Love Radio Kaos....What are the next best concept CD's
  • kissfreakmike December 2011
    Please respond. I need help!!!!
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2011
    try this one Planet P  pink world
  • dognamedbluedognamedblue December 2011
    antichrist superstar - marilyn manso
    welcome to my nightmare - alice cooper
    [Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  - The Beatles]
    dub side of the moon - easy star
    the seeds of love - tears for fears [don't believe me? just look at the cover ;]
    music from the elder - kiss

    off the top of my head, would have to look through my collection
  • dognamedbluedognamedblue December 2011
    kiss were making a point with that album, but you have to understand the music industry & it's methods of control & manipulation to really get it, which are more blatant & obvious today with all the manufactured crap from x factor to beiber etc, I doubt we will ever get back to bands getting to do 3 albums before they "make it" or being able to lock themselves away to work as a group without any external influences forced on them by the industry, like floyd did, few if any groups regardless of genre write their own stuff, a check of credits on albums show that most songs are written by people not in the group, things have literally come full circle back to songs being written & most artist being nothing more than performers of others material
  • billy_sylvesterbilly_sylvester December 2011
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    yup, and nobody calls him "dumb bitch" for doing it
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall December 2011
    Hey skybluehope why you are angry? Who said to you dumb or bitch ? When you coming in forum and speak about your sex wishes they dont tell you wow shes a brave true human.They just can say she's stupid
    its human nature when cant understand what you say lebale you. Now what you want? We must kill him when you speak wrong in a general place. Do you think i was not angry when i see what he write about you but i laughing cause i could not get out my pistol in network. Ok. Ok. Ok. So please cut this angry opinions about everybody in topics.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    you saw it, in that dumb topic "real pink floyd music", like he's the only authority on what REAL pf music is, he opened the door, the minute he attacked me and called me "dumb bitch" after I had politely tried to explain to him why I put a link there in the first place.....he better get STAY away from me xxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011

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