collection arrived last week!! it's in a box, all the cds are in cardboard slipcases. very nicely presented!!

    only bummer is the dvd won't work because i'm in region 4 :(

  • juliadream August 2011
    amused to death for me, then pros and cons.but i do seem to play "when the wind blows" pretty often.
  • odingreenodingreen August 2011
    I like Amused to Death. But my favourite song by Reg is "Give Birth To A Smile" from Music From The Body!
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    you mean "Rog"? lol xxxx
  • Rock August 2011
    I keep seeing Rogers name written as Reg & didnt know if it was a typo or not lol
  • DARIO1974 August 2011
    Se me hace muy difícil poder distinguir cuál fue el mejor, pero siempre termino escuchando, THE FINAL CUT, ,,,,Ahhhh perdón ese disco es con Floyd...
  • The thing with Pros & Cons is that I have to be in a very specific mood to really enjoy it. Radio, Amused etc I can just fire up and and be where it usually takes me. But P & C is an odd one for me. My good friend Andy, who had the extreme decency to introduce me to Floyd 20-something years ago, professed it to be the best bit of RW work in his opinion. But it just doesn't always sit right for some reason..

    @odingreen Just YouTubed that based on your post - very much like that :)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    None, since and if I can't find any shipping confirmation emails for my cd collection order, apparently...hmmmm xxxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    Not that I want to have a reason to be complaining, mind you...I checked my trash just in case I deleted it, but nothing there either, nothing in any spam folders, it's ok, keep my 51.00 lol, if y'all need it THAT bad lol xxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    that was a joke, I'm sure it'll show up,,,, xxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    bumping up :)
  • balysticmystic September 2011
    For me it goes between Pros and Cons (The angel on the harley takes your hand in some strange californian handshake and breaks the bone ARRRRGGHHHH), and Amused to Death (the guitar work of Jeff Beck is simply awesome); KAOS never really did much for me, somehow. Need the box set to be able to comment on the rest.
  • viaMusicviaMusic September 2011
    For me it is also a tie between Pros and Cons and Amused to Death. I love KAOS almost just as much, though. 

    It's so hard for me to pick a favorite because I feel that Roger is somewhat of a kindred soul of mine in music. I've known that ever since I was in middle school listening to the Floyd (most of it Roger-led) even if I couldn't tag his name to him. I play multiple instruments, so I've studied up music theory pretty well. Roger knows how to write music--simple as that. From my standpoint, that's all I could ever ask for from a musician in the limelight. Then, there's the poetry he writes (as if the music wasn't enough to satisfy). I swear, we have the same twisted (almost) view of the world that comes from all directions. Thus resulting in his poetry and in my poetry. 

    So... long story short, all of it is near and dear to me. It all is my favorite music in space and time. Proper music + good literature = everything I love wrapped in one package.

    I'll stop rambling now.
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2011
    AMUSED TO DEATH IS HIS BEST TO DATE BUT has seen the pros n cons and kaos has my tour books still my tattoo is from pros and cons is not entirely done is 1/2 sleeve so far
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    I'm not going to lie, I totally love that name "Reg Waters"  :)))
  • Odysseus February 2012
    Amused to Death is my favourite . Having said that , The Final Cut , Radio KAOS and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking all get regular play . It took me awhile to get used to Pros and Cons mostly because I am not a fan of Clapton's style of play , I think it distracts me too much from Roger's voice and lyrics whereas David's style seems to compliment it .
  • kellycampbell February 2012
    In the Flesh
    Pro's and Cons
    Amused to death
  • Tulipa March 2012
    For me is definitely Amused to Death. 
    Something funny happened. Many years ago Lloyd Webber's Cats was on T.V. and I immediately hated it. Then I thought "it must be the always-bitter me". Anyway, I couldn't keep on watching. Sorry for the artists who do their most to be there... but I couldn't stand it.
    Later we knew this RW's new material and when I listened to It's a miracle I said to myself "It's a miracle indeed".
    I love the lyrics, they're the apotheosis of carefully chewed-on conclusions. 
    I also love the choirs. Those girls never fail to send shivers down my spine. :)
  • Tulipa March 2012
    Aren't any of those girls singing with Pitingo?

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