• brokebitch November 2011

    Dear Roger,may i call you roger? Thanks! I was so excited about when i heard you had set a date for the RBC center next summer(2012)for the upcoming wall tour.however, my feelings quickly soured when i saw ticket prices. now, i get you're a big deal and so is this production, but my heart sank when i realized that short of compromising my body, i would'nt be able to afford to see the show. This is not a bid for free tickets, but a reminder that many of us cannot afford these prices. I realize that these prices are set to help offset the costs of such a large production,but i'd like to point out that i saw you in concert in charlotte,nc in 2000;i paid $20 for a ticket and the show was awesome. i expected better from you roger,i thought you'd realize that so many of your fans simply cannot afford to come see you perform,i guess i was wrong. so next summer,when everyone else is getting exalted at your show,ah,alas,my husband and i will be listening to the album at home and wishing we were there.

    sincerely,sara ricks

  • kellycampbell November 2011
    On one hand you are saying you understand the production is huge but on the other expecting him to take losses?  There are a lot of musicians in this production much less the crew...I think it is a bargain and just so you know I am not wealthy by any means but I can afford a 100.00 ticket for the show of a lifetime.  Where do you live?  Is there a show near you?

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    it's not so bad to be "compromising your body", (joke) lol :)))
  • jcare November 2011
    lol..Hi Sky honey :o) you always make me laugh!
  • brokebitch November 2011
    alright,clearly i have ruffled feathers. rbc center is in raleigh,nc.i'm stuck in the middle between raleigh and charlotte.its not that i expect roger to take a loss,but he DOES have a say in ticket cost,as do most bands.unfortunately,this usually ends up in a change of venue.kellycampbell,if you can afford a $100 ticket, how about spreading the joy?;)no,these aren't as outrageous as some ticket prices i have seen(i.e.,rolling stones),but i say my piece because hopefully somebody holding the reins of power will hear(read) it. and while i agree that ticket prices have changed drastically over the years, the time has come to show that fans will only agree to so much. rolling stone mag published the ticket prices for some shows that were reasonable($40-$60),but these were for dave matthews & green day, who the hell wants to go see that crap? i just cant see laying out that kind of cash for a show,no matter who the artist may be. But then again,i dont understand most of the things people will spend their $ on(i'm using the library's internet,cost-free). okay,i'll step down from the soapbox,nobody likes a debbie downer. i sincerely hope that everyone who gets to the show has a blast and has a drink,smoke,hit for me.
  • TheLabyrinthTheLabyrinth November 2011
    I doubt I'll have a drink, smoke or hit... unless security disallows face masks. They probably will, especially considering the heavy political content of the show. So yeah, I'll have to put together my best "punter" uniform and make myself obvious. I must therefore shop at Hot Topic for the desired Punter Chic, though the shoes will have to be better quality... *srsly neurotic*
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011

    I'm just being me, I don't care if it's a ball park, an amusement park, an indoor arena, whatever... :)) and "broke bitch" I'd gladly just buy you two tickets if I wasn't so near broke myself, you didn't ruffle my feathers, it was a great joke opening... :)))

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    welcome back jcare!! :)))
  • jcare November 2011
    Hiya much shite going on..
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    ((((hugs))))  :)
  • jcare November 2011
    Thank you, right back at you..:o)
  • billy_sylvesterbilly_sylvester December 2011
    but remember that ROGER is not the one setting the ticket prices. It depends on the venue and the promoters

    but he can't be so bloody blind he doesn't know what's going on
  • brokebitch December 2011
    Ah, who dares to question the great and all powerful Oz? I DO!
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    no, no, no, you're not the only one to "question" stuff, sometimes wrongly, like you, lol
  • kellycampbell December 2011
    Hi Brokebitch,     I am saying I can afford the tickets not saying I could afford everyone elses tickets ...LOL  I wish I could..I have however bought a couple other peoples tickets that have went with me and are going with me.  If I could afford yours I would buy it.  You never know....I may win the lottery...LOL  I was not upset by your post you have a right to your opinion.  I hope you can pull off one show at least, do you ever go to a show alone?  I have for different reasons, that does cut down on the cost. Just throwing things out there.  I just realized you said your husband so I would assume he would want to go also.  I did not see that the first time I read your post.  Do you and your husband both work?
  • WladWalerius December 2011

    Bom, senhoras e senhores!

