Roger want to do a movie soundtrack?
  • amessenger December 2011

    I am the worst psychic on earth, but this I know.  This story turns into a movie, adults love this movie more than kids.  Roger if the book does sell, would you like to help with the music, in the vision I remember the Moody Blues playing the Voice at the end of the movie, when the earth was healing itself.  Oh and there is a WALL on the cover, like in my visions of the book, before it was written.

    Here is a link to a full preview online it is only a few pages long, but deep...use firefox so you can navigate the pages, IE 9 Doesn't seem to work!!!  ;(

    It is an Awakening children's story classic, Pink Floyd in the Movie would be so good.  Hope you all Enjoy and Roger, hope you enjoy as well.  Forgot to mention, it is the only Kids story with Dark Matter Tea in it...DM Tea for short :) 

    If you like the story, we all share equally Roger in the success of the Book, it is the message that is important not the messanger.  Please come to the circle, the fellowship.

    Peace Love and Groovy


  • amessenger December 2011

    Well goes to show I am the worlds worst psychic after all, no reply from Rog, oh well never mind. No matter what all I can say is roger being part of Floyd changed my life for the better :)

    Peace Roger and be well, "I am you and what I see is me :) "

  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall December 2011
    I see that what can i say when i am a big monster ;-{D
    SO COOL HA HA HA HA HA . . .
  • amessenger January 2012
    Hello Bog Monster :)   Arghhhhhh!  Booo!

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