The Final Cut, one of the best albums
  • rich January 2012


  • YellowRoseYellowRose January 2012
    The Final Cut is almost like part two of the Wall. If you love the Wall, I feel it's almost obligatory that you give the Final Cut more credit than that. Maybe, people don't rank it in their top Pink Floyd albums because they don't really understand what it's about. It is one of Roger Waters' greatest accomplishments lyrically I think.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose January 2012
    Oh yes, I know all about that. Did you also know that in the Wall movie, during the scene where Pink is singing in the bathroom at the end, he's singing Possible Pasts?
  • cracker January 2012

    I found the final cut two years ago and what a albulm, it took me places only the wall had taken me, Gunners dream, and The final Cut what two amazing songs.  I wished Roger would finish his tours with the Ultimate Final cut.  I seen him perform The Dark Side Of The Moon in 2007 at the o2 areana and The Wall 2011 at the o2 areana it was mind blowing.  Please finish with The Final Cut.  What do you think?


  • butterflybutterfly January 2012
    .  .  .   I  THINK  THAT  HE  SHOULD  NEVER  STOP  .  .  . 
  • cracker January 2012
    Me too but i think he should finish wish the Tour of The Final Cut.  It would be truly amazing .......
  • bballref January 2012
    i thought i was the only one who thought The Final Cut was amazing.Brilliant.Would love to hear it again LIVE.Not Now John,how cool is that.But really everything The Floyd did was amazing
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  • The Final Cut gives me goosebumps everytime.............and I personally think the solos of Gilmours on that album are some of his best can almost feel the anger in them which just adds to the whole feel. And the sax solo on The Gunners Dream........shivers down my spine. Music that can do that to you MUST be good!!
  • ROAR1960 May 2012
    'The Division Bell' is a personal favorite of mine...I hate to categorize it as a "personal" favorite, as I could name many other albums that "strike my fancy" as well. 'The Division Bell' relates to me candidly with the message it delivers. My mind "melts" whenever I play it....:)
  • I love the Final Cut. Just ordered a first UK pressing of the lp, in hopes I can get an autograph from Roger. Would love if he would encore the Wall with Possible Pasts, this song is in the wall movie anyway (in the scene where "pink" is singing and muttering in the bathroom stall").
  • Tulipa May 2012
    Yellow, I love TFC too! However, it's been a while since I could bear it -literally. For instance, for me Your Possible Pasts portraits irremediable and hopeless circumstances which seem unlikely to worsen, yet people are induced to fear even worse upcoming calamities, as if war and shortage hadn’t been enough.

    "In derelict sidings the poppies entwine with cattle tracks lying in wait for the next time" is so familiar to anyone from countries under perpetual economic crisis...

    On top of all, the music to this song increases the feeling that there’s nothing one can do to change anything. People struggle inside their watertight compartments, isolated in their own fears and pains, unconditionally surrendered to the domestic enemy.

    Someone tries to break this horrendous spell of general estrangement. Will they hear them?

    A passage from An American Prayer by James Morrison:

    “Have you been born yet
    Are you alive?
    Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths
    Of the ages
    Celebrate symbols from deep elder forests
    Have you forgotten the lessons
    Of the ancient war
    We need great golden copulations
    The fathers are cackling in trees of the forest
    Our mother is dead in the sea
    Do you know we are being led to
    Slaughters by placid admirals
    & that fat slow generals are getting
    Obscene on young blood
    Do you know we are ruled by T.V.
    The moon is a dry blood beast
    Guerrilla bands are rolling numbers
    In the next block of green vine
    Amassing for warfare on innocent herdsmen
    Who are just dying
    O great creator of being
    Grant us one more hour to
    Perform our art
    And perfect our lives
    The moths and atheists are doubly divine
    And dying
    We live, we die
    Death not ends it
    Journey we more into the
    Cling to life
    Our passioned flower
    Cling to cunts and cocks
    Of despair
    We got our final vision
    By clap
    Columbus' groin got
    Filled with green death
    (I touched her thigh
    And death smiled)

    We have assembled inside this ancient
    And insane theatre
    To propagate our lust for life
    And flee the swarming wisdom
    Of the streets
    The barns are stormed
    The windows kept
    And only one of all the rest
    To dance and save us
    With the divine mockery
    Of words
    Music inflames temperament
    (When the true King's murderers
    Are allowed to roam free
    A 1000 Magicians arise
    In the land)
    Where are the feasts
    We were promised?"
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    Luv u Roger!!!!! xxxxx ): knock em dead tonight at LA Coliseum!!!
  • One of hes best underated albums of all time.

