Roger if we Protect the Woman WE WIN!
  • DMTisESP December 2013
    Roger we NEED a New Samaria who Loves Protects and Respects all woman and Children. Roger we (the men) are the root of the Problem on this planet. If we as guys can get our shit together and see our COMMON BOND as To Love Protect and Respect ALL Woman and Children, the rest will fall into place on it's own. SANE Woman will be attracted to is a Natural lost their way a LONG time ago...

    Samson, lost his first wife to the Sumerians, even though Delilah Probally Loved him she Knew he was a Useless Fuck when it came to him protecting his woman, so She went for the Sumerians, Cut his Hair. Then the Sumerians grabbed him gouged his eyes out and then Samson Killed ALL the Sumerians Woman and Children...What A RETARD! Men never Seem to learn it seems....LOOK AFTER THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN AND THE REST WILL FALL INTO PLACE. If Samson PROTECTED WOMAN AND CHILDREN in the FIRST PLACE, Delilah never would have been FORCED into Selling him out, he wasn't a MAN, he was a Useless Fuck IMO...Now I don't know or care if the Story was REAL, I am looking at the Moral of the Story and the Moral is LOOK AFTER WOMAN AND CHILDREN OR THE WOMAN WILL NOT LOOK AFTER YOU!

    To Serve and Protect...Woman and Children! it is Simple....

    Either WE as Men Look after the woman and Children OR the Rockefeller and Rothschild's GOONS Will Look after them for us...they Will Look after Woman and Children Long Time Big Brother will Love them LONG TIME! It is Started in North American of the ROTHSCHILDS men here are COWARDS IMO, they talk BIG behind a keyboard hidden on the internet, but face to face they are useless Hormonal Monkeys who are about Being RIGHT about Everything, I can't talk to most of them because they KNOW EVERYTHING...and I am not talking about fighting OR Violence, anyone can fight, ANYONE...I am talking about the THINKING to PREVENT THE FIGHT FROM HAPPENING...the Mind is the Greatest Battlefield, once we get upset we Loose, seems I loose a lot

    There is more to this, it is about Yin and Yang stuff I am writing NOW! It is about Balance and Growth with Martial Arts of the Mind. Roger I feel you know most if not all of this already, because like me, you would give up your seat in a Life Boat for a Woman or Child, not because your a Sexist, but it is BECAUSE IT IS WHAT MEN ARE SUPPOSE TO DO! Woman and Children must be on the List of order Before the MEN. The MEN MUST take Last Place as they are Yang, and their POWER must Protect and FEED their LABOUR, Being Woman and Childrern...

    My First Lesson in Martial Arts when I was 8 years Old. My Sensei asked me to Fight a Kid 2 times my Size with a Yellow Belt...the First Lesson in Fighting was (YOU LOOSE!)...I got my Ass Kicked Hard! The Second Lesson I was Taught by this Wise Sensei was AVOID CONFLICT AT ALL COSTS! It is NOT Being a Coward but wise...Not Running but using the MIND...Then I left the Class and took that Lesson and practiced it all my Life...I am a Master at fighting with the MIND not the Body...I use my Opponent to become my FRIEND...haven't been to nice to the Rockefeller Rothschild's Agent Provictures because these Souless Fucks will HARM WOMAN AND CHILDREN...ALWAYS CHOOSE LOVE...if there is still a choice...tick tick tick...

    It is about HONOUR! SADLY the Samari Lost their Honour in WW2 They Killed Tortured woman and Children so the Samaria is Gone, but a New Samari can take it's place. Any Samari out there you can get your Honour back by Replacing the Empour with WOMAN AND CHILDREN, these are Your New Empoure. Anyone against Love Protect and Respect all WOMAN AND CHILDREN...Your Fucked!

    Rothschild's Figured out a long time ago...CONTROL THE WOMAN AND YOU CONTROL THE MAN!

    Ashes Mi Figured out a Long time ago that if You (As MEN) FREE the WOMAN, YOU FREE THE MAN (YOURSELF)!

    So apart of the SIMPLE New Constitution I would write would have. "TO LOVE PROTECT AND RESPECT ALL WOMAN AND CHILDREN. OF ALL COLOURS, NATIONALITIES, RELIGIONS, RACES...THIS IS ALL WOMAN AND CHILDREN, BLACK WHITE BROWN POK-A-DOT...I DON'T CARE! ALL WOMAN AND CHILDREN ON THIS PLANET AS WELL AS OTHERS IN THE FUTURE"...the Rest will look after it's will Write It's Self because this is the LAW of Nature! POWER MUST PROTECT IT"S LABOUR, or it's POWER is LOST to the PSYCHOPATHIC POWER OF THE ROTHSCHILD LEADERS WHO WILL OFFER OUR WOMAN a SOLUTION! Do we here as Men have a Solution to the Woman? Not that I can see as of Yet. But if the Men can get their Shit together we can get our Woman Back and then we can Say FUCK YOU ROCKEFELLER ROTHSCHILD'S Go and Hide in Your underground bunker like the Infection You ARE! I am Serrious these are the Majour Cause of the Infection that Mother Earth is is Separateness that Causes it. We are ALL ONE!

