Amused To Death on SACD?
  • Sysyphus January 2012
    Hello Rog,

    Are there any plans to release Amused To Death on SACD?  I would think this excellent piece of art (maybe the best you have ever done?) would fit 5.1 format perfect.

    Best regards!  :)
  • Apparently there ARE plans afoot Sysyphus.... 

    Can anyone confirm this is true?  I will plunk down cash right now on an advance purchase to get my hands on a copy of Amused to Death on vinyl... hell, I'll want the SACD too for that matter....

    Please, Roger, please let this be true...  AtD was a truly brilliant piece of work and has stood on my short list of 'desert island albums' for a long time... (apologies the accidental 'On An Island' pun ;) )  Having recently gotten back into vinyl.. and gotten the new vinyl remasters of Darkside, WYWH and The Wall... I'd love to see AtD get the same treatment.  For that matter, the rest of the Floyd catalog... starting with either Animals or Meddle please... ;)  

    But Amused to Death has been a personal favorite album of mine since it was released, and I honestly think the work is MORE relevant now that it wasn '92.  Of course I wouldn't mind if Pros and Cons and KAOS got the same treatment as well... But if the quote below is true, I have a sudden urge to hand someone a wad of bills as soon as possible to get this in my hands.  So to phrase another way, please, take my money and release this ;)

    "Roger Waters - Amused To Death SACD and vinyl edition

    October 15th, 2013 (subject to change)

    Analogue Productions, who were responsible for the superb SACD of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, will be issuing a double LP and SACD of Roger Waters' 1992 epic Amused to Death, first released on vinyl in 1992 in a very limited double LP edition.

    Analogue Productions have sent out a mailer about it, but have also been in touch with us. They told us that "it will be done in the highest quality possible with a team of Doug Sax and James Guthrie and using the original analog master tapes with vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings". One of the things uppermost in most minds is when we might see the releases. "We do not have an exact release date. At this point, six to 12 months from now is a good guess, though we're hoping it will be closer to six months". For the time being, they have gone for a provisional release date of 15 October, 2013.

    The mailer notes that the double LP will be on 200-gram vinyl, and that the SACD will be a stereo hybrid (so, will play on non-SACD capable standard CD players). The Q Sound virtual surround sound will be preserved in its 3D glory for these new editions of what we consider one of Roger's best works. As soon as we have more information on this eagerly anticipated release we will let you know."

  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    I have just recently bought the double vinyl edition, (at some expense) !! and in my opinion the production is excellent on this, It "does exactly what it says on the tin" It was "mastered direct to lacquer from the original analogue tapes" As I'm more into vinyl than cd's/sacd's I'll stick with "originals" .. Just my opinion... ;-]
  • Having gone through the phase of buy S.A.C.D. discs i have come to the conclusion that D.S.O..T.M   Sounds better on vinyl. Ulness they remaster in D.T.S. i find it very hard to notice the sound difference. Maybe my ears are to old. and have listened to music to loud.
  • im a vinyl lover but wish u were here is impressive on bluray 5 in 1
  • amused to death is being released on sacd  and 200 gram vinyl later on in the year
  • Still dont understand why they go to all the trouble in remastering to just release things on 5.1 dolby digital. Or even worse pcm. I think D.T.S is far superior. Maybe the original quality tapes have not got the quality neccasary to produce dts. Gilmours on an island bluray is a good non dts sound. But not bright enough for my system. Amused to death is a great sounding cd as it is . And being that more later will no doubt be easier to upscale it. Some of this stuff is 40 years old. And vinyl still sounds as good as cd. Or does it. Its all in the ears.
  • im getting technical but analogue is more adaptable to the human ear that's why it sounds warmer. with digital it sounds more processed .
  • cdburner... did you buy the new one that I was referencing (advance copy?) or one of the initial (very limited as I hear it) pressings rom '92?

    As for vinyl vs. digital shootouts, I am set up to do some wicked comparisons with Darkside.  I have the Immersion box set with all of those versions (including the original Parsons quad mix... YAY!!)

    Plus the newly remastered vinyl
    plus an original US vinyl pressing from '73 (a Capital 'Wally' signed pressing)
    and about to land the MFSL version on vinyl

    Maybe a little excessive, but really, this is Darkside of the Moon we're talking about, if there was ever an album to have several versions of.... ;)

    And the release looks to be more than rumour... 

