What happened to that Skyblue person ?
  • NoImSpartacus January 2013
    Did they get banned ?
  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    nope when banned your name is removed from all posts you have made
  • NoImSpartacus January 2013
    Cool, have to admit its better around here now!
  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    how so explain
  • stonewood January 2013

    I wonder how Roger feels about the police state that Amerika is fast becoming.

  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    its called and spelled America and define police state to me a police state is china iran and a few others guess you listen to fox news or al jezzera

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd January 2013






  • C4mbritain January 2013
    Wishful thinking Prettyboyfloyd. I wish the Witches IE the Super Rich IE our real undemocratic rulers were dead too, well I don't really I just want them removed from power.

    But like it says on this Waters interview

    we'll have to wait longer till the sewers eventually burst with their greed and the public are forced to rebel as has always been predicted of course.

    Just a pity it's taken so long to happen when their undemocratic control of everything and their brainwashing has always been so obvious.But more people are beginning to stop turning a blind eye now.

    And as Water's said "The tide is turning".I've seen the idea behind your link before Prettyboy and it's good to see the sentiment again :)
  • anitabeat January 2013
    Is this Roger Water's forum? I think I am in the wrong place. Seems Roger Waters' fans are not here cos I can't find them. Poor him if this are his fans.
  • Tulipa February 2013
    Yeah, where is Sky? oo
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    lol Reg - nice one - I'd like to see how some of these people would REALLY cope with being in a police state - I live in the UK and whilst there will always be  the bullies and like on the force they are nowhere on the scale of the countries you mentioned - RW talks about it somewhere (can't remember which country) but the police stopped them all and asked for money just to let them go on their way.........which they didn't get!

  • America is becoming more of a welfare state than a police state. Keep the masses ignorant and poor so they fill the ballot box for their Obama check.
  • churchmileschurchmiles March 2013
    Loads of folk are just disappearing from here. Like wheres Albert gone and Sky and that Straycat dude . wow hes feisty but their all gone.

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