Last post for a while Roger
  • DMTisESP January 2014
    Not complaining but explaining.  No food place or internet so have to disconnect cause mind cant function :)

    Here is my last piece for a while is not as good as the others but it is written from exaustion.

    Refusing to see is Fear

    Fear Blinds Truth

    Without Love truth is hard to see

    With Love there's a way out

    There is Here Together

    All as One

    All is One

    Love Heals Fear

    With Love there's a Choice

    Choose Love over Fear

    Either we Eat each other or we HELP each other Eat...choose Love or Fear :)  Peace Roger LOVE YOU!
  • waveprojectwaveproject January 2014
    clear message,DMTisESP!
  • DMTisESP February 2014
    NOW I am off line.  Here is Samaria Psychology, I was a Master in the Martial Arts years back, I am powerless today however, but the psychology I pass on to you

    The Book called Psychology1.doc, is a deep acient psychology and is also Thermodynamics for physics,  This is as far as I can go alone.  I tried to help teach physics to count and this new thermodynamics and all the other stuff.  I am talking only to myself or getting whipped for expressing creative free thinking.  Can not do it anymore, I hope you enjoy the Psychology I am passing to you :)  I got to go or I will go out of my MIND! 
  • DMTisESP February 2014
    I've got a little black book with my poems in.
    Got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb in.
    When I'm a good dog they sometimes throw me a bone in.
    I got elastic bands keeping my shoes on.
    Got those swollen hand blues.
    I've got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from.
    I've got electric light.
    And I've got second sight.
    I've got amazing powers of observation.
    And that is how I know
    When I try to get through
    On the telephone to you
    There will be nobody home.
    I've got the obligatory Hendrix perm.
    And the inevitable pinhole burns
    All down the front of my favorite satin shirt.
    I've got nicotine stains on my fingers.
    I've got a silver spoon on a chain.
    I've got a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains.
    I've got wild staring eyes.
    And I've got a strong urge to fly.
    But I've got nowhere to fly to.
    Ooooh, Babe. When I pick up the phone
    There's still nobody home.
    I've got a pair of Gohills boots
    And I've got fading roots.

    I didn't want money or credit or fame or anything when I helped write these pieces.  I gave up feeding myself to write all these and I received no support from ANYONE financially or emotionally or intellectually or spiritually in these writings.

    I still feel sad when I see another homeless person on the street, but I see further than 99% because I've got second sight, I've got amazing powers of observation. 

    Roger where were you?  Why do you give people on the street change when they effect no change, I effect change...GIVE ME CHANGE! 

    God I am So Sad.  I really did give up on this species, this planet is infected and I am ratting all of you out.  I am building an Antenna and I am broadcasting a Warning Signal to the universe that this planet is DANGEROUS!  Now I don't know if it will work, but being that I am the ONLY Person on the Planet that can Count  My Chances of making contact are Greater Than the Monkeys that call themselves Scientists.  I used to love this Species but Now I Fear it.  It is more Dangerous than ANYTHING in the Universe that I know of.  Even If I (WAS...past tense) Jesus, I wouldn't save a single one of you!  Even if you did listen and walk my path with me, in a generation or a few generations you would return to your collective state of fucked-up-it-ness...  I had the Best Video Like EVER, But I am on an Old Laptop using FREE Ubuntu Buggy Software and the Learning Curve and My Exausted State is Beyond anything.  I am pushing everyone away from me Psychically and I am turning my back on all of you and focusing on warning other creatures out in the Heavens You People Are Fucked and and Fucking Dangerous.  Who Knows if I get lucky and make contact perhaps the Aliens will have a LOVE Ray they will nail earth with, I don't care what they do to you.  Hope I am able to pull it off cause your species CANNOT Leave this Planet!  Over my Dead Body...Peacefully speaking of course. 

    I Got No Support, NOTHING from NO ONE!  All I received was resistance.  I wasn't doing this for Free, I was doing this for Everyone.  But I got No Support and I am to weak and malnourished and sick now that I can't go any further.  I had an MTV ICONIC VIDEO I WANTED TO MAKE BUT I CANT CAUSE I HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY, I HATE MONEY, But I need the SHIT!  FUCK!

    I didn't want money, fame, credit or ANYTHING but for people with a public voice to share this FREE Kids Book  That ALL I WANTED AND NEEDED!  No One BELIEVES IN ME AND NO ONE LOVES ME, So I do not believe in any of you and I FEAR ALL OF YOU!

  • DMTisESP February 2014
    Wow I havent been banned?  I put the book and new psychology on the site.  They can still choose Love or Fear Roger, I don't care what they choose.  

    The antenna is coming along quite nicely :)  Fractals are the future and old monkey man is like obsolete :)   Hope this shit ends sooner than later, life fucking sucks shit.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2014
    bye bye.....
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope February 2014
    Roger pls do something soon, i miss you and want to come see you pls!!!!?????
  • DMTisESP February 2014
    OK, I am Insane, only because no scientist will speak with me about
    fractal binary and solving for pi. So I can count but they are afraid
    because they do not understand. I am NOT smarter than Anyone Here,
    everything I do or have written most can as well. I worked with "smart"
    people in the past and again I am not "Smart" or "Gifted", my spelling
    will tell you that, I just Learned how to THINK...

