Wot'Cha Been Listening To Today ?
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Today I as been listening to...

    BBM ~ Around The Next Dream.

    Genesis ~ A Trick Of The Tail.

    (now playing) Black Keys ~ Thickfreakness.

  • donald fagen sunken condos   x  the beatles white album
  • I never get tired of the white album.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Shine On (Promo) CD, which arrived last week..  Once listened to, it will get put away with the rest. Thats my UK Issues complete now... woohoo  happy bunny !!
  • Porcupime Tree ( ANESTHETIZE ) Live Bluray DTS-HD . Its a corker.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Hawkwind ~ Hall Of The Mountain Grill (1974) LP

    Genesis ~ Trespass (1970) LP

    ...now playing...Tom Verlaine ~ Flash Light (1987) LP

  • the sound of music on bluray theres nothing better than the delightful von trapp family on a bank holiday monday. only kidding its the white album again followed by wish u were her on bluray 5 in 1. if you aint heard it in 5 in 1 you aint heard it properly im a vinyl lover but this is the only way to listen to this album.
  • Today's selections were:

    Pink Floyd- Meddle

    Robin Trower- Bridge of Sighs

    Cowboy Junkies- Pale Sun  Crescent Moon

  • floyd live in the paris theatre 1971 x pompei. which i believe is being rereleased according to brain damage.
  • Cornelius ? are you sure your not me. Your selections are just like mine. Except today i mostly listening to.

    Genesis / seconds out.  and the occasional . Neil Young / Weld.  But in the car i have an ecstasy of fumbling, BUDGIE. 
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    This Mornings Sounds are...

    Brian Eno ~ Another Green World (1975) CD....(nice & mellow, good one to wake up with)

    David Bowie ~ Hunky Dory (1971) CD

    now playing.......Hawkwind ~ Hall Of The Mountain Grill (1974) LP

    up next......Pink Floyd ~ Obscured By Clouds (1972) LP........(my favourite one) 

  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Hi churchmiles, I love Neil Young ~ Weld album

    It's up there with "Rust Never Sleeps" & "Live Rust"........PEACE!

  • The only reason i lean towards Weld is because i think cortez is slightly more honed. Otherwise its ( rust never sleeps ) on dvd as it is in DTS.
  • I recently bought neil youngs deadman album has anybody heard it yet ive heard mixed reviews
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    I really quite like it, It's an album of two half's really,

    The solo guitar music on it is great drifty background, sort of, kind of thing,

    But in order to hear the narration you kinda have to have it up loud, And the story of

    "William Blake" and "Nobody" the "Native American Indian" is a shit-hot giggle....

    ..........All The Best......Cornelius

  • cheers. gonna throw the headphones on for that one. 
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    & the first album of today is David Bowie~Ziggy Stardust... for Five Years !!
  • Underworld,  Second toughest of the infants. For me today. I know its a bit leftfield. But it was either that or leftism by leftfield. Did ya get the twist. Everbody twist. Just like a penguin in bondage boyyyy.yyyy
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    ooohh Underworld... my fave track by them is Juanita/Kiteless... live..... bounces the speakers/windsscreen in the car when the bass kicks in !!!
  • CD BURNER. Now i like that mucho. Gotta throw in the occasional curve ball. My other guilty pleasure is in fact as stated LEFTFIELD.

    I keep on trying to listen to  - Gobbeldigook sigur ros   - but cant decide if i like it or not.  I also occasionally slip into my dressing gown and put on a slice of  -Tsuyoshi Yamamoto   - autumn in seatle being a class piece.
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Now you're getting past me! I do have one Sigur Ros album, tho I can't recall the name ! On the turntable this morning is....E.L.O. Eldorado.... one of my favourite E.L.O. albums....
  • On the turntable ( wow ) Now you dont hear those words spoken very often now do you. I am sort of in the middle of trying to restore a very old rare Gale turntable. Only about 60 ever made. Problem is or should i say was. Is being it was never designed to have a hood/cover the S.M.E Arm got bent and upon trying to straighten it broke.So next time i have a few spare thousand i will look into it again. Funny i bought the blue version of Levitation just the other day.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Hi Folks, Today has been,

    The Producers ~ Made In Basing Street CD

    Squackett ~ A Life Within A Day CD

    (now playing)......Mansun ~ Attack Of The Grey Lantern CD

    p.s. Churchmiles if you can find one on black vinyl....I think they're actually rarer than the blue pressings,

    I've seen quite a few blue ones but I aint seen a black one yet.....(no pun intended)

  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Talking of vinyl, I picked up a few good albums yesterday,

    Jethro Tull ~ Stand Up (Pink Island Label Gatefold with Pop Up) Near mint condition....£9.99

    Focus ~ Moving Waves (Blue Horizon Label) Bit scuffed but plays well....£5.99

    The Damned ~ Strawberry's (MCA Records) Near Mint Condition...£3.99

    A Bargain Really

    Three Slabs Of Vinyl For Less Than £20 quid


    Good luck with that turntable!


