New Zealand and the Christchurch Earthquake.My wife and I had just emigrated to New Zealand in Jan 2
  • KevinW July 2011

    My wife and I had just emigrated to New Zealand in
    Jan 2007 (from Derbyshire), and I was gobsmacked when my “Brummi” expat mate
    said “Hey , do you know Roger Waters is playing here in a couple of weeks?”
    “The Dark Side Of The Moon Live” …. Mate, it was the best sort of welcome the
    country could have given us!.... The concert was out of this world.


    Nearly five years on, lots has happened, especially here in Christchurch. We have all
    suffered losses with ongoing quakes, some more than others. We have seen
    buildings destroyed, our city now in ruins, and I’m sure most of us have been
    affected by what we have seen and experienced this last year.


    Maybe you would have played here in Christchurch again had it not have been for
    the loss of the venue.. I don’t know. I have managed to secure a couple of
    tickets for me and my wife for the Auckland
    venue on the 20th Feb, and for which we are both grateful. It is
    something to look forward to, something which we do need to do right now
    believe me.


    I don’t know if you will get to read this Roger, but I
    suspect not, why would you?... but if you do, and if its before you do the
    concerts in Auckland next year, if there is any chance you could spare a
    thought or send a message to all those who have suffered, lost friends or
    loved ones in the recent earthquakes here (and of course Japan), it would be
    the most wonderful of gestures, and I know it would warm the hearts of so many
    people to know that you have given this your consideration. New Zealanders are
    generally not that well off materialistically speaking, but there is a heart
    warming solidarity which has to be seen to be believed when a tragic crisis
    such as this occurs. In fact it is quite a humbling experience, and one which
    we were blessed to be a part of.


    Thank you for the wonderful music you have given us, and for
    the continued effort of yourself and all the people who work so hard to make it

  • He might read it, good luck xxxxx

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