This is the Root of Our Common Problem OK?
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Here is the Wizard Behind the Curtain...


    Yep, this is the Real US President, Obama is just a distraction, this is the Writer, Director and Producer of all World Famin, Disease, Suffering, Police, Military, Media and Everything you See on the Idiot Shit Box.  This Family Loand the US Federal Government Money in 1913, The Government was only suppose to pay the intrest, NOT THE PRINCIBLE Of the LOAN.  All Land and Labour in the USA was GIVEN TO THE ROTHSCHILDS OK?  They OWN THE PEOPLE, OBAMA Just does what this Man Says.  Rockefeller is the 2'nd in Command, he controls the C.I.A. and is Pure Mental Illness called Psychopathy, or Reptillian if your into ESP Stuff.  Rockefeller and Rothschilds are Behind this Murder and Rape in the Middle East THEY Will Be Attacking IRAN Soon and KILLING WOMAN AND CHILDREN.  If your into Killing woman and children because they have a different culture than you, well Your Fucked. 

    I was Going to put a video of Kids Being Blown Up by Rothschild's NATO Airstrikes but Sadly Youtube is Blocking the vidieos ;(  They don't want you to see the Suffering they Cause....

    This is the President Of the USA, Now called the United States of the Rothschild's If we can ONLY get this to penetrate Main Stream we stand a chance!   Hey Rothschild Read My Free Kids Book, I hope you enjoy it as Much as I Enjoyed giving Painful Birth to It!  Now it is Your turn to enjoy this, You Soon Will Be Exposed!  Choose Love Rothschild ;)
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013
    Cool down, dude - we‘ve all seen the Zeitgeist movies. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderberg group etc. are certainly realities. But they are not the root of our problem. You’re still roaming among dangerous illusions. At the very wrong time. In fact, the situation is much worse than that. I think the real state of affairs is described more or less adequately in my threads - if I may once again advise you to read them (at least, the posts called Part 1,2,3 in “The Wall and Beyond” one).

    I’m very well aware of what NATO’s air strikes are. And who and what are behind them. I wrote about it here. But nobody - as usual - gives a shit. They seem to be busy counting The Wall tour gigs they’re going to attend.

    So your exposure will never happen - for the simple reason of the total absence of any audience for it. As a matter of fact, some of those guys have already been considering for a while the idea of going public with all their “behind the curtain” stuff - quite justly pointing out that it’d be easily swallowed by the majority anyway, because in a certain way they're just giving the masses what those want.

    For equally obvious reasons this Fresco/Joseph/Venus Project/resource based economy thing has zero chances for actual implementation.  

    Getting Ron Paul elected - we’re like dreamers, ain’t we? - is not likely to have any perceptible effect either - however, I would try. That’s why I was posting here with all sorts of brief analysis and suggestions for six months like there’s no tomorrow. But the guy who himself launched this site and has enough opportunities to try to really undertake something about the overall situation obviously thinks he is too good to pay any attention to what is going on here. Which - judging by his actions, examined in those threads as well - he is obviously not. However, it looks like he doesn't even consider any actually substantive and sensible steps. And it’s convenient for him to “believe” that we do not kill children any more. Otherwise, a langoustine might get stuck in his throat.

  • to express shortly my momentary conclusion of the global titanic: the root of our problem only  can be found out by a serious analysis of the interactions of fear between ourselves.

    which is not to be misunderstood as solution.
  • Andre July 2013
    But nobody - as usual - gives a shit. They seem to be busy counting The Wall tour gigs they’re going to attend.

    That's true in my case. Because seeing The Wall Live is fun. Arguing with people, who see gigantic conspiracies in everything that happens - is not.

    But what do I know... I'm just a sheep, right? But considers this: I am at peace with being ignorant. I can go to sleep every night, while the paranoids are racking their brains and banging their heads because no one listens to them - maybe some of the other paranoids do. And when my peace is caused by my lying government - then thank you, government for lying to me.