    They are even taking pre-orders (Personally I am going to hold off on preorder until the release date firms up... )

    So that bit of news more or less made my day...

    As for the old analog/digital debate... I am really enjoying my vinyl these days since getting back into it, and I _THINK_ it sounds better... most of the time.  But I am fully aware of the effect of psychoacoustics and realise that this is a topic that is pretty impossible to be objective about... it's all subjective opinion.  But I think there are pros and cons (of hitchhiking) to both.  CD's for instance have a greater dynamic range inherent to the format, quiet is quieter, loud is louder.  But they lop off all frequencies under 20hz or over 20,000 hz (normal range of human hearing).  My theory is that even though we don't hear those missing frequencies directly, they are there, bouncing around the room reacting with soundwaves, creating harmonics etc.  In short, altering the sounds we CAN hear.  Where I perceive the biggest difference are in high frequency sounds... on vinyl a snare drum has a little more crack, feels more 'present'.  Similar thing with cymbals.

    I also think vinyl is a little fussier about your system.  On an average or mediocre system, cheap turntable, cheap cartridge, not calibrated, cheap amp, crap speakers... CD will just always sound better in my experience.  But a good turntable, great stereo etc. that gap starts to close and might even put vinyl on top.  Of course, your milage may vary ;)

    But also aware it might all be in my head... but... who cares if so?  If it sounds better to me, it _IS_ better to me right?

    One thing I think is without argument is that mp3 sucks.  Just straight up terrible.  I am actually irked that it is the 'standard' format when there are lossless compression options like FLAC out there.  It is my belief that the only reason people accepted mp3 quality is that playing them on crap computer speakers the masses thought it was 'just as good' as CD.  I can put a real CD in, then switch to the same album burned from mp3, and even people I know with genuine hearing problems can hear the difference on a decent stereo.

    So part of my vinyl fascination now is that I believe CD is dead, killed by iTunes and mp3. In a few years, I don't think I am going to be able to walk into a store and buy a CD on a shelf.  So if you are an audiophile and DON'T like mp3, if you want something tangible with your music, like to read the lyric sheet as you listen etc.  It's vinyl or the rare SACD, DVD/Bluray audio etc.  So I went back the future, got a turntable and started rebuilding the vinyl collection.

    Enough of an analog junky I've started putting vacuum tubes in my signal chain no less.... ;)

    And just the other day was pondering... 'how the heck am I going to get my hands on a vinyl copy of Amused to Death...'
  • I could go tell u more but its would only bore you. ive only ever heard abraxas on dts and it was very good but the vinyl sounds better horses for courses I suppose.
  • mp3 is awful. amused to death is being released on 200 gram vinyl and sacd at the end of the year be careful with the copies that are going around now the bad bootlegs.
  • Spartacus, audio engineering and audiophile discussion NEVER bore me ;)  Lemme put it this way... I rewatch some of the videos from Parsons Art and Science of Sound Recording.... for fun.  Yeah, I know, it's sick... 

    quick tangent... am I the only one that notices Floyd/Waters/Gilmour fans tend to be rather hardcore audiophiles?  I don't think mp3s are ever going to make this crowd happy...
  • you take each format for what it iscapable of but vinyl will always be top of my list. mp3s are just awful anyway im just off to pick up my copy of bladerunner remastered up before they all go.
  • SACD  V   DTS-HD.   One winner. Ok this is where i get rather excited as i am such a fan of DTS . now obviously older material is only as good as the capabilities of the time to record sound. Well today stuff is being produced for the modern digital age that is much higher quality than any of your mp3 rubbish. This where DTS comes into its own. I recomend anybody to look for Dts no matter if its music or video . The sound is as far as my ears can tell is far far superior to any analogue productions. You need to have the correct equipement in order to enjoy this. But its not hefty prices as most amps dvd players etc come with DTS -HD  decoding as standard. But the sound is broken down to what and where every slight sound should be coming from. I wont bore you no more but to say that DTS is as good a sound as you can reproduce in your own lounge. Of coarse i havnt your ears. Spock.
  • I would recommend  nothing like the sun by sting on dts but its hard to find.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    My double vinyl copy IS the '92 issue, as I said, I paid good money for it... There are original copies available on (I got mine from elsewhere), if you're willing to pay through the nose, and the sellers are pretty honest on their, IMO. I have bought stuff from their, at variable prices, its the same as anything, you have to look around for the best price.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    My only bug bear about vinyl is that even with new albums, you pay nearly twice as much for it... and some of the re-issues' prices are Reeedicularse !!!!
  • Try unilet hifi in new malden for vinyl and also for top end hifi. They are online. I Have the sting album on dts but it is a copy . The dts still is fine. I also have the Police and many others. Don henley is pretty good. The dvd of Genesis live in Rome is also DTS And it is a marvolous production. Why they did not bluray it i dont know. As of late and what is almost stuck into my DVD player is Porcupine Tree (anesthetize) its a DTS-HD   Blu Ray. Live concert and once again the production is excellent. I hear on the grapevine that Steven Wilson is about to start work on turning ( warrior on the edge of time. Into a DTS DVD. One to look forward to if like me your a hawkwind head.

