The 2011 tour is over.
  • AlgieAlgie July 2011
    I am a bit sad about it.
    will begin in about six months in 27 January 2012.
    Roger and
    The Bleeding Heart Band, I wish you a good summer.


  • aaaw, don't be sad Algie. Everything happens for a reason, they're just resting, why so sad? Celebrate and be glad that Roger even still  has it in him, and wants to continue doing this tour in 2012, is amazing to me. I've never "followed" someone on tour before, or paid attention to their dates, and how daunting it must be sleeping in one bed to another (bad on the back!) But I can fix that, I'm a trained masseuse!!!! AND, I need a job, lol xxx But it's interesting to follow it, but also, heartbreaking when Roger is giving notices on tv and on tickets to some ppl, )(but not to others) and the Americans were the "guinea pigs" I guess, about cell phones. And, I'm likely to never follow another tour again. Seriously Algie, I hope I'm not too "annoying" for you today, but don't be sad. I felt that way too, and had to come to my own terms, and I don't stress about new dates, new notes with zillions of exclamation points for Greece, anymore!!!1
  • Rock August 2011
    Algie  You can always go to Australia & see some more shows!!!  Have a tour around the country while you're there!!!!  DVD will be out soon so you can re-live the experience  : )
  • charlie18 September 2011
    Seen him in Manchester AWESOME. Hopefully get the wall done then back to the UK for the final cut (it says pink floyd on the on the cover but it,s 100% roger).
  • Mimzy September 2011
    I'm hoping he'll return to NY late 2012
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2011
    I'm hoping he magically appears to me in my bedroom too!! xxxx :D
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  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013


  • hen
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

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