    Estou com 47 anos e tive a oportunidade de assistir o The Wall cinema!heheheheh

    É claro que concordo que os custos de uma produção e, óbvio, somado a margem de lucro, tornam os preços do ingresso um pouco "salgado"! Ta aí por que me contendo em ouvir os trabalhos do Roger Waters e do P.F e outros, no meu velhinho aparelho de som! Aqui na minha localidade seria impossível, um show desse porte e me deslocar para onde estaria o evento tornaria as coisas mais caras ainda! portanto...

    Como pé na realidade, imagino que, se algum artista do naipe do Roger Waters fizesse um show acessível aos fãs de todas as condições e classes sociais, para começar não haveria local grande o suficiente para acomodar toda essa galera!heheheheh




    Of course I agree that the costs of production and, of course, plus the profit margin, make the ticket prices a little "salty"! Ta containing around for me to hear the work of Roger Waters and PF and others, old man in my stereo! Here in my town would be impossible, a show of this size and I move to where the event would make things even more expensive! so ...

    As a foot in reality, I imagine that if any suit artist Roger Waters did a show accessible to fans of all social classes and conditions, there would be no place to get large enough to accommodate all these guys! Hehehehehe








  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall December 2011
    Wow.Do you think roger is alive in next summer ;-{D in this time he is ruber of life ;-{D
  • kellycampbell December 2011
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall December 2011
  • hoseinvalihoseinvali December 2011

    Please Mr Waters...

    when you come to asia ?

    most of Iranian people are waiting for The Wall concert .

  • pinkflyd7 December 2011
    It seems that everyone who complains about ticket prices always talks about the top priced tickets ($200+).  You know, there are other price levels available, the cheapest being around $50.  $50 isn't that much, and even those cheaper seats are still good.  I'm not wealthy either.  While other people were bragging about seeing the show 5,6,7 times, I could only afford to go once in 2010, and I'll be going again (one time) in 2012.  
  • alishasha December 2011

    Dear Roger,

    I'm an Iranian, practically livin my life followin Pink Floyd.

    anythin belongs to me, such as student card, my cubical, my uniform at work....

    with all of them, I carry the Crosses Hammers logo with me.

    I'm a huge fan, truly, deeply and madly.

    I bought the ticket for your concert in Brisbane, AUS,

    But unfairly I didn’t get the visa, and my application was
    rejected twice.

    It’s my dream to be in one of your live shows.


    Make an arrangement to come to one Asian country.

    Perhaps Malaysia,

    U R THE MAN!

  • YellowRoseYellowRose January 2012
    It's all a matter of priorities people. How much do you want to bet that some of the people complaining about ticket prices have no problem at all paying $100/mo. for a smartphone?! Or perhaps $80 for some brand name piece of clothing or another! I am by no means wealthy, but am a huge Roger Waters fan. A few years ago, I really wanted to get front row tickets for the Dark Side of the Moon tour. I saved my money, sold some of my collectibles from my childhood, and a couple pieces of furniture. I got those front row tickets and they were $500 each from a ticket broker. It was worth every penny and I have no regrets.

    For example, I always put aside at least $20 a month in a secret stash in case I'm at an art fair and see something I want from a local artist I want to support. Art, of any kind, be it musical, visual, or both costs money to produce and exhibit as an artist. You never know when something like that will come up so you have to be prepared for it. Save your money, maybe don't go out to that bar or restaurant you go to on the weekends for a few weeks and put aside the money. Priorities people, priorities!
  • yeswab January 2012
    Hello there, brokebitch!

    Hey, lighten up on Dave Matthews and Green Day! Now, I prefer GOOD classic rock (and the small subset, GOOD prog) to most newer music as much as the next sensible person, but you happen to have picked on two good acts there.

    Dave Matthews writes some very good songs, and he always has musicians who can really play. Green Day, despite continuing to proclaim their "punk" (puh-leeze!) credentials has turned into a source of some pretty thoughtful music these last few years. In the unlikely event you don't know, they've put out two real concept albums that are as valid, ideas-wise, as my beloved Yes, Who and Floyd long pieces.

    Lastly, I think DMB, Green Day and a lot of other "Alt" bands who I like much less, have turned out to be very much of the same political stripe as Roger.

