Seriously, Religion??
  • hetkey November 2011
    Selling shiny beads to tribes, building statues, churches, cathedrals, organizing altar boys, all symbols of an attempt to control the weak, vulnerable and (even if only due to ignorance) the  helpless. Religion most certainly IS the WALL.
  • TheLabyrinthTheLabyrinth November 2011
    I gave up on religion sometime this year. It's a hard transition to make, and I've had to watch and read a lot of Carl Sagan in the process. However, considering what I've seen people talk about online, I know I'm not alone in that. I do wish I had done all this ten years ago, but then I wasn't brought up by closet atheists who could push me through Harvard on the backs of their employees. So, here I am.
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    what about the media? :)))
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    Take it easy.I Dont understand what i said. ;-{DDDD
    translat and end.
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    But is god when you with hammers going to my head my hate box is empty now tanks old man.
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    John 1:14 The Word became a human being and lived here with us. We saw his true glory, the glory of the only Son of the Father. From him all the kindness and all the truth of God have come down to us. (CEV
    thats my horro scop what you say maybe god and satan was
    in a relationship?
    And again hoomi said im sorry.
    ;-{D what is human?! When you
    suck his balls you are a prayer and when say i dont know you are a fool.
    So the monkey in the corner...
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    No, I mean, what about the media building walls? everyone is so quick to pick on religion, but it's not religion itself, it's the hypocritcal type of people partaking in their religions (not everyone, just a lot though), it's not the idea of having faith in a higher power that is a wall, it's the PEOPLE....the imperfect human being, that is making it all "walls", and I don't know enough about media to say anything, just wanted to put that out there too :)))
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    I dont try reading it so please translator.
    Whats Media?I cant understand.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011

    media, the news.... reporters, newspapers, etc :))) and even the internet, I consider to be some form of "media"

  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    And what i can do?Wall media and other ?
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    Oh no iforget just translate :--€
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    I wish I could translate for you better, sorry xxxx
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    And just i have a question?
    Why you everybody not themself ?
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    O cart why?
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    You know cant you lie about your needs my friend. Good night. I dont shame and fear when i speak about my heart.
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    Oh oh its better if we have a secret place for freetimes. Forum is a recorder.So In difrent part of time.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    Hey, wouldn't it be nice to live with Roger, and NOT have to go to church every Sunday morning?? :)))
  • viaMusicviaMusic November 2011
    Yes, it causes some pesky walls in humanity. But, on the other side of the coin, I understand that it is necessary for some people to function in the world. One has to admit that it is nice to have a sense of security and a source of comfort to get through the crappy times. But then one has to ask, "Wait, is this a false sense of security? What good will this do me if I rely on this and find out that it is nothing?" There are other sources of security. We're all in this together, after all, aren't we? 

    This said, I have never been a religious person. My aunt and her friends (my friends as well), are devout Christians. I go to church with them whenever I visit them because I like to spend time with them. The rest of my family believes, but they only go to church occasionally. It seems that I'm the only one that has ever questioned anything. My big question is, "Well, how can you say your religion is the correct one when there are a million other beliefs out there that have just as much merit as yours?" It is human nature to desperately attempt to answer the important questions of life, i.e. "Why am I here?", "What matters?" and when we can't find an answer, we create answers to get on with our daily lives. I don't think that we are able to answer these questions. Still, I take on a live and let live attitude. Though, it does irk me when other people harm others because they feel they have to fit everyone into their routine to feel better. And, this doesn't just involve religion. It involves laws/rules, political regimes, schooling, etc. Humans need order. So, there in a sense of control for the people who impose these things, and inevitably, the people who need a sense of belonging will gravitate towards this. 

    And I'm stuck in the middle along with a few others.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011

     "sense of security and a source of comfort to get through the crappy times". Nope, I see obvious and clear signs all over the place, personally and otherwise, goes much deeper than something to use as a crutch for crappy times, and crappy times only.

    Real religion can creep up on you anywhere, like the original Woodstock, how going to it was like "religious experience" for a lot of people, or even just The Wall (to me, the next best thing since the original Woodstock, not that I was there, I'm not THAT old, LOL), BUT: what's this all for if we don't end up in Heaven????