                                                                           "The Final Cut"







    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • butterflybutterfly May 2012
    . .  sorry  PBF , my  server  con  not  open  the  record  on  you tube , that  you  have  indicated . .  but  anyway , my  favorite  song  from  the  album  the  final  cut  is  "the  final  cut"  . .  ROGER ' s  broken  and  sad  voice , reflect  the  words  of  a  desperate  and  a  very  melancholic  man , full  of  problems . . .  
  • Try again lol.







    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • jcare May 2012
    Ahh we're back to talking about the music again..maybe I'll stay awhile ..:o)

  • jcare May 2012
    Peace my sista..
  • jcare May 2012
    The Final Cut is not an album that I can listen to easily, it commands my attention and draws me is very intense. Roger's anguished voice in many of the songs speak directly to feelings of  pain, not an easy thing to communicate or expose and he does both so brilliantly..
  • jcare May 2012
    To me It's like that dark yet familiar place. Sometimes we don't care to look at the darkness and sometimes we need to..there is comfort in all of Roger's words for me and that is why I am attached to him as an artist I feel like some of the darkest and lonliest journeys that I've been on I've only had his voice and words as company..
  • jcare May 2012
    I think it was the turbulent and destructive life I led and my negative state of mind, and most of it was self imposed.. but not without cause..Some people self medicate, some employ Rogerian Therapy! Roger we have named a type of therapy after you!  Actually I believe it was Butterfly who mentioned it credit goes to her..My first heartbreak came not after my love left me but when he died and I could not have made it through without the music, it kept me sane. It was the fact that someone put into words what I was feeling and even at my lowest there was comfort in knowing that like you said, someone else had felt that way too.
  • jcare May 2012
    Yes Cym that was him...thank you..xXoOo see you tomorrow honey I'm wiped out from the heat...PS - 30 more days!!
  • jcare May 2012
    As Waters says of the song 'Brain Damage',  "The line 'I'll see you on
    the dark side of the moon', is me speaking to the listener, saying, I
    know you have these bad feelings and impulses, because I do too, and one
    of the ways I can make contact with you is to share the fact that I
    feel bad sometimes.' -Guitar Legends Magazine, March 2010

    Thanks for the quote..I simply adore him...
  • Tulipa, I know what you mean, it is a dark and sad album. But the world is truly a sad and dark place. I think the key to living a happy life is to come to terms with that truth, yet understand that without great suffering there can be no great feelings of happiness. This kind of thinking is from the Buddhist line of thought.

    There is closure at the end of the album, which to me is saying even as you die in a nuclear holocaust, for a split second you'll feel that bliss of recalling all the memories and moments you had in your existence which make life worth living. Two Suns in the Sunset:

    "And as the windshield melts
    My tears evaporate
    Leaving only charcoal to defend.
    Finally I understand the feelings of the few.
    Ashes and diamonds
    Foe and friend
    We were all equal in the end."
  • jcare May 2012
    Or even scarier..the mentality that it doesn't matter if we live or die as long as we fight for our cause..
  • jcare May 2012
    They place no value on human life their cause outweighs everything..very scary indeed..when you are unable to reason with someone then it scares the fuck out of me too..
  • jcare May 2012
    Some people are just so inflexible, those are the people I try to avoid..them and people with no sense of humor..
  • Tulipa May 2012

    Hi, people! Interesting discussion!

    I never read any interpretation of The Dark Side of the Moon. On the one hand, when I was given the CD in 1994, the Internet wasn’t available yet and there wasn’t much PF’s related stuff over here; and on the other, when I eventually had the chance to find out, I had already made my guess.

    In short, for me, in TDSM’s famous sleeve design, the ray of light symbolises RA/ consciousness, the prism –or pyramid- PTAH/ shape, and the spectrogram, the creative power of the word.
    I arrived at such conclusion after reading about the pre-dynastic Egypt’s conception of the Universe, the era of On-Heliópolis (City of the Sun). They said that everything can be conceived as a geometric shape or equation and that is possible only because everything has been preconceived by the intellect. As a result, CREATION is the outcome of combinations of shapes, numbers and musical chords. Thus, they explained the system of our universe through two aspects: one that is geometric (the essential shape) and another that is verbal (the above-mentioned creative power of the word).