    Got that out of my system. Hope everyone manages to get to the shows.
  • brokebitch February 2012
    okay, you fuckers. it is never wrong to question anything- i'm talking to you skybluehope; how else would you find the answers? and yeswab, dmb & green day suck ass, but i bet you like black eyed peas as well. never any shortage of schmucks with bad taste!
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012

    you oughta know - my first post in this topic before this: DECEMBER 2011, hello???? My LAST post in here today: FEBRUARY 2012 - ????????? did you read the new forum rules by the way? :D Here you go:

    (Black Eyed Peas are tight, awesome and very successful, what are you???) Just because everyone else on here is lucky enough to be seeing the Wall this summer, doesn't mean all other music in the universe has to drop dead and stand IS possible to have love of music other than just "pf" "pf" pf" all the time, I'm getting so sick of it on some days (all the pf video posts that are good only in and/or for the viewpoints of the people posting them), I need the other music, to save me from the cyber HELL that is social fan forums of rock stars.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    oh well hell, too late for today already: but regarding kd, oh hell, I never did like country music or Roy Orbison all that much anyway :D lol (I used to post as "soulie" back in like 1995, and I fought and I fought and I fought, hard and what I thought was so valiantly, but it was for nothing. Till this day still, kd lang doesn't have a clue who I am or that I'm even alive, all that poetry, for notta ) xxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    I saw her in concert twice...
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    once tenth row at PNC Bank Arts Center (formerly Garden State Arts Center), I was soooo shy, I coudln't even muster up enough nerve to just walk right up the aisle for a closer picture (don't remember cell phones a lot then it was a regular digital camera so it must of been awhile ago already). The seat was right on the aisle too and my gf was too busy running around looking for beer, she missed most of it, pissed me off a little xxx (oh yeah, she was touring with Tony Bennett there, so technically, I've seen him once too now, only, we left before he was completely done, no offense to Tony!!) wanted to beat the traffic out of there, and really, I/we, had gone to see kd....
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    what happened was I went onto some kd lang fan forum posting poetry I had been writing, love/lust poetry, and a lot of them just didnt like the poems got bashed, and I kept fighting though, so they opened another section on the forum for fan poetry and other fan related art stuff, and it stopped, but then soon followed over even onto that section of the site, which WAS designated for fan poetry (thanks to me!!), and soon after, it (the entire forum) just wasnt there anymore, just shut right down (good on them!!)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    my biggest point to all that would be this: IF I had been "crazy stalker fan", I was sitting ten rows from her (kd in concert) right there, IF i was that, THEN would have been the time to "shine"???? and I did nothing, not even the nerve to walk up closer for the better "shot", I felt bad about it, so all the bashing was not only unwarranted, but actual slander and that's what's wrong with socializing and/or contributing fan art, on the internet on fan forums.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    make no mistake or bones about it, the mostly all lesbian females that were on kd lang fan forums, by far, top the pack as the meanest and hardest people to try to post with, ever....just awful.....and not a one of them did I ever see face to face
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    even wwe forum was more merciful than them (I can say that because my mother, is a lesbian)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    yeah that's it, after today, i'm only reading facebook........ (unless it's REALLY urgent, but a provocation like the last one here couldn't even give me one more ounce of energy to do this all over again just with someone else) HOW, could I ever look the REAL "big bad wolf" Roger, in the eye, (hypothetically/potentially) thinking he just hates me or thinks I'm crazy or something? :)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012

    oh, about my "poetry" (some are better than others) I was typing them up and sending them (or so I was hoping they'd end up) to the Rog-meister long before I ever heard of kd lang, so most of those older poems, are entirely, inspired by Roger actually, so it makes "perfect sense", for me, to end up seeing him a lot this summer xxx

    ps: Not to forget to mention my first four songs (and still only four) that I ever wrote, all inspired by Roger xxx

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    no more reading in here, period (sorry, i'm done!!) what I can't see can't affect me, and like John Cena, "you can't see me" either  lol (all the rw facebook pix don't exactly help either, just one glance, and I'm like melting butter all over again)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012

    No, it's true, lol....tmr after my neurologist appointment (but maybe needing a near future eye doctor too now), and back to gym a lot more anyway, (was the hope)...when I see that "new" yellow tag, I'm not clicking on it anymore. You can still view a lot on here without ever having to read the forums, so many do not even look, oh how I envy you...(wish me luck)

    And actually and realistically, my biggest worry right now, is that I am 99.9% sure that I incurred some type of real eye damage due to the sudden onslaught of the bells palsy last June, and it took about a week to get the right eye to close on it's own? BUT, not closing with the same intensity as the left eye, so the uv rays leaking thru, messed up my eye bad man....never ever, take that for granted. Not sure if it was the direct sunlight leaking through my not yet totally closed left eyelid, or the tan salon bulbs, but one or maybe a combo of the both....I never had this in the sun before xxx

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012

    it's also not 100% back to normal in some speech, sometimes I can slur, if I'm not careful, or I have a harder time getting a word or a part of a word out, only happens just a little now, can barely tell, but I have to be careful what I try to "karaoke" xxx ("Paradise" was pushing it for me) or if i'm yelling, lol , it's worse xxxxx

  • beever February 2012
    WOW Wee.  I have just read the first few comments about the ticket prices and then got bored and decided to skip to the end to add my bit.  To the broke lady who cannot afford to go to the concert, maybe go and buy a slab and put the music on at home and have your own concert at home or tell people you can't afford to go and put in and get you a ticket.....They can make it your birthday/Christmas/Easter present.   