  • Yes i think you are probably correct. Maybe the norm black is rarer. I think my Bro has it on both. I will have to check it out. Its crazy the price some of the originals have reached. Like Tim Blake stuff. Anyway i am off out in the car so think i shall take a very slice of ( Chemical Alice ) with me. That and a double portion of Joes Garage.
  • talking of vinyl was listening to sgt pepper yesterday decided to have a cuppa realising I had no milk goes to the shop opens my front door youll never guess who was standing there. yes you guessed right yoko ono. so I invited her in to have a look around the old place. she said she heard plenty of stories about the flat complimented me on my vinyl collection it was a bit embarrassing I had a copy of the two virgins album on my wall jokingly I asked her to sign it which she did we talked for a bit then she  x her entourage left to visit the cathedral. while all of this is going on my son is playing his xbox he turns to me x says who the hell was that kids a.
  • Led zep,   Live at the o2 bluray dts-hd dvd.
  • finalcut album
    wish you were here album
    the pros and cons of hitch hiking album
    batman arkhan city
    its americal
    amused to death
    you know you are right nirvana
    radio waves.
  • Today i think i will listen to the sound of silence. Followed by Rush / 2112
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Today begins with,

    Marillion ~ Script For  A Jesters Tear. CD

    David Bowie ~ Aladdin Sane. CD

    John Lennon & YOKO ONO ~ Some Time In New York. CD



  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Talking of YOKO ONO,

    There was a bar in town called "Lennon's" where I stay, A place for local bands etc to play,

    The guy that owns the place put up all his own personal photo's of the "Beatles and John"

    The place is like a homage to "John" with beautiful pictures & paintings adorning the place

    No, Not any more, Good ol' Yoko got the place shut down when she was informed about the name and said it was a copyright infringement....

    This is the kind of person she really is

  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    What a bitch !! I wouldnt let her in my house... on the gramophone [ho ho] today is Barclay James Harvest, [Live].. one of the most underrated groups to come out of UK.. imo...  You'll have to excuse me for now, Madonna's knocking next door, she keeps complaining about the "Music".....
  • walk past lennons everyday didn't know she did that she wont darken my doorstep again haha.
  • Gil Scott-Heron,     Did you hear what they say.  Well did ya. 
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Hawkwind  Light  Orchestra ~  Stellar Variations

    now playing...........David Bowie ~  The Next Day 
  • d.gilmour on an island x bladerunner ost x then fa cup final
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Tim Blake -  Crystal Machine   (EGG records, number 900 545)

  • All blakes stuff is now available as a fairly decent sounding download direct from his own website. The wife goes missing every times she hears the opening orchestral twangs of the Tim Blake overture. Kraftwerk have a few Dts  offering out there. The live dvd in dts gives a rather healthy rumble to the base units of my hifi. Especially the opening to RADIO,ACTIVITY. 

    Man city 4  -  0   Wigan my prediction. And chumpionship time for the rugby footballers.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Yeh, Tim's an amazing musician, Seen him live a few times with Hawkwind,

    .........now playing Primal Scream ~ XTRMNTR.

  • I first saw him when Hawkwind was playing the Levitation tour. Almost straight after live 79. What a sound they had going on then . Ginger on the drums.Huw playing lead. Festivals still what they should be ( FREE ) no police pokeing their noses in ya tents. Lighthouse on live 79 is as good as it gets for me.
  • Tool, Lateralus.... just scored the limited edition 180gr vinyl...

    It sounds spec-freaking-tacular...

    And I've still got hours and hours of great new vinyl ahead of me... might have to listen to this one twice though... been trying to find it for a while.  I think next will be the Sabbath's debut (also a 180gr new pressing), then the Dead's Terrapin Station (it was $3... how the hell do you NOT buy that for $3?!?)
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    churchmiles - sorry about your prediction with the football... chuffed myself !! Chilling on a Sunday Morning with Jean Michel-Jarre  ~ Oxygene....
  • Still going, high on a good vinyl score, I can't stop listening.. ;)

    Onto the great 'Briefcase Full of Blues'.... Joliet Jake, and Elwood Blues... The Blues Brothers....

    Up next Cream - Wheels of Fire... 
  • My predictions are always wrong.And i based it purely on Wigan having sent us down 3 seasons ago .We was two goals up and they done us  3 -2  I go to just about all the England games and on the one occasion i didnt put a bet on the score was right. Today will be a good day if we do the toffees. My music today will be i recon. 

    Miles Davis   -  Bitches brew    and 
    Gil Scott-heron   - Pieces of a man
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Pink Floyd ~ Animals LP (SHVL 815) 1977.

    Deep Purple ~ In Rock LP (SHVL 777) 1970.

    up next....John Mayall's Blues Breakers ~ Bare Wires LP (SKL 4945) 1968.

  • theme tune to z cars.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013
    Is that the one played on a "Kazoo"?
  • The Bill - No More Bobbys saving cats up trees. I thought i was old. Lol.
  • paul McCartney bbc 4
  • Some old debut album from some Bobby Zimmerman or something...

    (tongue firmly in cheek)

    It's actually called 'House of the rising sun' and is a nice pressing, A side is the debut.  Been finding a lot of dylan recently.... I am not complaining about that.

    Blind Faith on deck...

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