rocking in the free world- unite for Pussy Riot!!
  • waveprojectwaveproject August 2012
    rock musicians of the free western world have to react  unanimously! show Pussy Riot that they are not alone! this frightening statement of the russian government may not be ignored by you, otherwise you are uncredible!
  • WatchingTvWatchingTv August 2012
    But seriously and honestly do you think a church is a place to do this? If it was your church would you want these woman screaming and jamming out in it? I could say if it was outside yes but inside no. I respect the church no matter what church it is Muslim Jew Christian Hindu ALL of them. I think they are getting off easy do you think they would have gotten away with this in a mosque? No they would be killed. I know Putin is an evil force that YES the churched backs but there has to be other ways to do it.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Where was anybody worrying about when I was in jail and didn't deserve it or belong there???
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    I understand....):
  • WatchingTvWatchingTv August 2012
    I just think inside a church is a bad place to do it . Church is a sacred place in my eyes. We will have to agree to disagree and yes its your opinion and its also nice to see the other side. I take in other sides all the time I respect the other side too (differance of opinion) Its the spice of life if we were all the same we would be lemmings lest us not be that or we will be food for the beast.
  • WatchingTvWatchingTv August 2012
    Yeah I understand Cymbaline you just think it was harsh that they got put in jail I wonder if they will get time off since they have been in jail since febuary?
  • waveprojectwaveproject September 2012
    thank you, cymbeline!

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