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    Roger's probably Heaven... :)))
  • viaMusicviaMusic November 2011
    Let me rephrase that: It's necessary for us humans to create a scenario that makes the world a logical place to live in. Religion is just a bunch of scenarios that we have created over time. 

    However, I do know people who are sucked into religion when they are going to rough times. They are more vulnerable. 
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2011
    those would be the cult follower types, like followers of people like David Koresh, Jim Jones, Manson, etc xxx
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    Let me rephrase that: It's necessary for us humans to create a scenario that makes the world a logical place to live in. Religion is just a bunch of scenarios that we have created over time.
    However, I do know people who are sucked into religion when they are going to rough times. They are more vulnerable
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall November 2011
    Hi my friends . How are you blondey?
    White giutar. Welcome to black house . What doyou want hearing?Which part of my words was heavy to sense!?
    And where you read thats?
    I dont need to showing my faith. And i am not holy man. Every thing you read was my heart words. And your harvest is free . You know, there is something in the world and we dont know what is this so must i say why someone said thats right but cant i see that !? Faith is not in my body is in my soul if you can see souls so im sorry im a mola and that was just a missionary job . And if, can you see its all max perfect sense because in this time...Maybe .After 10 min i found another looking to my self. Im just a human in try to found humanities. I think my blood friend has a perfect talk about it so thats enough.

  • MisterOscar August 2012
    The problem isn't with religion per se, it's with the corrupt organisation of religion. Likewise with politics/laws. Organisation works when it causes everyone to be equal. When a power hungry person is in charge of the organisation, that isn't going to happen. Any time any person who doesn't hold the rights of every other human as high as their own, or who doesn't hold their responsibilities to others as high as every other human should not be in a position that allows them to take advantage of their lack of humanity towards others. Unfortunately, many of the less humane of these people are involved in government, and/or use religion to help further their inhumane agendas which only help them and their friends.
  • jcare August 2012
    It's the people who hide under the banner of  religion that worry me..the ones who act as mouthpieces for God..there will always be ego driven, power hungry people and the people who follow them or should I say there will always be the sheep and the wolves..there is never one without the other! As for religion I gave that up a long time ago..born and raised Roman Catholic, thrown out of 2 catholic schools for defying it, proud student of a sympathetic monk who taught me to see beyond the confines of this world, and proud recipient of a library bequeathed to me at the age of 10 by a spiritual writer.. thankfully those men crossed my path and entered my life..they are both gone now.. to that great gig in the sky!  :o)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion."

    -Steven Weinberg (physicist)
  • jcare August 2012
    One person got my attention with a simple comment several years ago about religion by stating that religion separates people..believe it or not that person was Whoopi Goldberg, I have heard it many more times since then by many people around me..some who were formerly religious church going people, by those who belonged to some fringe religion that are more like cults (you know the one), and various others..they seemed almost relieved..I have even worked with some intent on converting daughter and her friends were approached in NYC several times by the "Cult" religion, she told me that he was trying to ingratiate himself into their conversation and tried too hard to seem cool but better judgement took over and they decided that he was phoney and creepy..not to mention the headquarters was right around the block..She called me because it was that disturbing..good girl!
  • Good people that do evil things are not good people.
  • jcare August 2012
    That's like being a little   But seriously I do believe that people are capable of both good and evil, and that in certain circumstances good people can do evil things..evil by most people's standards of evil..for example if someone, an adult, abused or injured one of my children, or any child for that matter I would have no qualms about.. well let's just say I would feel no remorse for injuring them back..Is that revenge or evil? Hurting another person is evil no? I am not evil as far as I am concerned (some may disagree) but can be very evil when I see any type of abuse..of an animal, child, woman, mentally impaired person, anybody who is not capable of defending themselves. So evil with some extenuating circumstances..

