• OlPeculier July 2011
    Was very surprised at the start of the concert in Birmingham that photograph was allowed - I gather that the same announcement was made at the O2. Was this a UK thing - I know Toronto didn't have an announcement but interested to know about other places
  • verotik September 2011
    At the start of most shows he was encouraging people to take photos, if you wanted to sneak your SLR in you are good to go, most venues wont let you bring them in.

    So then you are stuck with your 280 dollar seat with 6 rows of idiots holding up their cell phone cameras for the whole show. yay
  • ktab September 2011
    In Athens Greece cameras and cell phons werent allowed because of filming for the dvd.
  • BigBunnyBigBunny September 2011
    i hope cameras arn't allowed. i haven't paid $200 & $400 for a seat to look through someones camera. i'll be wacking the thing out of their hand >:)
  • Rock September 2011
    Sorry to say this but I'll be taking one or two photos BigBunny. I wont use a flash & I'll be very careful with how I hold the camera so as not to get in anyones way just as I hope others show the same consideration when they take photos. It's too big a deal for me to not take a photo.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2011
    uh oh!! lol
  • BigBunnyBigBunny September 2011
    Rock - but most people won't be like you >=:) they'll just hold their effing camera up in the air for 5mins filming a whole song... that's when i'll go feral and break it! >;)
  • Rock September 2011
    True. It's sad some people don't think of others, but the way I live my life is if I wouldn't like done to me then I make sure I don't do it to others. I hope I don't have cameras in my way  when I go. Hope you have a camera free experience as well
  • BigBunnyBigBunny September 2011
    Rock - i'm like you, i won't do anything to ruin someone elses experience at a concert. most of the time i don't take a camera, cause i don't think i'll get a good shot anyway ;) plus i want to enjoy the show & not think about taking photos. what i hate is people holding up their phones etc. 20yrs ago concerts were just a sea of hands, now there are all these blue lights everywhere... they are off putting :/
  • Rock September 2011
    I'd rather enjoy the show than stand there filming or taking photos. We can buy the DVD if we want it filmed & I'm sure it'll be much better quality too. I only want one of Roger & one with me & the rest of the audience before it starts
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2011
    "sad how some ppl won't think of others', you mean, like when you're posting back and forth about how gloriusly great Australia is, and nobody could really give a crap, except you two? :) and you skip over all my posts and ignore me, because you don't like me tanning (or rock that is)
  • BigBunnyBigBunny September 2011
    if i don't reply it's because i have ADD, not ignoring you >=;)
  • Rock September 2011
    JB sent me an email yesterday saying they've posted the 1st 2 Boxsets to me
    DSOTM Immersion & Discovery (x14 albums) Boxsets. No word on the others yet but a good start. Cant wait to get them!
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

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