    I Destroyed Everything I did because

    a. No one will speak with me about the math.

    b. People torture other animals to death before they eat them and I could help stop it, no one would speak with me.

    c. Tried to expose the Rockefeller Rothschild's Child Porn on the
    internet, no one would speak to me (except agent's of the Rockefeller
    Rothschild's...who will be arrested later

    d. Wrote the kids book The Biggest Monster with the Littlest Heart, no one would Share it.

    e. No Place to live, no reliable or healthy food or proper rest

    f. Surrounded by people in Canada who are ZOmBiE TARDS!

    g. Go to the psychward and they keep kicking me out, apparently there is
    nothing wrong with me mentally. It is just poverty that is making me

    Now the Poverty isn't going to go away so the pattern will continue. I will...

    1. Discover some new cool shit

    2. I will Beg people to discuss it with me

    3. People will IGNORE ME

    4. I will get louder and louder

    5. I will FLIP OUT

    6. I will calm down and gain new acceptance...then I will go back to step 1 and the pattern will repeat itself...

    How can I Break this FREAK OUT PATTERN! I am Not Manic Depressive, but
    it Looks as if I were, it is the INDIFFERENCE I get that Makes me go

    I do not believe in excuses, but I do believe in REASONS! And those are just a few!

    Here is a New Kids Book I am working on Roger!  It is Pet Pooka Panda! 


    Most people think I am an Asshole, I am the furthest thing from an Asshole. I just can't handle indiffrence...

    I did the Art Work what do you guys think? Oh and Pet Pooka Panda is a
    Ninja Bear! Panda PookaPet Ninja Bear...Arrrrrr Karate Chop! But Pet
    Pooka Panda only Defends her Omega Bees Honey from the Alpha Honey
    Badger. You go Pet Pooka Panda! Pet Pooka Panda talks to the Fish in
    Fuckushema as well! PET POOKA PANDA ROCKS!

  • DMTisESP February 2014
  • DMTisESP February 2014
    I can't believe I destroyed everything :(  But I am trying to remember some of it...not the sciences however but the peaceful pieces about Love and stuff like that.  Will do my best to save them.  Hey Roger want to be in a Kids Book?  Pet PookaPanda Panda PookaPet Ninja Bear!  Pet PookaPanda protects the Omega Honey Bees from the Alpha Honey Badger.  Because they Love and Respect PookaPanda Pet they Share their sweeeeeeeet Honey :)  Yummy ;) 

    Here is pet pookaPanda on a Journie in the Dark Jungle to find the Honey Bees to eat some yummy honey :)  Yaaaaaa! 

    And here is Pet PookaPanda Alien!  Woooo the Omegas come from the sky and PookaPanda Pet helps the Omega CLEAN EARTH FROM ITS INFECTION!  :)  ahhhhhhh  Pet PookaPanda PandaPooka Pet YOU ROCK!

    You want to help me with a Cartoon?  I need animators and I can direct it, I got it writen and it is easy to do, thindg is there is No Money, or names go on it,it is done out of the Love of SHARING ANNONMYOUSLY with HUMILITY.  Anyone is welcme to help, it is shared for everyone and Annonmyous Art!  It is the message that is importand not the messanger... 
  • DMTisESP February 2014
    Here is the NEW BOOK COVER ROGER! 

    Panda PookaPet Rocks! Panda PookaPet
    Helps save the OMEGA Honey Bees from the ALPHA Honey Badger! Panda
    PookaPet Attack! Ninja Bear! Then the Alpha Honey Badger Runs away!
    Yaaaaaa! The OMEGA Honey Bees Love and Respect Panda PookaPet and they
    let Panda PookaPet put his Honey Stick into their Sweet Honey Hole and
    Delicious HONEY Drips out!! YUMMY! Even thought the OMEGAS Love and
    Respect Panda PookaPet they warn him that sometimes some of them may
    sting, so he must always bee Careful! They don't know why some of them
    sting, sometimes they feel sad The Story is near complete! Can't wait to share it
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    OK, I just broke through to another level....something happened in my brain a switch or something got turned on or something and all art fell together...I AM AN ARTIST!!!  I can Write, Draw and do String Theory?  What is happening to me?  I could NEVER Do Art, now I can?


    Here is the Same cover just a little darker gradient


    Same darker gradient....


    Here is Panda PookaPet Sitting at home ready to eat some delicious Honey ;)


    Oh Oh Panda Pooka Pet is Out Of HONEY!  NO!!!!....


    Panda PookaPet goes into the Jungle of Japan to Seek Honey ;)  nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean know what I mean?  a winks as good as a nudge to a blind bat....Do you like the Photography???


