The Old Pink...
  • bat36as March 2012
    I Listened To Empty Spaces Backwards and it had a place where Mr.roger waters said :  "congratulations,You Have Just Discovered The Secret Message,Please Send Your Answer To Old Pink,Cared At Funny Farm , Chalfont" Who Is The Old Pink And Where Is the Funny Farm ?
  • Tulipa April 2012
    Doesn't it refer to William Levitt's postwar "white-only" suburban real estate development?
  • I thought it was Syd Barrett.  Although Syd lived in Cambridge not Chalfont
  • Chalfont was a town in Hertfordshire served by Chalfont and Latimer Station on the Metropolitan (London Underground, so I think he was referencing that location because perhaps it had some personal meaning for him. It certainly sounds like a reference to Syd. I wonder what the connection to the town of Chalfont is though?

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