For Roger and Stray Dog
  • DMTisESP November 2013
    Here is a Children video with a New Philosophy Psychology Physics and Math.  It is Fractal Based.

    This video should help describe a lot...
  • DMTisESP November 2013
    Is it Possible that this could be a good description? Not an Explanation but a Description of this Video?

    Existence is Experience of Experience
    Existence = Experience -> Experience

    Awareness is Experience of Existence
    Awareness = Experience -> Existence

    Consciousness is Experience of Awareness's
    Consciousness = Experience -> Awareness's

    Oneness is Experience of Consciousness's
    Oneness = Experience -> Consciousness's

    Lucifer (Planetary) is Experience of Oneness's
    Lucifer (Planetary) = Experience -> Oneness's

    God Consciousness is Experience of Infinite Experience's
    God Consciousness = Experience -> Infinite Experience's

  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    Is it Possible, that one day you will realise that nobody with a fully functioning brain is at all interested in the crap you keep posting on here and that it has nothing to do at all with anything connected to Roger Waters?

    P.S. There a lots of threads on here that are related to the things Roger Waters has done or is still doing, why don't you surprise us and for a change actually take an interest in something this forum is supposed to be about.
  • DMTisESP November 2013
    Hi Gibbin82,

    Sorry I should have included your name in the topic title, I was going to but I wasn't sure if you would like it. 
    I am serious anyhow I was hoping you and Stray Dog made up...don't like to see people argue, this is not why I come here, but I understand peoples frustrations and stresses myself included anyhow hope your ok. 
  • Gibbin82 November 2013
    DMTisESP, no you shouldn't have included me in the topic title, as I along with anyone else hasn't the slightest interest in your deluded obsessions. Anyway I do hope you can get a break from these totally preoccupying thoughts, and listen to a bit of the music that is associated with the subject of this forum. It would nice to see you take an interest in some of Roger Waters work for a change instead insisting you have something he should be involved in, and I am sure if he had the slightest of interest in it he would have been in contact with you. so please try and take a bit of time put put on a Roger Waters or Pink Floyd album and maybe even comment here about it (if you haven't got or even heard one of his albums I would be happy to send one or two to you). I am sure if you did it would be good for you.
  • DMTisESP November 2013
    We have one thing in common we Both Love Roger and Pink Floyd!  Love You Gibbin82!  These are the Happiest Days of my LIFE!  :) 
  • CorneliusCornelius December 2013
    Hi DMTisESP, are you and Hano11 the same person..?
  • DMTisESP December 2013
    Hi Cornelius, in the higher levels of Experience I suppose we are the same person, but at this lower level of Experience I am sad to say we are not :(
  • CorneliusCornelius December 2013
    We Are One
  • churchmileschurchmiles December 2013
    Maze, featuring , Frankie Beverly.

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