  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Any Good Artists out there want to help me complete this composite sketch of the One Eyed Alpha Honey Badger?

    In the story the Alpha One Eyed Honey Badger to tries to harm the loving
    OMEGA Honey Bees and Take their Honey with Out THEIR PERMISSION!

    Pooka PandaPet is going to DEFEND The OMEGAS From the ONE EYED ALPHA HONEY BADGER!

    You Go Pooka PandaPet! Here is a couple of Line's from the book when the Battle Over the OMEGAS Begins!

    Pooka PandaPet Defends!...

    Judo Cub!

    The Honey Badger don't care!

    Pooka PandaPet Attacks!...

    Ninja Bear!

    Honey Bager Runs away!

    Pooka PandaPet Saves the DAY!

    Boy is this story ever GAY....I just added the last line cause the
    Pictures Have to Go with the Text or else it is really gay I
    mean corny not homosexual, so I think I will redefine the word gay in
    the story as well!

    Again Artists out there want to help me complete this composite sketch of the One Eyed Alpha Honey Badger?

    Roger you and your community must know artists?  Can you hook me up with one to help me with the book?  Please pretty please :)  With sugar on top even :)


  • DMTisESP March 2014
    :(  No ONE want to help with me with this?   This can't be real...Roger I CAN'T KEEP Doing this alone in the Awakening, I am in Toronto Canada (The HUB of NWO) Surrounded by Zombies, at least in the UK you guys got people AWAKE to speak with, I am going out of my mind ALONE Up here.  Tried going to Haiti but you need MONEY to be free, just can't wait till I die, this is bullshit.
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    I am NOT having an EASY go at this! I JUST LOST MY GLASSES! How can I
    do Art without GLASSES! Can Someone for the LOVE OF GOD HELP ME WITH

    I can't do a good copy cause I can't see the shades, Everything is Blurry! Someone Help Me PLEASE!   I cannot AFFORD Glasses!  I am on my KNEES BEGGING PLEASE SOMEONE who can Draw PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME FINISH THIS Story :(   It is about How all of Nature Works with Omega and Alpha, Natural Selection + Altruism.   It is for both kids and adults for the Awakening.

  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Just so others here know I am NOT here to ask Roger for money.  Money is the Cause of the Crises we are going to be facing, so more of it (money) will not solve the problem, so I am not into begging for money, I would rather share than keep.  I have nothing to share but my Art.   I am Begging for Artists to help with some of my Annomations and Drawings.  I found my Glasses, to many this isn't a big deal, but when you have nothing and you can't see, it is even harder.  So I am Happy about that :)  So any Artists want to help with an Awakening book for kids jump in and Help out.  It is COOL and it is about ART and Freedom and Bla bla bla Here are some of the composit drawings, the story I HOPE will be finished by Friday! 

    Here is Alpha Honey Badger trying to steal the Omega Honey and Harm the Omegas....


    Here is Panda PookaPet Ninja BEAR!  Defending the OMEGAS From NWO!  Fuck You NWO....cough cough Rockefeller Rothschilds!  I SEE YOU!


    So I have no resourses but Ammazing Inshght and I need help with the Annomation!  If you want to help with the Awakening Please jump on Board it is about ART and FREEDOM and as Corny as this sounds LOVE! 

  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Here is the Book it needs further editing but it is for the most part done.  I cannot continue to do this anymore for FREE, thought I was sharing it, but anyhow no one will share my shit.

    This don't take off I Join Rockefeller Rothschild's cause I have had it with all of you for not sharing.

    I will help them because if none of you don't want me then I KNOW THEY WILL LOVE HAVING ME :)

    So do not share it and I Share with Rockefeller Rothschild's...Share it and I give you one last chance OK?

    Hey Rockefeller you need any help with your NWO?  I have had it, I am afraid to say I havent eaten all day cause some dick weasel is going to make a joke about it, I can't wait till the Bank Cards don't work and your all ON MY LEVEL! 

    So Share and I Stay, ignore and David Rockefeller You WIN!  I JOIN YOUR TEAM CAUSE THEIR FUCKED AND AIN"T WAKING UP AND YOUR RIGHT ABOUT THEM...I WILL HELP YOU DAVID ROCKEFELLER :)   I KNOW THERE THINKING AND STRENGTS AND WEAKNESS as I Know Your Strength's and Weaknesses, so I do have Real Value Mr Rockefeller :)  Hope you don't mind me calling you Mr Rockefeller but if I am going to be working for YOU and NWO then I feel Formality is in order and you will be so PLEASED to have a Man Like me (cough cough 666!) on YOUR SIDE!  I CANT TAKE THIS SHIT>  Anyone out there laughing at me cause I havent eaten all day and I am flipping out, YOUR TURN WILL BE ON IT"S WAY! 

    Mr Rockefeller I will send you my CV of all My Experience if this pice of shit book I blew my mind out doing does not get shared.

  • DMTisESP March 2014
    2 visits to my site....nice knowing you ;)

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