    I stay out of what woman do, it is none of my business because I am a
    guy so it isn't my place, so long as it isn't effecting me as a Guy I
    have no business in it. I would want my Daughter to have the Same
    Freedom's and Opportunities for personal Growth as My Son.

    I don't know a woman’s roles or the collective female role in this
    social system built on "Labour is Power" that I am discussing.

    I do see a part of the Male Role in this social model, and it is to
    Protect, Woman and Children, it doesn't mean Woman can't Defend
    themselves from men or other woman, it means the men think of the Woman
    and Children first before themselves. Woman being the Labour actually
    Control the Power in this Relationship. The Power Feeds the Labour and
    the Labour Controls the Power. It is a Yin Yang kind of Psychology I
    am writing, but I am stuck...

    Please don't feel spooked with any of this Labour Power stuff, none of
    it is written in stone, it is only experimental and just brain storming.

    Woman would do there own thing basically, perhaps like Native American
    Woman in the past, but this Modern World Woman could be a scientist,
    poet, philosopher, writer, doctor...whatever, AND this New SANE Social
    System would take into account her young children, and think of them
    together. She wouldn't be considered as Equal as a Man, because she
    isn't a Man. She wouldn't be considered Less than or Greater than, she
    would be considered whatever it is the Majority of Sane woman would
    Want to be considered as. But men and woman are not equal, they are
    different. This way One is Not Greater than the Other. Power is only
    as Great as the Labour that Controls it. This making sense, it is Yin
    Yang and a lot of it will change over the next few days.

    I am not talking about changing this system...I am talking about a
    Different System all together. People here myself included would have
    to go to treatment before going in to this new socal model, everyone is
    damaged from this system we live in now. This is all just brain
    storming right now is know anything about yin yang stuff?

    The Old Days woman and man was about Power AND Labour. I am discussing
    Power IS is Yin Yang Psychology.Anyone here  know anything about
    Yin Yang, Water, Air, Earth, Wind and Fire?

  • DMTisESP December 2013
    I Love You Roger, Stray Dog, Gibbin82, Church of Miles and Everyone here...Common Sense has been replaced with Corporate Sense...witch makes no is a Beggining to a New Way after the Money Doesn't work any more...ahhhh any Economics Professor with COMMON SENSE will tell you we are going for another is a way to a way... 

    Love is Peace
  • StrayDogStrayDog December 2013
    Hey DMT,

    It looks like you’re the Last Man Standing on this Forum :). But while I certainly appreciate this fact, could I still be allowed to offer some critique, hopefully constructive – ‘cause that’s what stimulates us after all, doesn’t it?

    Let me start with some stuff regarding your general approach. You’ve posted quite a number of entries here, trying to talk about quite serious things. Which is great. You also emphasize all the time the necessity to really communicate. If you ask me, this will never happen as far as most people are concerned, but if I thought that it could I wouldn’t be able to agree more. And don’t get me wrong - I’m not trying to get personal. However ... In your first video in this thread you quite justly point out that it’s thoroughly ridiculous, not to say obscene, when the Pope, occupying his golden throne and still asking for money, tries, at the same time, to pose like some sort of mediator between God and men. I totally agree. But let’s take a look at yourself.

    Since, as I said, your posts normally touch upon serious subjects, I responded to many of them. And asked you a number of questions concerning your perceptions, statements, and ideas. All those questions made and, I must admit, still make some sense to me. But you’ve never bothered to even try to answer at least a single one of them in essence. You start a thread, get some response, totally and utterly ignore it, drop the thread halfway, and start another one with another lonely sermon. Does it really look like a proper attempt at “real communication” to you? Because it doesn't to me, frankly.

     Let’s go to your latest stuff now.

    You’re talking about WOMEN and how they’re somehow special. It’s very nice. I just wanted to ask: do Madeleine “Price Is Worth It” Albright, Condoleezza “1 500 000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq” Rice or Hillary “I Find It Very Funny To Watch A 69 Old Man Being Torn Into Pieces By A Mob Of Scumbags” Clinton qualify?

    You’re talking about honour. Hmm … I believe that you would agree that everything is a matter of energy. Do you think that this term is even applicable here in this case? Samurai (I can see the difference with Samaria) used to have a lot of honour. But they normally wound up with Seppuku. Read “The Uncivil Teacher of Court Etiquette Kôtsuké no Suké” by Borges - beautiful, but sad, however not necessarily true, meaning right. So – I’m not so sure.

    You’re talking about turning enemies into friends instead of confronting and destroying them. While I agree that conflicts are mostly a silly waste of energy and other resources as well, do you think that your approach could actually work out with the Nazis, neocons, Rothschilds? I’m not so … well, you got the idea.

