Mother Should I trust the Government
  • rich January 2012
    Mother Should I Trust the Government
  • amessenger January 2012

    Hummmm, not conspericy talk here I hope, you may have to be reported to the government just for saying that statment...I am not kidding, it is coming to that...pick a side NWO - New World Order or OWO - Our World Order.  Songs like that will be forgotton once NWO is in place...Roger they will censor that part of the song once these Psychopaths (they really are psychopaths I am not Kidding, they are infact mentially Ill) - once they get things in place that sentence will be removed or changed to "Mother Do I Ever Trust the Government"  there is still time...we just need a game plan of Peace. 

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012

    Sorry to hear about your bad day Cymby, but check out (in as much a nutshell as possible), my entire "twilight zone" whole week was.... my ex bf's newest "gf" is the young (25 yr old) daughter of my lifelong friend Joanne, I posted about her doing with him, the ex bf, all teh same bad habits he did with me when he first met me in my 20's. NOW, this past Tuesday, she gets arrested for a  3 car crash and cds/drug possession, and gets arrested and her picture, as she's being handcuffed, is put right in The Bergen Record(the ;local newspaper for this county in NJ), and I have to hear it from MY mother, calling me because she spotted the article, and asking me what was Joann's daughters name, because SHE THINKS, she is in the newspaper getting arrested..OMG, just like I used to be only minus the vcar crashes and getting my picture in the news for

    My mom cut the article out to give it to me, shoulde I scan and post it? Want to see what Nicole looks like handcuffed? I was actually considering taking her to see thye Wall with me if she could just straighten her act out NOW, while she's still young, and she does have smarts and knows better than all this, but there is NOTHING, you can say, they have to do it anyway and find out the hard way, like this past Tuesday's arrest of my goddaughter, Nicole Italiano..(don't worry, she never comes here, lol) xxx


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012
    anyone who really follows my posts on here knows the day I said "it's like watching the same thing that happened to me, happen to her with him now" or something like that "like watching myself all over again" almost, wow xxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012
    lol Cymby....well, it is in the newspaper and a matter of public record already....she's all that the cops in three surrounding towns had to do that day.....I think she's in some detox or something right now in lieu of sitting in jail, she'll get nailed with probation, (if she wasn't on it already), and made to pee in a cup twice a week or risk a felony violation of probation conviction......if she was already on probation, just the arrest was enough for her to already be in violation right now...I don't really know, all I know, is, what I know, and that's not everything, lol BUT, thank you, I have and still am "moving on" xxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012

    Now the whole "system" in regards to drug addicts doesn't work and is a waste of tax payers money xxx

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012
    where's Roger????? :)))
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope January 2012

     hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there???

  • Gill May 2012
    VOTE RON PAUL. USA 2012!
  • The whole "system" doesn't work in regards to pretty much everything. Unfortunately, the truthful arguments about the moneyed elite who continue to pull the strings in our economy are seen as either clich├ęd or just too un-sexy. So, instead of elaborating, here's the URL of some weird fan's Tumblr:

  • zaurkan May 2013
    Friends, please we need help. People living in Turkey, Istanbul, are now being attacked by the police and government due to we are against the fact that the government tries to demolish the only park, Gezi Park, and to cut the 100 years old beautiful trees in the most important square of Turkey to build a shopping mall. We stay in the park for 4 days and nights but they attacked  with chemical gas bombs, TOMAs, plastic bullets, there are lots of injured people. They are even using the chemical bombs through the subway entrances, lots of babys and women injured. Even some objective congressmen are injured. Our national TV stations are not televising it because the government forbid to publish about the park demolution. We can only publish news on twitter and facebook. Please help us the world know this dictatorship. Please tweet and help.
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