    I tell you this though.  We paid $399 for Sydney (2 seats from the front) and it was worth every cent.  The show is massive.  The costs involved in putting this show together would be HUGE!!!! The tickets for $100 which are mostly up the back would still be great because you see the whole production and get the sound and atmosphere.

    Where have you been?  Concerts have been over $100 at least for years.  The artists put so much more entertainment into a show now to meet the expectations of us that have evolved from the old days of watching a bunch of musicians play their stuff and jam away on stage (yes for $46-$60) but now this is how it is.  Madonna is charging $2500 for close up tickets.  I love Madonna but find this insulting to charge this amount.

    Anyway, do what you can to get a ticket to "The Wall".  Make sacrifices, cut down on everything, wash peoples cars, do peoples ironing.....whatever it takes to get a seat.  It is truly amazing and Roger Waters is 69 years old.  Don't miss your chance to pay your respects to an amazing performer who has a great cast, Graham Broad on Drums, Rogers own son playing Keys, Snowy White (guitar), Jon Curin.....OMG and on and on and on about so much more the show has to offer.  The projections, the power, the energy, the music, the lights.....GO GO must make it your mission to go.
  • kellycampbell February 2012
    G.E Smith the old SNL guitar/ band leader with the ponytail. Dave Kilnminster on lead guitar it is in fact worth anything you pay and any seat it does not have to be way up front.  Brokebitch, have you  ever figured out a way?  Where do you live?  what is the nearest show?
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012


  • georgia19greece February 2012

    My name is Georgia,i am 19 years old.I am from Piraeus in Greece.I live with
    my mother,i am an only child and i never meet my father.My mother has disability
    on her left arm,depression and very sirius psycological
    problems(schizophrenia),she has commited suicide 2 times,she doesn't work and i
    take care of her.I am hairdresser and i am not working because doctors said to
    me to dont work for 6 months because i am suffering from radiculitis.We have to
    pay to the bank (19.700euros)and we dont have the money so the bank will do
    eviction and we will lose our only house.I am afraid if we ll lose our
    house,i'll lose her.Maybe the money we need sounds funny for you.My mother takes
    a pension 420euros per month and we pay amost 200 euros per month for her
    medicine.We dont have enough money for eatting and living.I hope you will be
    able to help me because you are my last hope.If you want,i can provide you all
    the papers of doctors and from bank..i dont have internet connection and i right
    now i am sending you from a friend's computer.Please help us as you can(i am not
    asking you to give us all the money we need,just to give us a help).I am not
    asking you to help me for myself as much i am asking you to help my mother.please answer me

  • beever February 2012
    Hello Skybluehope.  My comment had nothing to do with what you said.  I was actually responding to the lady who could not afford to go to the concert.  Your topic of conversation that you had with her does not interest me.


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    beever: I was talking at first, to brokebitch in reply to her questioning(???) me, then, just to myself apparently xxxxx (and there's a hell of a lot that "does not interest me", that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it)
  • brokebitch February 2012
    hey, skybluehope, the reason i called you out was because you said my questioning something was wrong. i didn't realize that there was a visitation frequency that i had to adhere to; there is life outside of a computer(gasp!). i'm not upset that people are going to the show, its not the first show i've missed, for whatever reason. judging by the amount of posts you put up,just yesterday, you do seem like some "crazy stalker"! and,yes, i do think i'm better than some corporate rock whores like the black eyed peas. just the fact that you defend that shitty music confirms what little intelligence/taste you have. by the way, you seem to really be doing a great job of not posting, was it a lonely valentine's day for you? anyway, as i said in an earlier post, i truly wish everyone going to the show to have a great time. so, suck on that;) 
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    how is/are even one word of your no class post(s) some sort of better example than anything you want to peg me as?????
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2012
    on a brighter note hopefully again soon: i did much more easily find the opthamologist under my current HMO and can get there much more easily and got appt already for this Monday.....if they can help me with what's REALLY on my mind the most right now, this diagnosis of "ptosis", then I can skip the MRI and chest x ray for the neurologist at the other health care clinic type of place altogether (what a horrible experience getting finally seen by their neurologist due to backlogs of appts yesterday's was)

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