• hello Roger, or any one reaing this,
    i am a 16 years old boy from israel.
    recently, Roger calls for biscutt on israel, beside the fact that it doesnt right, and he cristl clear doesnt understand the middle east conflict,
    i feel betrayed and abandon, because my number 1 band calls on my country biscutt. 
    and what do i have left?
    years i dedcated listening to pink floyd, memorize their songs, bought albums, translate songs and keep them in my drawer.
    some of the songs really changed my life, and when i listen to them i still cry..
    but now? what do i have left?
    and by the way, yesterday were lunched four missles from gaza to israel, and no one calls for biscutt on them ah? it reflect that you all a bunch of hypocrits . 
  • nancyexfan March 2013

    Dear Disappointment:


    As you are so young, I am very sad that you are experiencing such hatred from the world.  Please try and take comfort that the Messiah is soon coming and pray for those that oppose God's commands.. in this case, that Abraham and his descendents were given the land for eternity.

    The world hates God and his chosen and elect.  God is in control, do not be afraid or anxious.


    Mr. Waters, I have been a fan forever... I am 52 years old and attended my first Pink Floyd concert in Cleveland at age 15.  Pick up a bible and read about Israel before you condemn her and take a whole bunch of people with you.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  You will be held accountable for your words..as we all will.  I will pray for you to have your heart and your eyes opened to the truth.



  • k11 March 2013
    Disappointment, people like Roger want to see this conflict come to an end, and by doing so they are siding with the Palestinians, and by siding with the Palestinians they are hoping to see the Jews weak again, and when the Jews are weak then Jews are killed

    Roger does not care because he is a piece of shit, Roger is the #1 enemy to the Jews on the planet
  • nancyexfan - Roger will not read a bible because he is an athiest!!!

  • Dear Nancyexfan, it seems you are the one in a dire need of reading the bible and all of Jesus' words and teachings. Israel's current actions and ideology are intrinsically unChristian, that supporting it means you either do not understand, or do not respect, Jesus' message. May you see the light one day!  
  • You have to understand that Roger does not have any hopes on religion.

    You see,Roger believes only on human beings.He wants to express his feelings on how do we grow such hate for each other.

    Religions look very real to a non educated-frightened person but hides many powerful traps.Religion is a source of fear,walls between people.Maybe it's a deeper way for people to stand up from others.It's a chain for human minds.

    He says all that in his songs!

    "The Bible, Koran, Shinto, Islam
    Prosciutto, risotto, falafel and ham
    Is it dogma, doughnuts, ridicule faith
    Fear of the dark, or shame or disgrace
    That we would choose to kill the child"

    I'm not saying that you don't have to believe in any religion or it is wrong,but as long as you cause harm in the name of it,then it's not a simple belief.

    Maybe people can find a common solution for every problem that comes up.I think this is what Roger supports.He is not here to teach anyone in what to believe(he couldn't anyway!).He wants to try and make people understand each other,build bridges between each other's beliefs.Bring Peace if it's possible.
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