What are your top five bands, and why? =in brief please!
  • DarkbladeDarkblade July 2011
    Name the bands, and in 1 sentence say WHY!

    I'll start:

    1. Pink Floyd - because the music gives voice to the unexpressed in day to day life -which eases the spirit.
    2. Led Zeppelin - because they just are unsurpassed, wow. 
    3. Black Sabbath - because they stir up images of the 'dark side' so perfectly with instruments (including Ozzy's voice).
    4. Metallica - because they continue on the excellence of bands 1 through 3.
    5. Slash - because he is one of the most amazing guitarist/songwriters of this age.
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011

    1. MetallicAAAAAA - they kick my ass & pull on my heart strings! fan since '96

    2. Joe Satriani - my fav. guitarist, it's not just about playing fast. he has soul in his playing and the songs to back it up!

    3. David Bowie - 2 words 'musical genius'

    4. U2 - they were the first band i got into and though they haven't done anything great since 'POP' Edge is the man!

    5. The Beatles - hello, it's The Beatles ;)

  • 1. Roger Waters

    2. Roger Hodgson

    3. The B-52s

    4. Supertramp

    5. John Lennon


  • Naughtrish July 2011

    1. Roger Waters/Pink Floyd (duh lol) He is part of my life.

    2- Muse - they blow my head off.

    3. Rush - The Holy Trinity!

    4. Queen - Too big for words.

    5. Too many left out! Snowy White, Coldplay, Porcupine Tree, Alan Parsons, Jean-Michel Jarré...

  • Zithri July 2011
    Pink Floyd - Cant put it into words how much l love this band & how it makes me feel when listening to them. No other music moves me like it.

    Queen - Freddie Mercury is a legendary showman who oozes talent & Brian May is one hell of a good guitarist.

    Eagles - Loves the harmonies. This band is so well polished live. What pure talent

    Supertramp - Just love their songs. So different from anything else at the time & since then

    5 is a tie between Fleetwood Mac (Rumours line-up) & Keith Green - The most annointed singer/songwritter l've ever heard

  • In no particular order...

    The Clash

    Bob Marley and The Wailers

    Pink Floyd

    The King Blues

    Manu Chao.
  • 1 - Pink Floyd - It simply is FLOYD! Their songs blow my mind.
    2 - Led Zeppelin - Heavy and melodic. They almost invented hard rock.
    3 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Their melodic solos and southern songs are beautiful.
    4 - Jimi Hendrix - Guitar playing wouldn't be the same without him.
    5 - Raul Seixas - Probably the greatest brazilian rocker of all time. An icon.
  • Hammer666Hammer666 July 2011

    1. PINK FLOYD : a real part of my life, no less and for ever.

    2. KLAUS SCHULZE : how to dream, how to be real... I miss him a lot!

    3. IRON MAIDEN : when the fun and the melody rule!

    4. JETHRO TULL : amazing and unique...

    5. LED ZEPPELIN : the link between the Floyd and hard rock...

  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    Pink Floyd are #6 for me... just incase anyone was wondering why they weren't on my list >=:)
  • That's ok BB! If you say Roger, you HAVE to mean Pink Floyd too, by default... lol xxxx
  • 1) PinkFloyd;The Best band & longest running band still to date in the world.

    2) Ledzeppelin:Plant & Page awsome voice & guitar.Takes you to medi evil era.

    3)Acdc:The best rock & roll band in the world.And there also from Australia lol.

    4)Deeppurple:Original band was the best.Loudest band in the world.

    5)StatusQuo:Great rock with good guitars.

    6)TonyJoeWhite:Best one man band in the world.Swamp music.

    Of seen all these live & many more.Best ever concert ever i reckon was Roger Waters 2007 the Darkside of the Moon Tour.I seen Page & Plant from Ledzeppelin tour with the Egyptians.Was a toss up over who was better out of them and Pinkfloyd.Both equally shiathot.Pinkfloyd will always hold a special place in my heart."THE BEST"

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    SBH - but i don't have Roger in my top 5 :( The Beatles keep Floyd out... though U2 arn't doing themselves any favors with their last few albums :/
  • lol, I liked U2 in the late 80's, early 90's more...I remember being a barmaid at this place called Peppermint Lounge, in NYC, it was very "new wave" then, but on Fri and Sat, they would have live bands...in between, deejays, who played "Sunday Bloody Sunday" a lot. I didn't like it much, UNTIL, they blasted it at this club, then it was really good all of the sudden. xxxxx
  • BigBunnyBigBunny July 2011
    00's U2 - music has lost it's edge for me. All The You Can't Leave Behind is an utter snore fest after the delight of *POP*
  • I was just remembering, one night, I was still cocktail waitress then, the only one, so I could move around to all three floors at my own discretion (MAD money then). But anyway, standing not even two feet away from me, was Bryan Adams. All by himself, no security, no gf on his arm. But, I've never particularly been a Bryan Adams fan. So, I just stood there (and dressed rather skimpily for those days), and chose to not approach him. That guy, was totally checking me out too. lol a total NOT story here. If it were a "story" I wouldn't even be mentioning it...lol, what was I gonna say? I don't know his music, etc, etc...I shyed up, but I wasn't "in love", or I would've sucked it up and tried to talk to him, for sure...it was the perfect moment too xxxx
  • nicklashernicklasher July 2011
    Pink Floyd/Roger Waters ,RAMONES,Yes,Renato Russo/Legião ,U2
  • 1. Original Grin  because thats my project and very floydy and we had the flying religious symbols in our show before Roger in a more peaceful way  (youtube warface part2)

