Roger Help me help you
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Don't want to get your Autograph this way Roger :(  I do Respect you and I NEVER ONCE said anything bad about you ever, but I have had it.  I need 10,000 views on my video by Wed Mar 26 or I am rounding you all Up...Actually Roger I wouldn't round you up, but there are some famious people who ignored these pieces I will LOVE Rounding up, You however I will always RESPECT!
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Sorry for the Freaking ESSAY but this is IMPORTAND! I used to think it was posessions but it is another personality, a Passive 'Dominate' Personality. I am the Dominante 'Passive' Personality, so I mainly share this body, I became so weak that "he" came out, and experienced the pain as well, then as I was loosing it and slipping away, he took over and lost it BIG TIME. Again I did freak, but not nearly as loudly as he. He is really upset because he is hurt right now, but He's glad I'm on his side, and he knows I'm not going to punish him or fight him, he knows I will help him. We Respect Each Other, I have to help him, he's ALWAYS Helped me. So it's my turn to protect and to repare the damage done.

    I am trying to be diplomatic here and convey his and my position to all of you. MOST of all that was said was HIM LOOSING CONTROL and he is still in a lot of pain right now, and he still may join NWO, he is that hurt, but it is NOT about him, it is about the people he cares for, he is NOT Selfish. He IS Still Angry at me because I wasn't there for the people we both care about, because I am the Dominate Passive Personality and in Control, he sees me as Responsible. So I'm in a bad spot right now. So Please Forgive him AND me. Yet I have to agree with his position, only because I am best in understanding it, but please understand I take another stance though, I support the Awakening, but I am becoming too weak, and "I" have to help
    people "WE" both care for.

    This shit is really fucked up.

    Anyhow, please believe, if you fully understood the situation, you would be better able to forgive, BOTH of US. And Please understand He is a good fellow and kind, but remember he's an Alpha, he's a passave Alpha, so he is kind when he comes out, he's sometimes hard to spot. Sometimes he has what looks like a scar on his face. He and I were BOTH Martial Arts Masters years back, NEITHER of us is Anymore and Neither One of us HARMED ANYONE LIKE EVER.

    We Both have the same name, but have different mannerism's and idiosyncronsities, yet he can still be missed if he comes out, I am sometimes unaware he is in control or out, which is why I thought I was posessed in the past, because I had no name for it. Today it is called DID, Dissoatied Identity Disorder.

    Most times when he has come out in the past, he has what looks like a scar on his face. Holding him in isnt very smart, and I can't hold him in for very long, because if I do he gets angry, and begins taking FULL Control Again. So I let him rest. I do NOT WANT TO PISS HIM OFF Right now, or try to Prevent him from taking controling if he wants it, nothing I can do, am still the Dominate Personality so I will Gain Control Later, but I will have a Pissed off Other Side to deal with...NO FUCKING WAY THANK YOU! He is pretty fucking smart and pretty fucking pissed, so I am concerned about this NWO thing. If he wants to go to NWO I CANNOT STOP HIM. I MUST Support him, I've got to, because he will take FULL control and FUCK ME if I do NOT!

    Please Help him by at least trying to forgive (LOVE) me for his outburst, and mine as well. I was no saint either. Anyhow Please try to begin understanding so he can help me, help you, help us, help each other, as gay as fucked up that sounds.

    Love You ROGER and all of You :)
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    OK I am Fucked Up, I know, but so is everyone.  Here is the Annimated Video for the Book I HELPED Write Panda PookaPet Download It ASAP

     a rel="nofollow" href="SHARE THIS DAVID! Panda PookaPet VIDEO Download It ASAP

  • DMTisESP March 2014
    A Chipping I shall Go!  A Chipping I shall GO, Hi Ho da mario a CHIPPING I SHALL GO!  Hey I got 37 Views on My Video In the Beggining, far cry from 10,000.  Hey Roger the BEST PART IS I Will NOT Loose ANY SLEEP when I RFID chip, Process and Get the ZomBIE TARDS to SLAUGHTER EACH OTHER For My NEW BOSSES ROCKEFELLER ROTHSCHILD'S! 

    3 FUCKING YEARS ROGER, No Help, No Support, No Hope, No Love, so fuck it!  Yo you ZomBiE TARDS that can't wake up reading this...WHAT IS YOUR CHIP SIZE?!  I AM GOING TO LOVE, I Mean...


