What's your favorite Pink Floyd Album?
  • Zithri July 2011
    My favorite (hard as it is to choose) is The Wall. I think it is the best concept album ever made. Wish You Were Here is pretty spectacular too, as is Dark Side Of The Moon, Meddle, Animals...Ohh you get the picture. I love them all. There are stand out songs on every album. Putting together a playlist of my favorite songs is good but l feel Pink Floyd albums are designed to be played from start to finish. Thats where you really FEEL them.
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    it's between The Wall & Wish You Were Here. Crazy Diamond is my fav. Floyd song all 13mins of pt 1 and pt 2 as well >=:) just amazing.

    The Wall just pips WYWH overall :)

  • lisabee July 2011
    The Final Cut followed closely by The Wall and then Dark Side of the Moon.
  • "The Darkside of the Moon"

    Of listened to this album over & over for the past 34years:And still aint sick of listening to it lol.I luv it that much i even tattooed the darkside of the moon on my stomach.Complete gut job.With the words above it" Pinkfloyd "of the Wall writing on the album.Money was a bootleg blues song:Which the Floyd played with & changed & hit the big time on.This album was in the top 30s charts for years:This was the bread winner for Floyd.This album is what started it all & where they are today.I luv every album they ever did.I luv Rogers & Davids solo stuff also.Of been mad for farking years:Breathe breathe in the air: By far the best 1 of shiatloads lol.


  • xeva1371 July 2011
    The Wall. Effects me every time I hear it.  Brilliant.
  • The Final Cut is just eargasmic...love the concept..the story...the music...I could really die happy listening to The Gunner's Dream's saxophone solo

  • Dark Side of the Moon xxxx
  • Wish You Were Here. The harmony of the songs, and the brilliance... Welcome to the Machine is one of my favourite song from Pink Floyd.
  • nuvolonu July 2011

    Wish You Were Here. There is something non strictly human in it. An ispiration, some pieces of ideas that belong to what is above. Something out of time and space. Something to which we all belong, in any way.

  • JuSoskaJuSoska July 2011
    Undoubtedly, the album The Wall. The sound, effects, letters and even the film are fantastic. Nothing can overcome.

    But really flirt with the Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here and Obscured By Clouds.
    These are my favorite albums.
  • Is really hard to choose the best album, each one has a personal meaning to each moment. The wall and those who came after (The Final Cut and Dark Side) has visions and perceptions that go beyond the lyrics, melodies and instrumental part. Ummagumma is a amazing journey. I love the lyrics poetry. All albuns are my favorites! But no doubt The Wall is the most expressive one. Even today is contemporary.
  • If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the one I listen to most and always love and that would be Meddle.  Every little part of that album is superb.  (Having said that I have to admit that I love Piper at the Gates of Dawn just as much).
  • DarkbladeDarkblade July 2011
    I have a druther for Animals and The Wall. Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are awesome too. 

  • nicklashernicklasher July 2011
    todos,mas o favorito é dark side of the moon,onde a genealidade de Roger é expressa de varias formas.
  • claydean72claydean72 July 2011

    Not possible to have a 'favourite' as it changes constantly! Although I struggle to listen to anything pre Atom Heart Mother. 1970 to 1983 for me is thier best period I never tire of listening to anything from then...yes even Atom Heart Mother :)

  • bmartin July 2011
    Animals, the Wall, PULSE has an awesome quality!
  • Jamesratto July 2011

    1. Animals

    2. Meddle

    3. Soundtrack for More

  • Stinibobs July 2011
    This is a hard one for me, I guess it would have to be The Wall. It just gets me everytime I hear it.
  • noelc July 2011

     My favourite albums  wish you where here  still gives me goosebumps after 30 years.

    Dark side of the moon


    The Wall




  • Dammit, don't make me chose!!!

    I have to you say? OK...

    It's the 6 CD compilation album I have formulated in my head covering from early Syd era through to post-Roger times :)
  • jcare July 2011
    One week it's Animals, the next week it's Dark Side..and so on and so on..depends on my mood I guess. I always go back to Wish You Were Here when I need my fix though!
  • Obscured By Clouds. 
  • vclaudia August 2011

    My favorite album is The Wall, but I like The Dark Side of the Moon very much too

  • amir August 2011
    The Division Bell , Dark Side Of The Moon , The Wall , The Final Cut
  • RunLikeFuckRunLikeFuck August 2011
    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Meddle
    3. The Final Cut
    4. Animals
    5. The Wall

    Sorry Dark Side, you come in a close 6th though.
  • pinkfreak1pinkfreak1 August 2011

    1.the wall

    2.wish you were here

    3.dark side of the moon

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope March 2012
  • odingreenodingreen March 2012
    Beyond a doubt, it's The Wall! I know every single song on that album and I also sang Comfortably Numb on Youtube as a tribute to Pink Floyd. I suppose Dark Side Of The Moon comes in as my second favourite album. I listen to that one on Rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoons.
  • Phreebee March 2012
    Prose and Cones of Hitchhiking
  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . . B U M P . . .
  • cdburnercdburner July 2013
    1 = The Wall, 2. DSOTM. 3. Pro's & Cons.  ;-]
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013

    1/ Piper at the gates of dawn


    2/ Obscured by clouds


    3/ DSOTM


    4/ Wish you were here


    5/ Animals


    6/ The Wall



  • It can change with my mood.
    1 )  D.S.O.T.M.
    2 )  Meddle.
    3 )  Animals.
    4 )  The Wall
    5 )  Wish i was him.

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