Please add When the Tigers Broke Free to the set list!!
  • YellowRoseYellowRose January 2012
    If you should happen upon this post Roger, I beseech you, please please add When the Tigers Broke Free to the set list!! I know you were doing What Shall We Do Now on the tour last year (which I sadly wasn't able to make it to - but have my tickets for the Nashville show this year) and I so hope you keep that on the set list too! Many thanks for continuing the tour!
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Bringing this old post back from January...Only two days until I see the Atlanta show, then Nashville next week!

    Please Roger, add When the Tigers Broke Free to the set list for one of those shows and/or do a rare encore with Possible Pasts. Please?!
  • 506am506am June 2012
    @Yellow Rose... He's still doing What Shall We Do Now? because that was originally supposed to be on the album. The lyrics are printed in The Wall album and CD, but it was left off the LP due to time constraints. Last night in Indianapolis, What Shall We Do Now? received a huge ovation. Good to see people responding so favorably to a song many of them probably don't even know.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    I can't wait to hear What Shall We Do Now live. As for my wanting to hear When the Tigers Broke Free, I understand why it's not on the set list, but it can't hurt to ask.
  • jcare June 2012
    What Shall We Do is one of my favorite parts of the show..very powerful..nothing like seeing it performed live to feel the music move through your is very physical experience.... for me anyway..Enjoy the show YR and let us know when you've landed!  :o)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    I know what you mean jcare, my favorite parts of the show were during What Shall We Do Now and One of My Turns. Both Atlanta and Nashville were amazing shows, and I have decided to go see the Raleigh show too. Can't get enough. But I didn't get to go last year or the year before, so I've got lost time to make up for!
  • jcare June 2012
    Absolutely! That's right we have to see the show a minimum of at least 4 times....the first three to get over that awe inspiring feeling and then one show to just chill and relax..I have 9 days to go until the Connecticut show, the following weekend for NY show(s)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    You're going to have such a blast! I wish I could go to the NY shows.
  • jcare June 2012
    I wish you could too, it would be so nice to finally meet you!
  • awwwwwwwwww yes to bad YR is not doing DC  or Charlotte
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    I just uploaded some photos to flicker taken from the front row in Atlanta if you guys want to check it out. There are a few photos of me wearing my dress in the dark so you can see how the letters light up (it took me 15 hours to do - had to thread 300 individual fiber optic strands through the back and glue them in place). Also a few photos of me with Roger briefly in Nashville and through a car window getting an autograph in Atlanta. Let me know if this flicker link works. You might have to double click on the title of the album.

    Click the link below and then to the right, click on the title Roger Waters the Wall Live Atlanta for easier viewing.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Actually Reg, I am indeed going to be in Charlotte. 6th row, right of stage, on the center aisle (so Roger can still see my dress). I know I am a total fanatic right now! Ha!

  • I think your pic turn out mostly pretty good ty for sharing something teal, great effort on the dress too, but why keep wearing it? I'm just asking cause where I'm from its generally a fashion don't, ??? )::: especially after you've already done photos published in it?? I mean no offense, maybe its just me, you looked very pretty ty again for obviously not lying about it too
  • @ YR we will have to get together then
  • PS: lol, you really know how to home in on your target too!!! How do you do that, how do you know where to go, and when??? I'm just curious xxx
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Fashion dos or dont's are of no concern to me. I've worn the dress to two shows and I'll keep wearing it to the next two shows! Also, I don't give a flying f**k what anyone thinks about it. I'm not usually one to try and be the center of attention, all I care about is that Roger notices me! I put a lot of effort into that costume, that's what it is a costume, and I find it fun to dress up for special events. It's not like I wear it all day long, I just change once I get there. Frankly, most people that even compliment my outfit at the show or ask if they can take a picture, when I ask them if they know who I'm supposed to be have no idea. Even when I say Vera Lynn, they still have a look of bewilderment on their faces. Unbelievable really - then again, it's not, many people that listen to the Wall don't understand it's full meaning and don't care to. Either that or they just ignore the anti-war, anti-religious message because it doesn't fit in with their own beliefs.