    Good night.
  • Good night ???? its 2 in the afternoon, oh well. 
  • @andre

    being a sheep means being one without being aware of. in your case, as you say yourself , being aware of being one, it´something quite different.

    racking one´s brain with something almost anyone listens to doesn´t mean to get paranoid at all. it´s very freshing ! searching for the truth never is boring and the longer you do it, the less any"lying government"gives you peace. you give it to yourself.

    sleep well.
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013

    I say, dude, my disappearances are amateurish trifles if compared to yours :).

    And it looks like my bet has won. Sadly, but it was a piece of cake.

    Btw, your compatriots seem to be getting completely out of hand, don‘t they? Sorry, but I‘m afraid I won’t be able to be that diplomatic … fuck, I‘m Irish, right?

  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013
    I’d like to hope that the above comment is a kind of not that funny joke, but just in case this form of life is actually serious:

    The only one who’s banging one’s head here is you. And you’ve evidently succeeded in effectively beating even the remains of your brains out of it. What exactly do you consider "seeing gigantic conspiracies" by "paranoids"? The assessment of the  Iraq war, started on fabrications and caused hundreds of thousands innocent deaths widely reported even across the mainstream media, as a war crime nobody has been brought to justice for? Anything else? When you prove in a grounded way at least one single fact or interpretation mentioned in my threads, for instance, to be a distortion or exaggeration, you will deserve a proper reply. In the meantime - eat shit. And let’s hope that even such an inhuman piece of scum like you won’t have to dig your own wife and kids out of the debris of your former house after another series of “humanitarian” air-strikes for lying about which you’re so grateful to your government.

    After such comments one starts to think that Mr. Joseph is essentially right on this one - those people are actually clinically insane.

  • @stray dog

    hi stranger".................................................?

    peter is right on rather many things, isn´t he? so what´s next to do HERE? what about his movement for instance? i´ll be back again soon.

  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013
    A number. But, as far as I’m concerned, he is totally wrong about the main one - still thinking that some sustainable change can be brought within the context of social environment.

    Since your clairvoyant breakthrough into someone else’s plans proved to be not that clairvoyant, it looks like there is absolutely nothing left to do here. It’s just another fucking circus. The Host is yet another fucking clown. I do not see any sense in posting here on a regular basis anymore - if just occasionally for deviant fun, maybe.

    I’m not a great fan of any movements. And I do seriously doubt that I’m a Zeitgeist movement type person - not to mention our conceptual disagreements.

    However, perhaps we might try to undertake something … Give me some time …      

  • Andre July 2013

    OK, got it. You're clearly smarter and way more caring about this planet as I am. You win the argument with some stranger over the internet. What has changed? Nothing.

    And yes, I was provoking you intentionally. I was hoping for more insults than the few you have written. And death wishes. The remark about pulling my wife out of debris came close, but you were hoping this will NOT happen.

    Hundreds of thousand people people died in the Iraq war. True. That's what happens in wars. However, right now, we are having a verbal war about... what exactly?

    I'm not offended, if someone has a different opinion. You have your world view, I have mine (which actually is not what I wrote earlier. That was just for fun.). But I strongly dislike people, who are desperately trying to spread their world view and convincing others how stupid they are and how lucid and smart they are.

    There is nothing I can do to stop wars. But I can help my 82 year old neighbor, who has trouble walking long distances and doesn't have a car. I visit him twice a week (which is easy. He lives right next door) and go shopping for him when his granddaughter is too busy or lazy to do so. Going shopping for him is also easy. Since I go shopping regularly for myself anyway. I also saved someone from committing suicide, because I have noticed, that she was suffering and I was not turning away.

    I'm not looking at the suffering in [insert your favorite crisis region of your choice here] and blame my government for it. But I would blame myself if my neighbor fells in the shower, hurts himself and is not being found for two weeks.

    I realized I can't stop wars (I have been to Afghanistan, btw. I know what is going on there, because I have seen it. And I would gladly go again. Telling you why would take too much time.). But I can help my neighbor. And I do. He is not just a number in an article. He is my neighbor. He has a name, which I know. There are hundreds of thousands other old people in my country alone, who need and deserve help, which they don't get. Because their relatives are too busy updating their facebook pages and arguing how bad the world is and that we need to "make love, not wars".