    2.Pink Floyd specially before the schism- a word that here means before four angry young men started Very Frequent Discussions

    3.Shpongle because they are shamanic spirits of the presence

    4.Tom Petty  because "Mojo" brings back the good old days of Jimi,Led Zep etc.
  • AlgieAlgie July 2011
    I like and I listen only pink floyd.

  • 1. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 (cuz its just insane madness at any turn)

    2. Polvo (drove almost 1000 kilometers total, just to go to a show in Chicago)

    3. Butthole Surfers (cuz when i kicked her in the teeth she was out the door)

    4. S N F U (they always pick me up. when i'm down)

    5. Iron Maiden (oh, to be 6 again)

  • bmartin July 2011

    1 Pink Floyd (really wanna know why?)

    2  Dire Straits (or M.Knopfler);

    3 AC/DC : best r&r band ever

    4 Supertramp & Hodgson: just beauty

    5 Springsteen; da boss!

  • In no particular order...

    Pink Floyd / Roger Waters - My musical conscience for 21 years now. And the music is soul-affirming :)

    Ramones - 1,2,3,4...'nuff said

    Iron Maiden - my first foray away from dire 80's chart music into something with power & substance. I was 10.

    AC/DC - Da na na na na na naaa "ANGUS!" *picks up air guitar and closes the curtains*

    The Police - When Sting wasn't so much of a tool and the first band I ever saw live. Copeland & Summers..nice!

  • 1. Pink Floyd with solo work by Roger Waters and David Gilmour - the music by them is just incredible and the lyrics are meaningful. They have been my favorite since I first listened to them.

    2. Rush - because they're Rush!

    3. Frank Zappa - his music is so odd and sometimes funny, also he talks about alot of important things

    4. Jethro Tull - great music, great lyrics, and a great show man

    5. Yes - complex music, an incredible bass player, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer

  • 1 - Pink Floyd - The best band in the history of music

    2 - Roger Waters - God ♥

    3 - David Gilmour - The best guitar player ever

    4 - Richard Wright - Broken Dreams is great!

    5 - Nick Mason - I love Profiles!!

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    Hey cymbeline, I saw the Moody Blues once, also one of my mother's favorites.....also, my first guitar teacher back in high school, was a total rush "head", that's all he talk about then....xxxxx
  • Hmmm, in no particular order~

    -Pink Floyd: Extremely insightful and beautiful songs/lyrics.
    -2NE1: Songs that are great to listen to - Some are fun, while others have more meaning. I love all the members, and they're all great at dancing, too.
    -Imogen Heap: Same reason as Pink Floyd --- however, she has a very different style of music.
    -Perfume: Cute, quirky songs/videos.
    -f(x): Talented singers/dancers. And awesome fashion. :U

    Lolol my musical taste varies so much. And is probably much different from most people here, haha.
  • odingreenodingreen August 2011
    1.Pink Floyd-Because they were very innovative!
    2. The Beatles-They really left their mark on the world!
    3.The Who-They defined the "rock opera"!
    4.Nirvana- Kurt changed the music scene and put Seattle on the map!
    5."Weird Al" Yankovic-He is the master of musical mayhem and mirth!

    Those are my faves...
  • DARIO1974 August 2011
    -AC DC
    -LOS WHO
  • 1. Pink Floyd
    Pink floyd is so incredible for their variation in genre through the years and the intense lyrical artwork present in their songs. They also truly draw you into the music with vivid musical imagery.

    2. Roger Waters
    Roger is a continuation of the original floyd, as opposed to Gilmour's floyd, which took a bit of a different direction, which I didn't quite like as much. 

    3. The Who
    The Who is great because of their originality in their time and incredible rock operas like Tommy. They are less intense than the floyd, but maintain fabulous lyrics, stories, and music. 

    4. Jethro Tull
    Ian Anderson's flute playing is exceptional, as is his voice which always manages to grab your attention. The music also has something incredibly unique about it, though I still haven't been able to figure out what it is.

    5. The Boomtown Rats
    They have such an incredible talent for presenting dark issues in an understandable and often quite cheery light. Sad songs in major keys just do something to me, and they have a lot of those.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope April 2012

    1. Roger Waters - just irresistable to me

    2. Frank Zappa - although it's been awhile since i've listened to any

    3. The B-52s - and John Lennon liked them too

    4. Prince - just because he was awe inspiring when i saw him one time from front row and loved the movie Purple Raid

    5. Supertramp - but i'm still a little befuddles as to how finicky Roger Hodgson seems like he could be

    6. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, all of the classic rock and some good rap and some "easy listening"

  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . .  B U M P . . . 

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