    And as for how I am getting the where and how to's, the first time I got lucky, the second time I got insider tips from people at the show who had connections to him.
  • Chill, look at my post again, I said you looked pretty and the fact I say anything, was to try and help a possibly fellow "sister" in need. It was a compliment and you can learn a lot from fashion without having to be the supermodel, hello?? Forget it, sorry I even tried but you know what then, this isn't just yellow roses Vera Lynn forum and ill thank you not to inundate my personal experience with nightmares about blinking neon letters or whatever. We get it Roger clearly saw you for the love of crap now how's about talking about the damn WALL again actually?? Its all about " I got I got I'm getting" shut up!! I have a right to some peace of mind about it too and you ousted it its open to discussion.
  • Just follow the bouncing neon lights to meet your Vera Lynn reg
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Defensive as usual. Whatever. Look, if you want some peace of mind, go talk to a psychiatrist and get yourself some help. I know it is a nightmarish world when you get on here and see people talking about something other than you and your drama. I'm sorry I posted a link to the photos on here - the last thing I thought it would do was stir up drama. Enough already. By the way, I don't need fashion advice from anyone. I never have and never will. I'm no model and I shop at goodwill most of the time, which I happen to enjoy. High fashion and brand name loyalty has never been my thing.

    Also, you might have noticed Roger wears the same thing to perform in every show - go figure.
  • Lame was waaa waaa zzzzzz ots not drama, this is some pot trying to paint a kettle black. I would never bombard a person in their car, for one, not in a million years, and as for "industry insiders" bs, you clearly were just being opportunistic. You're not the only fan on the show and I have all the help I'm ever gonna need from listening to cuckoos like you. Everyone else I like to read here and there. But you, are the selfish one. Get over it and move on there is life other than you being vera Lynn at like every damn show now, ruins them for me. What rw wears is irrelevant too
  • I tried to tell her ty and she looked pretty, and she flips out man!!! Anyway, "ambush" is the word I was searching for here, just my observation

    (edit) oh so if I just breath a single post here and there, its "drama"" at least I actually read and stomach most of your garbage posts bombarding this place too much of late you, didn't even see, or just didn't want to see, anyone elses that much. Only when it's convenient, the hypocrisy runneth over. You didn't even read Kelly Campbell when he posted about Dave k across hall from him, you just say "oh where you outside"?????

    If you hate rw loving black Ts why you chasing him around uninvited mostly for autographs?
  • you know what, its all good, please pardon the temp interruption and by all means, continue making an ass out of yourself all over the place on here. Better you. THAN ME!!!! See ya!!!
  • have a great time and really soak it all in )))' bye xxxx
  • Just went to the Fenway show on 7/1 and still no "Tigers" :-(

    It seems strange that he doesn't include this song in light of the tribute he gives his father in this show (more so than ever). Perhaps it would have been too emotional for him...
  • YellowRoseYellowRose July 2012
    I keep hoping...maybe he'll add it in for Raleigh or Charlotte. Those are the last times I'll get to see it. What would also be great is if they did an encore with "Possible Pasts". I'll keep dreaming, you never know!
  • Matt_FloydMatt_Floyd July 2012
    Had to bring back this thread. When the Tigers Broke Free would be great. I could picture it happening where Roger would sing it from backstage and then "...took my daddy FROM ME." Boom. In the Flesh? 

    ALSO, my Dad and I have actually discussed this many times and would love to get your thoughts. It almost seems too perfect, too fitting BUT what do you all think of closing the show in the following way:

    Waiting for the Worms > Stop > (piano interlude) > The Final Cut > The Trial > Outside the Wall. 

    I always thought a nice piano break out of Stop could smoothly flow right into the opening note of The Final Cut. 

    ...then again, maybe I just want to hear The Final Cut live so badly that it just sounds good in my head. 

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