  • always wondered why it wasn't released on bluray. only remembered last night on an island is on dts but only available in the Gdansk boxset listening now very nice too.
  • Regarding pricing.... I just got some brand new ones today at a local retailer (Zia's in the Phoenix metro area).

    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - 180 gram pressing - $16.99
    Black Sabbath - Paranoid - ditto - $17.99

    Another recent new one was Van Halen - 1984 - 180 gram etc. - 23.99
    A Different Kind of Truth, the new one, is stupid expensive - $41.99.... I want it, but hard to justify for one I got the 'lux edition on CD (with dvd) last year.

    But today I also got one of those expensive ones....

    Tool - Lateralus  - Limited edion, 180 gram, picture disk (album is Tool art.. nice looking, gorgeous print) - $36.99

    So to me pricing is all over the map.  The Sabs are typical of a lot of new vinyl, maybe a 25% upcharge from a CD?  Some like the new VH charge a ton for seemingly no reason... it's red vinyl instead of black, but it doesn't include mp3s or a cd, poster or anything... they just felt tripple price for vinyl sounded fair.

    The Tool though is hard to compare against, it is intended to be limited (don't know how limited), a picture disk etc., so the 37 bucks on that made more sense to me, but not the $42 for ADKOT. 

    Yet the apparent $50 price tag for the forthcoming AtD sounds just fine to me.  I'd love to get it for $40 instead, but this is something where I will pay a stupid price because I REALLY want it.  How much were the Immersion boxes?  And I walked away from the register smiles from those purchases.  But oddly with Floyd and Floyd members solo, I do hold to a higher standard.  I plunked down for the Gdasnk box set and the DTS 'On an Island' was worth the price of admission alone imho.  I paid just under $30 for WYWH and DSOTM on vinyl with the new pressings... and I expect (and got) a brilliant master and pressing..  $45 for The Wall, same story.  So $50 for AtD? OK.  I expect to hear something glorious though (and with Guthrie and Sax on it, I needn't worry need I?.  These are engineers I trust).  I like the dudes over at MoFi for that matter as well.  Actually there are few engineers I know by name and respect their work... but I digress... again...

    That's just my recent experience and obviously a small sampling... but a good cross section (I think) of what pricing looks like.

    You also have to balance the stupid used deals... I picked Cream's Wheels of Fire, Disraeli Gears and Goodbye for cheap $11, $9, and $5 respectively).  Clapton's Just One Nights for a $1.99 (double live from the 70's... I can't leave that on the shelf for $2... I was morally obligated to grab it)  Blues Brother Briefcase Full of Blues was also $2 (again, I would be a lesser person if left that sitting there at that price).  Also snagged Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge for $9 (I have a simple rule with Hendrix and vinyl... if I don't yet own it, buy it on sight.  Much like with Floyd, I have a bit of a problem with Jimi. And also like Floyd, if I somehow, someday end up with everything Jimi ever did... I am very cool with that...  )

    And as for AtD, Waters has just got me on that.  It would actually bug me to know there was a nice vinyl out of it there and I didn't own it.  I should balk at the price I suppose... but I won't.

    to be continued...
  • So; 
    2 brand new high quality pressing Sabs, 
    1 new and rare Tool, 

    and a bunch of cool used... 

