The Rumors May Be True =-O
  • Hano11 October 2013
    Well as i found out the remaining members of Pink Floyd might be making antoher studio album, and a reunion tour in 2014. This was first a Aprils Fools joke, but now its becoming reality cool. So forget Roger coming to Salt Lake now i know so you people out there keep track,and we will see in 2014
  • syd_barnet October 2013
  • Hano11 October 2013
    Well ya they might be getting back together cause Nick Mason said they might next year So Beat That
  • Gibbin82 October 2013
    I am really not sure if you genuinely believe this because you are completely uninformed about the possibility of a reunion (of which there is none), a bit stupid and just made it all up in your head, or you are being provocative knowing you are talking rubbish. Anyway whatever it is not going to happen, you only need to listen to the recent interview from Roger Waters (see thread 'Roger Waters regrets sueing Pink Floyd') to see there is no chance that he will get together to produce an album let alone do a tour. And for the record Nick Mason may say he would be willing to tour with the others, but always qualifies it by saying if it was what they wanted (which they don't)
  • churchmileschurchmiles October 2013
    Be nice though wouldnt it. Not so nice if they left it until they could no longer play/sing.

  • Gibbin82 October 2013
    The reunion for Live 8 at Hyde Park in 2005 was more than we could have ever have hoped for, we should be grateful it happened (people who wanted a Lennon and McCartney reconciliation were not so lucky) and can be reasonably sure it will not again. Saying that I wouldn't be surprised at the occasional charity appearance like the Hoping Foundation gig or Rock and Roll hall of fame type event when one of them accompanies another for a couple of songs, but I am sure there definitely won't be a full album and touring outfit again and possibly if there was it would not reach the high expectations they set prior to their breakup.

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