    Also linguists such as Ullman, when commenting on Cassirer’s Symbolic Construction of Reality, said that every linguistic system is a means of interpretation of the Universe, like a prism through which we see the non-linguistic world.

    All in all, that’s the way it all makes sense to me. Without consciousness it’s all dark. Without consciousness we wouldn’t even know that the pyramids picture is there for a reason or why there’s a dark side of the moon -or why, as a matter of fact, it’s all dark.

    Did I say I truly love Pink Floyd? Well... I do! =)

  • jcare June 2012
    Hi Tulipa, I think that Dark Side is a very straight forward album or maybe it is to us fans who were indoctrinated  into the Roger Waters school of thought an an early is very nice to hear him speak about the album and have him explain what some of the inspiration was behind some of the songs, the real meanings behind the general ones that most people get out of it..everything about that album was magical, right down to the mysterious cover..simple yet complex, a contradiction in that it covers the most melancholy of subjects with the most beautifully uplifting is as timeless as the pyramids themselves!
  • WOW! I feel like an idiot reading these posts! I am just sitting here cranking up DSOTM and watching sports??? I feel like I should be turning off the TV and picking up a book? A book! Who am I kidding I will just Google all these references?

    In any case TFC is in my top 4!


  • This is my very first time on this forum, so hello to everybody. I first saw Pink Floyd Live at Liverpool Empire on the first Dark Side of The Moon tour. The Final Cut is my favourite Floyd album.
  • Tulipa June 2012
    Yes, jcare, I agree that dsom is a very straightforward album. "Money" and "Time" very well illustrate such straightforwardness, like the pyramids themselves. It must have taken many stones and steps to be nearer the sky; knowledge, technology and blood, among other things. What is a single soul compared to the many that have been lost in the construction of the seven wonders? Was it worth it? I don't know, they're still there like no human soul of those times could be, not even if they hadn't been built. 
    I reckon that most artits want their works to be deemed as wonders, so they are ready for whatever it takes.

    oneofthesedays, I hope you're referring to the Greek sense of the term :)
    I don't read much and I'm a "history idiot", haha, but I have this Salvat encyclopaedia on my little bookcase by the bed that I read now and then. Unlike the seven wonders, my memory is deteriorating at an undesirable quick rate, but sometimes I experience those sparks of information in my stream of consciousness.

    Yellow, I love "finally I understand the feelings of the few". I think that If most of us had those feelings, this world would be a more compassionate society.
  • Hey Tulipa = No I am just refering to being a plain old American Idiot! lol
  • Dokis June 2012
    The 2 of us sharing the driving - I like that Roger Waters and Pink Floyd went seperate ways - you can't keep too many geniuses together - I listen to all their stuff - We got more music out of the deal, Pro's and con's album was born and so on- Do you really think Pink Floyd would still be together if Ronald Reagan was President. Well it might work
  • Tulipa June 2012
    Hi, Joeliverpool, welcome! I'd love that you told us more about that dsom's first tour =)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Welcome Joeliverpool! I too love The Final Cut. Cymbeline, I know what you mean about it being scary to think about the people who would cause a nuclear war just because they feel they are fighting for their whatever...nationalism, religion...which brings me to my favorite Roger Waters album. Amused to Death. It just so hits the nail on the head with that message.
  • bmock78bmock78 June 2012

    I've always rated The Wall as my all time great. Ashamed to say that I only bought TFC after joining this forum and reading the discusions. Now I'm trapped! what the fuck have I been missing? The reason I love The Wall is because of the raw emotion involved, now I've found an albumn that actually makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I'm glad to say I'm hooked however my misses is getting the hump now (she says my music makes her want to cry) Hey ho.

    Cheers everybody.

  • butterflybutterfly June 2012
    . .  bmock78  . .  I  am  glad , you  like  TFC , and  that  it  make  stand  up  the  hairs , on  the  back  of  your  neck . . I  follow  PF  for  over  35  years , I  love  each  of  their  album , and  each  of  them  causes  me  a  different  reaction  . .  my  personal  favorite  is " MORE " . .  it  calms  me  down  a  lot  . .  a  few  month  ago , in  a  discussion  here  on  the  FORUM , we  talked  about  the  " ROGERIAN - THERAPY " . .  he  is  got  a  pill ( song )  for  each  pain  . .  the  best  therapy , that  exists  . . . 

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