    3 Creams, 
    a double live Clapton, 
    Grateful Dead Terrapin Station, 
    Blues Brothers, 
    and a copy of Darkside (for a friend $3 and I already have an original, 2 buddies will want it, so between them first come first serve).... 

    a good stack of albums under $110 with tax out the door, 1/3 of that was the Tool record and $5.99 plus tax were replacement pads for my MoFi brush.  

    These are all albums I love and will treasure, even the cheap used ones.  Now what would the same stack of new and used CD's cost (minus Lateralus since there really is no CD equivalent of that).  Doesn't seem that far off to me actually, maybe even cheaper.

    Again, your mileage may vary.  And of course it's only a 'good stack' if you like those albums... ;)

    Oh, and at Goodwill (charity donation thrift store) got some Ray Charles and and a Johhny Cash box set.  $5 total.

    This is kind of a normal Saturday hunting for black gold.  Last weekend I hit a Craigslist list add and got a dozen or so, classic rock and a George Carlin record for $20.
  • You sure do put in the leg/finger work to get ya golden discs Mr V . Every time we end up in the town i do the used shops and nearly everyone got the same shit they selling. Craig David/  David grey / mystique/  george michael etc etc etc. You can almost 

    Struck Gold once abd came away with about 8 genesis cds for a pound a piece. We got so many Record shops selling good records in good nick at good prices . There is no need doing the whole high street. Just one or 2 specialist vinyl dealers.

    One day i hope to hit upon a SIMPLE MINDS ( NEW GOLD DREAM ) REMASTERD DTS-HD 5.1 The last time i lokked it was going for over £200 .
  • for those who don't know the record collector magazine is a good source for prices. just read now 35 on vinyl is 80 pounds x now 4 on cd is worth 200 pounds I remember my sister having both of these and throwing them away hoarding isn't such a bad thing afterall.
  • Tell that to the parents who have just been given a suspended prison sentence for it. They should of put em away . All this suspended bull$$$$ or put em down. Mind you the mother would cut her way out with that suarez tooth shes got in her gob.
  • As far as legwork... the treasure hunt for this stuff is half the fun... junk to the people selling more often than not, but certifiable treasure in my hands... An original pressing of Wheels of Fire in perfect condition?  It's practically an honor to own it.

    So blowing a few hours on a weekend hunting for vinyl is a lotta fun for me.  When I give up, I can always order online... may have to in order to get Quadrophenia... no luck on that one yet (and I love that Chrome has that album in their spelling dictionary... lol )... Tommy, no problem, have it and the movie sound track, but my favourite, Quadrophenia eludes me... so... I can always get it online.  I never see Doors on vinyl either oddly.

    Curious, how does the vinyl market differ in the UK? pricing, availability etc.?  Seems you have one thing going for you right away... by and large the UK pressings of albums in the 60's and 70's were better than the US counterparts.
  • its becoming more popular and its starting to go up in price. even some record store day prices are getting for quadrophenia could have picked that up quite easily 10 years ago but its scarce now. last week I picked up a electric ladyland with blue text x upside down catalogue number for 20 pounds at a car boot sale I have been offered silly money for it but its going nowhere. hunting for this vinyl can be pretty addictive especially when you get bargains like that haha. 
  • im thinking of doing a video of my vinyl collection x posting it will let you know.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    I agree about the Record Store Day prices too, I bought the latest Floyd release from a record shop on the day, If the record shops have rules "not to sell more than one copy to one person" why are they on ebay the next day at silly prices, from record shops ??!!! If there are rules for RSD, they should adhere to them, and not keep back stuff to sell at extortionate prices the following day !!
  • totally agree I remember the flaming lips limited ed of the dark side of the moon from 3 years ago you can still buy it now.
  • right im off looking for more treasure it might b some time before im back haha.
  • Just as by the by. Tommy is out on S.A.C.D and the quality aint arf bad. And the used cd shops you have to fiddle about fiddle about fiddle about. Darn Dran Darn. I am slowly more and more suprised that i can get Black eyed peas from the HMV shop on the hi street. But the other day i could not find one single copy of anything Floyd or Roger. About 3 months ago they had the whole of all the new releases. For sure they have not sold out as there was not even a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters , tag in the empties. Have they fell out or what.
  • it has been bought by asdas parent company so I believe hmv Canada I think. and there not buying any new stock only limited new releases. but I belive in the future there gonna be selling vinyl nand there doing away with electronic goods tablets x the likes just hope they don't start selling sausage rolls haha.
  • Greggs have got that market covered. Horse suasage rolls. They said ney it will never happen.
  • Madman Across the Water on SACD Is a wonderful piece of work. Must admit its my favorite Elton album of all time. My favorite track. Well thats just gotta be ( a funeral for a friend ) one of the most played pieces of music for hifi demos in the world during the mid 70s. Along with d.s.o.t.m. and Crime of the century.( supertramp.)
  • Tulipa May 2013
    I love Supertramp's Cannonball.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Aah yes Supertramp, another great group, Crime of The Century one of THE best albums ever & I like Roger Hodgson's solo stuff too. Playing Steve Hackett ~ Genesis Revisited II, to get me in the mood for the concert tomorrow...
  • Senn Steve Hackett many times in the early 80s and through to the early 90s. He has a cracking dts dvd out and his firth of fifth has a great bass line running through it that at he end sends a astonishing amount of power through the bass units. Have not seen him in almost 20 years now.

