Please come to Turkey
  • Roger, please come to Turkey with David and Nick. We want to watch the best show around the world =) We'll waiting for you.
    Best wishes from Turkey..
  • Just dont try smuggling out any hashish...remember Billy Hayes (Midnight Express???) xxxxx
  • You don't know about Turkey. This is not truth. Truth is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine. USA, UK, Israel and the others iperialist countries rained death over these countries. So, if Roger goes to USA, he could come to Turkey. Already 5 years ago Roger had come to Turkey and i hope he comes again.
  • I was only kidding....sorry!! I didn't seriously think that Roger would be smuggling hashish xxx  :)
  • sasapos July 2011
    Yes, mr. waters please come to Turkey. I'm 14. when you last came I was a little boy and my parents not take me. But now I now all of your songs. I'll do everything for this! Pleas! there are any thing we can do it for this. plase say something. give us a answer. Its my only dream. Please.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    bumping up :)
  • butterflybutterfly December 2012
    . .  for  luzlovesroger . .  you  see , dreams come true . . 
    . .  in july 2011  people asked  Roger to go in turkey  with the wall- concert . .  
    . .  wonderful , i am happy for you . . 
  • christychristy December 2012
    guys he will come to turkey right?have you bought tickets if yes how?
  • christychristy December 2012
    are the tickets sold out?
  • shunny1927 December 2012
    are the tickets sold out for the istanbul gig thanks
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    There still seems to be tickets for sale on this website.
  • sabajazz June 2013
    Dear Roger, Please don't cancel your tour in Istanbul on Aug. 4th. I'm from Iran, and there are lots of Iranians who have been waiting for this moment for a life time and have been bought the ticket with many problems (as long as due to US sanctions we don't have any credit cards), and with our government you'll never have the right to perform live here, it's been months since me and many Iranians arranging the trip to Istanbul, and now, we are too worried about protests in Istanbul and that maybe you'll cancel your live there. You can't imagine how much this mean to me. Please make my dream come true. Love, Peace...
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