Is there an Earls court 1980 DVD or anything similar?
  • otrkid December 2011

    Watching youtube and love the Earls court videos from 1980. My question is is there a legal DVD of this or perhaps another concert that kicks as much ass as this did??


  • kellycampbell December 2011
    Nothing "official" there is a dvd that is a bootleg but not very good quality.  I was under the impression that Roger has always said there is video of the 1980 version of the wall but has never released it.  I was at the same show in LA that year and it did kick ass and since then I have tried everything to find a copy and the one I did find was poor quality as I said before.  I would love to find some good copies, I am hoping if in fact Roger does have the video he will release it along with the new version as a deluxe set.  I would be all over that one.  send me a personal message and I can elaborate more. 
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
  • otrkid January 2012
    Thanks for the info!!!   i will definately buy it.
  • Rock January 2012
    I've got it pre-ordered & I'm really looking forward to getting it. I have DSOTM & WYWH boxsets too which are great particularly DSOTM
  • Rock January 2012
    I've been looking forward to 'The Wall' box set the most since these re-releases were announced. I'm really happy it'll be released the same month I see it live!
  • zlh67 January 2012
    I would check the content of the Wall immersion set carefully.  I don't think it's the whole Earl's Court show.  In fact, Amazon describes it as "Short filmed extract of Earls Court concert featuring animation".
  • zlh67 January 2012

    Only a guess, but I can think of two reasons:  while it was professionally filmed (for possible use in The Wall movie when that was the plan…), all reports I’ve read were that the band and Waters in particular were not happy with the footage, feeling that it didn’t really adequately capture the performance.  So… could be a quality issue and that while pieces here and there came out well, the recording as a whole wasn’t something he wanted to have released.


    The only other reason I can guess at is that Waters is of course out on tour with The Wall and it’s presumed that he’ll release his own DVD of that tour since several shows in London were filmed last year. So maybe he fears the original Pink Floyd doing The Wall on dvd would create less demand for his own dvd.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012

    Well, he shouldn't fear anything, who wouldn't want to buy the whole show dvd of the show that just blew most if not all people's minds away? I'm not buying it if it HAS, to be part of some pf set, out of principle...Roger is a big boy and can sell his OWN dvd/blue rays, etc, all on his big own self!! :))) lol

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012
    omg, I sounded like such a spoiled brat, lol xxx don't ever remind me, ok? ;)))
  • kellycampbell January 2012
    I still think he should release a special or deluxe edition with this years show and 1980's.
  • mikeuk February 2012
    No live 1980 gig on the immersion boxset.  Sad face.  So i have spent three days syncing up the bootleg DVD to the "Is the anybody out there" live CD and wah hey......

    So now I have dodgy picture but great sound, which really helps and makes it a really good watch.

    The only issues are the fact that the CD is two nights edited together and the video is just one night.  So a couple of guitar solo's are played different and the odd word is out of sync.  However, for the most part it's a really great way to watch it.

    Shame nothing official is coming our way.  It knocks your socks off.

    The really great thing is just how much live footage you can find.  I ended up finding another live gig from The Wall tour as Nassau Coliseum, 27th feb 1980.   Wow.
  • kellycampbell February 2012
    I would love to get my hands on a copy since I saw the show in LA in FEB 1980
  • Odysseus February 2012
    According to the back up singers on tour now , when Roger came recruiting them for the tour , he brought along the DVDs of the original tour , the master that he has had since the divorce , and the comments from them was that the quality was fantastic . Do not be surprised if they show up one day along with the DVD from this tour .
  • kellycampbell February 2012
    I have been saying all along that I think they should release a deluxe edition that would include the original and this version of the Wall...I am in. 

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