    School , from crime of the century is another hifi tester. I love it. Nice one tulipa.( interesting video )
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Yes I'm seeing him at The Sage in Gateshead. I have a lot of his stuff tho mainly on Cd's signed by him, (thanks to Camino Records) Also the Squackett album on vinyl, which is good ;-]
  • Churchmiles... I found a MFSL copy of Crime of the Century in a stack of about 40 I got for $50

    Only missing 3 Hodgson era STs on Vinyl  (also have 'Brother Where You Bound', love the title track, and some guy name Dave did some solos on it....)
    the debut, Indelibly stamped, and Crisis? What Crisis?

    Just a matter of time.  Supertramp is of one those bands where I find myself just wanting everything, the whole catalog...  I even grabbed Hodson's In The Eye of the Storm.  Under-rated a bit here I think, but they do get some airtime on classic rock radio.... But don't know how many here have heard 'Fool's Overture'.  I know they were definitely a band I felt rewarded for digging past the radio tunes (which are great, but... there's a lot more there is all I'm saying)

    Anyone know if MoFi or anyone similar did Even in the Quietest of Moments or Breakfast in America?
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Do you mean the track "Fools Overture" ? or is that a name of a cover band ?? Who/What is MoFi  ?? (Sorry for my ignorance) !! I have all of Roger Hodgson's solo stuff and, most of Supertramp's too on vinyl, even the first two before Crime of... & yes, I think Brother Where You Bound?, album version is great with that Gilmour bloke playing geeetar !!
  • I mean the track 'Fools Overture'... when I talk about Supertramp, people know a few radio tunes and that's it.  Kind of under appreciated I think.

    MoFi is short hand for Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs.  They are known for doing remasters and repressings (CD and Vinyl over the years... even high quality tape).  Their Darkside of the Moon is pretty well regarded.  They've also gotten into cleaning supplies... love their record brush and fluid.  

    So my Crime of the Century is a remaster and nice pressing from Mobile Fidelity, not the standard issue.  Apparently they did Breakfast in America too... going to have to track that one down.
  • Crime of the century. I loved flinging that disc on the old LP12 and watch the punters come flooding through the door of whatever Hotel i happen to be helping out with the HIFI that was being introduced to the public. Normally Quad. That album was a for demo use only. I wish i still had it. sob sob 
  • ive recently been given a ticket to see roger hodgson could anybody recommend a album of his too listen too.
  • Not to sure on his solo stuff but thought i would bump a few topics in my spare time to get rid of the insurance spammer.
  • Bump
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  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Roger Hodgson - Open The Door (Album) is a goody
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
  • picked up a nice clean Crisis? What Crisis on Vinyl... just missing a few now.

    Also noticed the release date for AtD vinyl is October now.... anyone know if that is now a firm date? or a 'we think maybe as our best guess' like the last one? ;)
  • October 15th is the projected release date...for now.

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