    I became involved in a bullying incident among 3 teenagers, I was walking my son home from school at the time and I saw 2 kids bullying another boy on a bike, I watched for a few minutes to asses the situation because it appeared at first as if there were just playing around, they weren't..they not only threw the smaller boy off of his bike and hurt him but were trying to throw him into oncoming traffic! A car screeched and just missed him..I don't even remember screaming or running but I did both and ran to help the boy up and then threw the bike in the direction of the bullies only because I didn't know if they were going to start anything physical with me or not..they were big..I am not strong but I am quick..anyway I became like an enraged animal..I cursed them out and told them that I knew who their parents were (I didn't) and that if I ever saw them on the block again or bullying someone their asses would go directly to Rikers (closest jail) . My son was horrified.. the other parents who had stood there and watched were in shock that this even happened..I do not sit and watch when shit like this goes down..anyway I was absolutely channeling something unholy that day....god I have a million stories..sorry ..:o)
  • jcare August 2012 could I not? But I was out of control.. never did see those little bastards again!
  • Going midieval on evil is not evil. In your case Jcare, I'd say it was an act of valour.









  • jcare August 2012
    Hey One!! Did you go?..oops silly me if you did then you aren't back limo needed dear ...pass that torch!!
  • SatronySatrony August 2012
    lol, right when I was reading this post, I saw a religious Bender on Futurama say:

    "lets tear down some emotional walls!"

    no joke...
  • KJones August 2012
    @ The Labyrinth -- suggest some reading or youtube material for you- 1. Richard Dawkins- any and all.  2. Sam Harris- Letter to a Christian Nation- brilliant..... 3. what Im reading now, The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer, and actually you might want to start there since Shermer was a devout Christian but his intelligent mind would not allow him to continue the charade. Then of course last but not least, the late great (but not infallible since he was pro war in Iraq) Christopher Hitchens- always good for charging you up.  Start with God is not Great.  its one youtube with Hitch reading it to you which is great since he has the best speaking voice EVER. 
  • religion is evil  why dont anyone call mitt the twit on his church dumping like 25 million to stop gay marrige
    and he will do worse for us than o bama mitt is evil and us in middle class will suffer and pay brunt of taxes rich get richer
  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    I hear you Reg, the thing that scares me about the repubs is the blurring of the line between separation of church and state. A vote for Mitt is a vote for the Koch Brothers.

    Good job with those bullies Jcare!

    I think the point about good people doing evil things because of religion can only be understood if you:
    1. Believe people are born good (evil/bad is a learned behavior)

    2. Consider someone who may be a normal law abiding citizen "good", but later joins a cult that believes killing abortion doctors because their religion tells them it is the right thing to do is ok. Other cults might blow up a building so they can appease their god to kill the infidels. Otherwise they might be good people, except they have been warped by a cult mentality thereby clouding their judgement so they do evil things.
  • oh and I got the perfect female for o bama and mitt to send them all to mars wonders if she would be to them like she is here. the repubs are like nazis and using same type of tactics............ I have not heard mitt the twit say how he will fix things he just does what most despise and hate blames only the other party never answers least with dictators and such you know where they stand nut mitt flips more than a gymnast on the exercise mat
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Wow, an actually good poem, but a little too caught up in rhyming in places (but I do that too)
  • jcare August 2012
    I used to rhyme my words too much
    once upon a time as such
    now I write and don't give a damn
    and into each sentence my words do I cram..
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Excellent!!! Xxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Someone start a fan poetry topic...
  • jcare August 2012
    One of these days I will share my "Real" poetry..I am extremely shy about it..hey want to hear a
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    You should jc.. Xxx nice try keep practicing though !!
  • jcare August 2012

    There once was a man from Nantucket,
    He had a ..........................................................
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    mines way too heavy man, lol cymby xxx
  • jcare August 2012
    Hmm I have to comment on this when I get back..running out for an hour or two..
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Just going with the flow. As to the topic. I made four into beginner like songs but really beginner sounding So what's ppl doing over weekend its labor day weekend in states. What poets corner do you mean on fb? I put songs on MySpace, didn't put them on fb xxxx
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Here too , Monday is holiday and my b'day (not fishing, just calculating and getting scared now, lol). I spent all last weekend and all week major spring cleaning (in summer) and a lot of cleaning especially mopping floors. Landlord made repairs and painters were here to paint bathroom and someone else on another day to replace some floor tiles. Now I just wish they'd finally mot only mow the grass in backyard again (since as a tenant they won't allow me to just do it) not to mention all the over growing tree branches and shrubbery xxx blocks my view of overhead choppers and the small aircraft flying in and out of Teterboro airport not very far from me...

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