Obscured By Clouds?
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    Hey Floyd lovers,

    i don't own Obscured By Clouds and the reason i didn't buy it when i was getting into Floyd (early-mid 90's) was because i thought it was one of the 60's albums. i thought Meddle was before DSOTM? O_o how could i of got this wrong and what have i been missing out on all these years?

    thanx BB >=:)

  • Zithri July 2011
    BB      Its not too late! Listening to the older albums, you can hear how they developed their sound. They're great. September 26th of this year EMI are releasing a heap of CDs, DVDs & Vinyl Albums of remastered & previously unreleased versions of all Pink Floyd. Maybe if you start saving now you could get a Box Set & have had a good listen & read (Some sets include booklets) of the music before the concert next year
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    Zithri - i bought most of my Floyd cds in 94-95, none of them are remastered. i have Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut, AMLOR and The Division Bell. i bought 'Pulse' when it first came out too.

    i'll have to keep an eye out for the re-releases >=:) thanx

  • I get them all confused too, and didn't even know about "vegetable man" until I word association with Algie xxxx OR, the genitalia behind the pig, etc
  • Zithri July 2011
    I wonder why they forgot so many albums in the Discography section ie Relics -1971, A Collection Of Great Dance Songs - 1981, Works - 1983, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - 1987, Delicate Sound Of Thunder - 1988, The Division Bell - 1994, Pulse - 1995, The Wall Live - 2000, Echoes - The Best Of - 2001, Shine On - Box Set - 1992 & ones with one song on them like Zabriskie Point (Heart Beat Pig Meat) - 1970 plus others......
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    i don't have Relics. i'm guessing AMLOR & The Division Bell were left off because Roger isn't on them
  • Zithri July 2011
    Good point Big Bunny. This is a Roger Waters site not Pink Floyd. I fogot about that   :)
  • I could of swore, I said that??? But I cant see anything from my cell on here except latest reply to topics you bookmark, and sends to you in emails xxxxxxxxxx
  • Yeah,  but it wasn't in this thread xxx
  • Obscured would be in my top 5 of the unknown albums
  • Prank zabba. Is that some kind of word play for Frank Zappa? Just curious...that was my very first "rock concert". I quote that term since you never know what is expected of you from one concert, to another. xxxxx
  • DARIO1974 August 2011
    No sé porque este disco nunca tuvo una gran difusión , considero que está entre los 5 mejores de floyd, wots uh the deal, es un gran tema...
  • fredstrong August 2011
    Meddle is before DSOTM. It went Meddle 71, Obscured by Clouds 72, dark side 73 :)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    bumping up :)
  • RudemonkRudemonk October 2011

    Of course OBC was a soundtrack, you know. The movie it was made for "La Vallee" was a French "teenage freedom cult" type of film in the tradition of The Who's Quadraphenia but more exotic and more serious. I finally found a a copy of that film on DVD somewhere and scooped it up. It was delightfully stupid and campy, the music being better than the film itself, but the film is mesmerizing and entertaining too. I first bought that album in like 1986 or 87. I didn't get the idea at first, having been totally weened on DSOTM and WYWH and shortly after, Meddle. Meddle became my person fave of that time. I used to get high and lie in a hammock at the edge of the woods at night looking at the stars and moon ALL TIMES OF YEAR, and just get submerged in the power of Echoes and A Pillow of Winds, the latter of which I think is one of the most under-appreciated under-mentioned Pink Floyd tunes of all time. I love it. What a sweet lullabye for a stoner! :-)

    But anyway...Obscured by Clouds was a different kind of Floyd album. Unusually romantic for PF. I especially like the tracks Stay, Childhood's End, and Wot's...Uh, The Deal. It was far from 60's psychedelia and far from a 70's PF concept album.


  • BigBunnyBigBunny December 2011
    i picked up a remastered copy on Friday, listened to it last night. from first listen i like the one Roger sings on the best... Four?
  • billy_sylvesterbilly_sylvester December 2011
    I bought the lp new ..had not listened to it ..kids have the plastic if they didn't lose it

    "Obscured By Clouds" then segues into the next song on the album, "When You're In".[citation needed]
    These two songs were performed together live in late 1972 and usually opened shows on the 1973 Dark Side of the Moon tour.

    i saw ds tour in 72?

