Roger Waters interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine about his next album
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    Roger has been interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine and said he has produced a 55 minute demo, he also didn't rule out taking the Wall on the Road again. Might not be too long to wait for the finished article then. Read the interview below.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2013
    thanks...should be interesting what shapes up next....i bet he could go another decade at least...:)
  • churchmileschurchmiles November 2013
    I was amazed at the longevity of the wall tour and boy does he appear fit. Not in a gay way, ya dig. I would not be surprised to see another album or two and at least one more big arena tour. love it.
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2013
    id be happy with a single Christ last waters album I bought was 78 rpm.
  • voodoochild1975 November 2013
    Shouldn't a magazine that actually cares about Music have interviewed him?

    What, they couldn't Miley Virus or something?

    (Lost all interest all respect for RS mag sometime in the 90's.  This 'interview' is a good example actually.. he announces a new album, and they'd rather talk about The Wall.  Hell and gone from the days of Thompson and Fong-Torres)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2013
    i'd go see the Wall again, or new material too..:))
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2013
    On a related note, Rolling Stone has recently released a Pink Floyd Special Collectors Edition.
  • imspartacusimspartacus December 2013
    miley virus love that haha.

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