    You’re talking about the necessity to wake up, to see things as they are, not as one wants to see them. Again – totally agree. But is that what you’re doing? For instance, you are doing your talk about honour and appealing to Roger here. But was the recent Stand Up for Heroes show an honorable thing? I doubt it. Was supporting Obama’s re-election an honourable thing? Definitely not. So why do you choose to close your eyes to everything Roger has been in reality doing behind his artistic declarations all this time? Are you that wide awake yourself? Or you, too, see things as you want to see them – it’s just that the way you want to see them is not the same as that of the vast majority?

    As for your second video, I do not see in what way those ideas are any different from what the Venus Project has to suggest – or rather has been suggesting since the 70s, with zero results so far. But the discussion about TVP/TZM approaches and their practical workability is probably still to start on this Forum.

    And the last thing for now. In almost all your videos you can be seen with a cigarette - I don't believe it was a joint :). You call yourself a Warrior of Mind. You are talking about changing the world. But you do not seem to be able to accomplish such a modest trifle as overcoming this totally degenerating habit.  I mean … get real, Dude.

    (By the way, yes, any Economics Professor with COMMON SENSE - and some integrity, I’d add - will tell you that we are heading for some catastrophic Depression. The only question is whether it's going to be a deflationary or hyperinflationary one (I'd expect the latter). However, there are also other possible scenerios - like a "controlled demolition", for example. But those are technicalities. The main idea is correct – the collapse is inevitable. Sooner or later, one way or another.)


  • Gibbin82 December 2013
    Ho Ho Ho, I was missing the traditional old fashioned festive fare, that is until I came here and seen that at least on the Roger Waters forum you can still find some nuts at Christmas time.
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2013
    At least it's not math.
  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Your right Stray Dog.  I removed all the videos and I am getting ready to remove the website as well, if you want you can still download a copy of the free book and free poems and stuff while it is still up there.  I extend it to Roger as well, I am packing it in.  Been 3 years of nothing but banging my head against a wall, (pardon the pun) and talking only to a couple of people Nice people like you and gibbon and PHustion and church and a few others, I know they don't mean any ill will.  Anyhow I will go insane if I continue trying to care anymore about this species.  The Poems were AMAZING and the Videos were as well but it must come down, get them while you can Stray Dog and Roger and do what you like with them :)  Going to check myself into a Hospital and Get Medicated to the point of Nothingness, no more thinking or feeling or caring about others or anything.   I give up on this species and I give up on God as well :)  Be well and Peace Out :) or should I say Fuck It to Shit. 
  • StrayDogStrayDog January 2014
    DMT, you are talking to YOURSELF again. Out of laziness, or for some other reasons, you do not even try to understand what I have been actually saying – at least, it appears so judging by your response. Or you simply do not want to do it. Because, however there was nothing particularly discouraging about my message, it was still a modest attempt to point out the obvious fact that talking and doing are two completely different things. But you go on with ignoring or distorting the true meaning of others’ utterances, listening only to yourself, and choosing to blame everyone else at the same time. 
    By the way, as you might have noticed, so many ones, we could hardly assume to be equals with, have been “banging their hearts” and “heads” against “those buggers’ walls” for ages and millennia. Evidently, more or less to no avail. What tangible outcomes did YOU expect to attain in the span of THREE YEARS?
    So, stop talking nonsense. Stop talking at all. Start acting. Watch Kubrick’s “Odyssey” before embarking upon all those “drastic” things you mention – if it’s really your intention. I hope it will cheer you up. And consider another obvious fact: the unfortunate circumstance of absence of hope for our species in general (as far as it’s seen as a social entity at any rate) – which seems to be a valid perception, does not necessarily mean the absence of it at individual level. 

  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Thanks Stray Dog, it's not that I am not listening, I am so burnt out that can't read, but I can write?  I am seeing a Psychologist today and we are going to try and help with this PTSD, I am going on a Valume Vacation because I cannot afford to break from this enviorment.  I am really trying to understand people, but it is really hard with the PTSD.  Thanks Stray Dog :)  But the Site is going off line, I wanted to take it off, but I need to contact everyone who is involved before I can pull it.  But this species is not worth it Stray Dog because it only thinks of it;s self...It does.  Altruism is considered a Weekness?  Na, the species rooted in the Self are cancer on Earth in the Bigger Picture.  Again thanks Stray Dog, I am really trying to understand you, but text is hard for my brain to digest, face to face is easier, but that ain't ever going to happen.  Just please be paticent.  My Last Video which becomes the Poster Child for Like MTV is in the Works, I will share with you Gibb and everyone else when it is is some of the Art Work Composit Sketches for the Video...IT IS SPECTULAR!  What I am Copying from the Visions in the Past :) 

  • StrayDogStrayDog January 2014
    No problem, DMT. Patience is my only vice :).

    “The species rooted in the Self” are a terminal disease indeed, but mostly for themselves. So, just re-read the last sentence of my previous post – and try to “digest” it. However, I do not see much sense in terminating the site. 

    And about “face to face” – who knows? Everything is possible.

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