    Who of us is the better person now?

    I'll leave this discussion about world peace now. Good luck for you and your plans to bring serious change to society. If you succeed, I swear, I'll apologize to you in person. Until then...
  • Andre, in the words of my teenage grown up Daughter ( pwnage ) i do believe. On the scale of better people i do believe you are at present around a 9/10.
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Stray Dog Aroooooo hows it going, I am house sitting and doing my quick Corospondances before I lie down on couch and chill out with Ghost Hiunting shows ;)  I am going to download your writings Stray Dog and read them when I am not writing ;0)  I have a ferial cat trying to pick a fight wirh me at the people house I am sitting it is freaking me the fuck out....I love cats just this one is a scarry little fucker...
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013

    Arguing with people is not [fun].

    That’s true …

    But since your last comment contains a bit more than just insults (it was you who embarked upon them, not me - do not invert stuff) and sick humour, allow me to retort in substance.

    I’m sorry but all your points are complete bullshit. I’m not trying to be rude, but just constating the fact.

    I’ve never been “desperately trying to spread [my] world view and convincing others how stupid they are and how lucid and smart [I am].” I was never - neither covertly nor overtly - claiming that I was a “better” or “more caring” person than others. And the last time I attended my Facebook page was several months ago. So don’t be ridiculous. My threads here were totally about something else. If you had bothered to read them properly it might have spared you from your evident errors of judgment.

    For instance, you wouldn’t have come up with this: “Good luck for you and your plans to bring serious change to society.” Because one of the main points of my main thread was precisely to show that any sustainable change within our society is unfortunately not possible in principle - due to the intrinsic constituents of human nature. But if it was, the only way to bring it about would be to do what one can where one is - as you suggest. And I totally agree. In fact, it was my another major point precisely. I just didn’t quite get why posting on this Forum, for example, does not qualify.

    You do not have to display an undoubtedly comprehensive list of your good deeds here in order to justify yourself - because I‘m not judging you. And I hope you will excuse me if I refrain from doing so too - otherwise we would certainly look like a couple of sorry Internet idiots. But the obvious point is that our “badly globilized” world has naturally turned itself into a very small place. And if people are being cynically killed somewhere one can get to within a few hours by plane - it’s almost the same thing as when something is happening to your neighbour living the next door. Whether you like it or not. And when you say “There is nothing I can do to stop wars”, that’s simply not true.

    You know what’s going on in Afghanistan. I now exactly what was going on during the war in Libya. And I can tell you this - it was not a war. It was a crime. Which was successfully committed because nobody gave a shit. If people did so, it could have been stopped on the spot. And do you really think that Ron Paul instead of all that clinton/bush/obama scum would have made absolutely no difference?

    So my appearance on this Forum had a very concrete and practical purpose. By now, I guess, we can state that it has totally and utterly failed. What’s changed? Nothing. Will it? Probably not. But, at least, I have tried. However, it’s highly likely now that I’ll cease to be a nuisance here shortly. And you’ll be able to count your gigs unabashed. But, please, do not dislike me “strongly”. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with another suicide attempt.

  • @stray dog

    the thing was, that my disappearance was the consequence of my mistake of uttering my "clairvoyant breakthrough"(?)without thinking about the consequences(?) for the"someone´s plans"(?).........

    as to the zeitgeist movement: after having watched the movies and the "who is.p.j..."interview and having informed myself about the venus project i do have serious reasons to contact the chapter in stuttgart (which is very close to where i live)to talk with the members there about their activities and what i could do her in my area( performing the movies in my culture club for instance). the other point is that i have found something in peter´s implementations which directly has something to do with my idea.

    in general,i am not a fan of movements as well( bad experiences) but in this case i want to find out if /and / how/ or that movement corresponds with the clarity of the movies if you know what i mean.

    i am not shure if peter really thinks to be able to bring some change. finally, his work is just another honest and serious try, isn´t it?

    do you eventually know anything more about his actual one," interflections"?

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