British £1billion destroyer HMS Dauntless sent to Flakland Islands
  • sebadamus February 2012
    How much money in war, how much money can pay tears,
    How much tears in wargames a few play with pride...

    British £1billion destroyer HMS Dauntless sent to Flakland Islands
  • TheLabyrinthTheLabyrinth February 2012
    It seems to be a strange way to celebrate an anniversary, especially when the defense minister is warning of budget constraints. Imagine how much senseless cruelty would be prevented if we didn't put so much emphasis on appearances.
  • PatoPinkFloyd February 2012
    I think the English government has to accept that the malvinas are from Argentina and to stop with the threats of war. We all know that this position is to save their political campaign and to cover the big crisis that is living your country.
    Regards from Argentina
  • emtyspaces February 2012
    Hello I'm from Argentina and it isn't a forum to talk about politic so let's talk about pink floyd and roger waters please ok.
  • voodoochild February 2012

    Pato - when did britain threaten argentina with war?

    emtypaces - this is catalogued as a political forum, and Roger waters has political views (however not sure he reads through all this junk!

  • GerryLondon February 2012
    Roger you idiot, stick to music and leave the Falklands out of it you fool.
  • johnmciver March 2012

    Roger you are a fool or just looking for publicity

    Maybe you should look at the history of the Falklands we
    have as much right as Argentina plus the fact all the inhabitants want to remain
    British as they have been for 200 years, as for sending subs and ships there
    are always at least one ship in the area and subs also pass that way alot,
    stick to music or is the tour not doing so well, so stirring up anti British
    feelings we are the most liberal country in the world and that’s a fact,
    sometimes I wish we weren’t then people like you would realise how good you have
    had. The reason they invaded last times was because of so many problems in their
    country and surprise surprise the same is happening again<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • yet another blood for oil exercise then, Viva Argentina
  • chileano67 April 2012
    I agree.  The british govt. have had to apologise for centuries of bullying of other nations. Malvinas son Argentinas!!! The British people say that galtierii was a dictator, Well tell me this what was Pinochet? A saint? No he was one of the most evil monsters in human history oh and he was Britain Pal. Nuff said!!
  • Mmmmmmmmm very interesting Cameron and his mish mash of odd bods purporting to be politicians have had their bottoms kicked in the elections. Could be a sign of a Labour resurgence (they are all as bad as each other) ! Yes what better idea for getting the Tory/Lib band waggon back on the road then by trumping up another colonial scrap over The Malvinas ? Gunboat Diplomacy at its best ! It worked for Thatcher could history repeat itself ? Be warned !
  • larrikin February 2013
    When Waters performs his magic in the UK later this year, I do hope he will be grilled at his press conferences about his thoughtless comments on the Falklands. Hang on, these were taken out of context. No, wait a minute, they were mistranslated. No they weren't, they were misunderstood. Whatever. What we can be sure of is that they were splashed all over the Argentinian media, encouraging that benighted country's military adventurism, and in due course British blood may have to be shed again to save the islanders from annexation by the vile, corrupt and cowardly Buenos Aires regime. For those who can't be bothered to research these things, the latest report by the respected Transparency International organisation concluded that Argentina was one of the most corrupt countries on earth. No doubt Waters is happy to hand the islanders over to this gang of thugs. Perhaps, though, he's changed his views. Can't wait to hear but let's all hope he thinks a bit before he opens his mouth.
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    .....yes emptyspaces this is a political topic so just do a bit of reading before you start spouting off. And I say fuck the Argies, almost as bad as the Ger**** - if the population of the Falklands wants to remain British then so they should, likewise if they want Argentinian rule they should be allowed that too though. Give the bastards the same as they got last time...........
  • cdburnercdburner February 2013
    As an ex squaddie who went their, and Northern Ireland (before the Peace [??] pact was signed), I'll just ask if any of the mouth shoots have been??  Or just read/watch news clips when they want to get on there high horses.... War(s) go on, all over the world, whether Roger, or anyone else has comments, it WON'T stop, thanks to oil & money grabbers all over the world........... I'm not politically minded at all, I just did what I was told, did my time and got out. I have respect for all the Armed Forces, from most countries, (I've served with a few, though some need to learn)!!!
  • cdburnercdburner February 2013
    I joined the Forces as my mum couldnt afford to keep me & 2 others without some money coming into the house, the money (no matter how much), came in handy for her which was sent out of my pay. I don't think the "main" reason is being politically minded for people joining the forces at all. I DO have political views, but I wouldn't bother getting into any political debate, they just don't interest me. All politicians, (my opinion) are all the same, promise all kinds of crap, and take it back some other way.

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