got hacked.
  • SlowBreathe August 2011
    Hi. I'm fed up with the situation here in Argentina, and thought that it would be a nice idea to show all of you how serious this mess really is. Livepass site (the only way people can buy tickets as of 7:45 PM because EVERY OTHER WAY IS A NO-GO) got hacked some minutes ago and this is the screenshot to prove it (with translations written by me following)


    In the left, it reads as follows:

    "Livepass, we wish you go to bankruptcy. We wish this with all of our hearts
    Your frustrated clients"

    And below the other little square thingy on the right it reads:

    "We are not going to be able to sell you any tickets because we gave them to people to scalp". And finally, in the page of the concert you can read: "Guest artist: David Gilmour".

    Anyways, I hope someone with some kind of communication with the management reads this. Besides the hacking, Livepass is selling ONLY WITH ONE CREDIT CARD COMPANY (Visa), you can ONLY BUY THE TICKETS WITH CASH IN BUENOS AIRES (in only TWO places, which by the way got their system f'd up 5 hours ago, so you cannot buy them there either). I live 600 km away from Buenos Aires, and can't get any tickets because of this load of bullshit (no, I don't have credit cards, don't live in Buenos Aires, so the show is off as of now for me) And I'm not alone, as you can see in the Facebook pages of the show and the Livepass fb page.

    Please do something.
  • SlowBreathe August 2011
    A little bump here.
  • Mr. Waters and his team please look for better providers!!!  Livepass Argentina is a Fraud!!!
  • anitaboro August 2011
    Well done in shearing this, a security breach on a site that manages important private information is a serious matter
  • UncleMeat August 2011
    Look the image "Artista Invitado: David Gilmour"
    This is insecure people, we put in this page our number of credit card and personal information, and the page has been hacked!


  • pablo88 August 2011
    I bought my ticket 2 hours ago, now there are rumors that the site is hacked. Please, I hope that is not true. Spend all my savings to buy my ticket and put the data from my credit card on the site. We need help ...
  • Radeon92 August 2011
    LIVEPASS IS A FAIL!!!!! hope u guys and me weren´t hacked FUCK
  • Mr. Waters and his team please look for better providers!!!  Livepass Argentina is a Fraud!!!

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