  • billy_sylvesterbilly_sylvester December 2011
  • dognamedbluedognamedblue December 2011
    I once played obscured by clouds everyday for a whole year
  • butterflybutterfly December 2011
    .  .  .  HA HA ,  dognamedblue  .  .  .  each day for one year, an absolutely record ,  I think yours neighbors said , he has a very heavy cloud in his head  . . .  HA HA  .  .  .   take it easy  .  .  .  
  • bigdandy December 2011
  • butterflybutterfly December 2011
    .  .  .  Hi bigdandy , welcome to the topic discussions  .  .  .
  • dognamedbluedognamedblue December 2011
    oh they sent me to my car to listen to it after about a month ;)
  • butterflybutterfly December 2011
    .  .  .   that ' s  better  . .  I  like  to  drive  my  car , with  loud  music , hearing  also  Pink  FLoyd  the  whole  month , but  I vary  the  songs , changing  it  often   .  .  .  
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    hi!! what happened to big dandy, and jcare? :)) I'm sorry if I was a little "out of left fiield" to her (in another topic a week or so ago I can't find now), but hardly a reason to run away, she does it again, I can't at the end of the day, stay vested either in an Aries I guess, oh well, it was fun while it lasted though... :))) Merry Xmas (and mine turned into a washout, big fight with ex, and his relatives don't even want him there anymore, and they think, because he constantly lying to cover his own actions, that I am somehow the one, still behind all of his evil deeds. The truth is, I don't even see him anymore unless I need cash to get thru a week, now I'll have to dance at even the worst dives just to get by, I can't spend that money I had allotted for NYC, just when it's so close, he pulls "stunts" on me, got my white coat messed up, really long sordid story. When I said "I'm welcome there with or without him" (again, in another topic) I am now proven wrong. Good thing I called ahead....someone who had been so sweet to me for years (Gabriel, ex bf's first cousing, and his wife Ellen), are suddenly cold and not welcoming me anymore, and I don't even know why. Once again, that a-hole I(ex bf) gets away with being "enabled" by EVERYBODY AROUND HIM, by lying thru his teeth and ruining MY and other ppl's reputations in the process. Anyway, no love lost there, but I should of just stayed home, as it turned out xxxx 
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011

    I apologize for having taken this off topic, but do we really need a new topic to discuss my fights with PERMANENTLY, ex bf? lol, not really!!

    Also, I'm thinking, if it's true what the Bible says, about already committing "murder" if you've thought it or felt it in your heart?? then, I'm guilty of being "murderer" like I WISHED last night I could of just scratched his ugly eyeballs out..

    Back to "Obscured by Clouds"

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011

    Hi cymby..:)) I just can't believe, that after 20 some odd years of going there every Xmas, (almost) and always welcome and told "you're part of family now" etc, etc, that NOW, when I'm actually narcotic free (not that I'd be high going over there, but always in a rush to leave because of it???) NOW, that I'm straight, for going on three years, and NOW, after I lost all that weight, they'll never even know it, and NOW, I'm not welcome???

    It really thru me for a loop, I couldn't understand why. I know why, but I couldnt understand why, or how, they weren't seeing what is really going on, and so ready to have a sudden chip on their shoulder towards me. Ex bf is still painting me as some sort of addict/villain to them. Funny, they knew it before and I was still welcome....(only last two years they didn't have any party, so I hadn't seen either one of them yet before I got clean and lost weight), so this year, I was excited, to see them, especially, for that reason, (and take pics, etc etc), and got told "you're not welcome here" in so many words xxx

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    Okay, so in a nutshell, I never had that chance, to redeem myself in the eyes of those people, who were always so warm and welcoming to me each and every year before...it was important to me to "redeem", not free Malibu Rum and shrimp cocktail, or karaoke xxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    Once a year (or it WAS Once a year) I drink Malibu Rum xxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011

    I only was intending to put up with his "ass" til the end of January only when I was all clear with all the Wall show sales, or NYC...I should've known, it's always on the holidays, he gets his downright nastiest...

    enjoy your wine sweetie, so how was your day? :))))

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011
    I think, at end of day, I just don't want them to now, only always remember me (Gabe and Ellen) as Fat...they first knew me in my 20's, when I wasn't, and watched me virtually every year kind of slowly after my mid 30's get heavier, and being Filipino, they are mostly younger looking and thin by nature, and polite not to say anything, but they never (or she Ellen hasn't) saw me NOW, after I've worked soooooooooo damn hard on improving myself and my lifestyle choices and gong straight (never promised that before, and now that I did, and have, I meant it and mean it), never even saw me (maybe we should of just showed up???0 NOW, she will always only remember me as the girl that didn't dare get caught in a pic, standing right next to her. ALL BECAUSE, this guy, (ex bf) is using everyone else as HIS excuses and as his alibis, when he (and many of his friends including Ellen's husband Gabe) are doing much worse than I was before, sneaking around the parties to do coce, and smoke pot, and NOW, I just didn't want them to remember me as that, and actually, NOT, be in "a hurry to leave earlier" xxxxz (oh great, at least someone else knows now)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2011

    and they call themselves christians, (hypocrites I say)

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