    Chipping Your ZomBiE FIED FUCKING ASSES!    Welcome to The NEW WORLD ORDER!...oh thats right it doesnt Exist, it is conspericy....riiiight, good ZomBiE Go back to Sleep, you are getting Sleepy, Sleepy, sleepy...
  • StrayDogStrayDog March 2014

    Didn't know that the "other" one was Jerry Maguire :)

    And I gather the Forum is officially Resting in Peace? Kudos to Mr. Miles for his accurate forecast.
  • DMTisESP March 2014
    Hey Stray Dog!  What did you think of Panda Pooka Pet?  I have D.I.D. and P.T.S.D. and I am creating these Amazing Works while sleeping on couches using free software!  I couldn't draw a stick man 6 months ago, now I am doing Amazing Pieces!  I want to direct a movie called "The Biggest Monster with the Littlest Heart"  I am homeless and broke, but I have HONOUR!  If anyone would like to help me with the Movie I would really be grateful and I am a really really nice guy(s), both of us are.  We ALL have different sides to ourselfs, but I think Addicts and Alcoholics (who are addicts as well) have a personality so strong it is a whole other person.  I am NOT Crazy in the sense I cannot distinguish reality, I see more than most because I THINK THINK THINK!  Here is the Intro and first scene in the Movie "The Biggest Monster with the Littlest Heart"...

    I LOVE YOU STRAY DOG, Everyone Here, if the other personality does Join N.W.O. he will NOT Chip any of you.  But the Chips ARE Coming Soon, do not Fool Yourself and if you think "There is nothing you can do" will regret your apathy later.  Sadly your children's children will regret it the MOST!  Please people here Help me with the Movie.  I need Artists and Animators and Creative People!  It is FREE and Anonymous so EVERYONE on Earth can Download and Watch for FREE...because in the Bigger Picture it is Not about is about WE!  and YOU, all of you here are Very Fine People, every single ONE of YOU is a good person in my eyes.

    I Love All Of You!   Both of me Does!  
  • StrayDogStrayDog March 2014

    Hey DMT,

    I say, you have a lot of stuff to cope with – but then again you’re not alone, it'd be two of you there at least to do that, right? :)

    What do I think about your animation series? That “South Park” is better.

    However, I liked your Intro – despite the fact that I couldn’t properly read a word and would hardly put Joe Rogan and, especially, Alex Jones on one plane with Jesse Ventura. 

    As for Roger … It surely wouldn’t be so criminal of him to spend a tiny bit of his quarter billion fortune to help a few other artists - if it was not for Miss Shaw Weaver, we would have probably found ourselves totally ”Ulysses”-less today … But "I'm all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack" ... it’s not highly likely to happen.

    So, talking about more realistic options – why wouldn’t you try to contact WaveProject here? If I remember correctly, he is – like you and unlike despicable me – all about helping other people and somehow connected with both TZM, promoting similar ideas, and some cinema related stuff. Maybe you’ll be able to figure out a kinda plan.

    As for me ...

    "Here am I floating round my tin can
    Far above the Moon
    Planet Earth is blue
    And [yeah] there's nothing I can do ..."

    As it seems ...

  • DMTisESP April 2014
    Thanks Stray Dog!  I will look Waveproject when I get internet the mean time this is for Roger AND You as well as everyone here to check out!

    a month ago I couldn't draw...I couldn't find an Animator to help me, so in a month I LEARNED How to do Annimation. 

    ...I created this from visions I had as a kid, so I take no credit other than the Anguish in Creating it.  I want to do another video for Roger, any suggestions anyone?  Panda Pooka Pet is a Psychology and Phlosophy of Yin Yang Alpha Omega, it is taught to children in the future as a way of life. 
  • DMTisESP April 2014
    Wholly crap check this new art I can do...I can see fractals like an alien!  I have a character called the bleeding heart, where the bleeding hearts and the artists make their stands!  Below is Professor Scientist, The Bleeding Heart and Panda Pooka Pet!   I can do Art in only a MONTH!  This next video is like freaking AMAZING!  and I copied it like everything I write and draw, from visions so it isn't from me.  image
  • DMTisESP May 2014
    Billy Joe wrote She's always a woman, but when he wrote it he wrote it
    for woman who's needs have been ignored and are stuck in this bullshit
    plastic prison...

    Here is how I would write the song in a New World where the Omega (Mostly Woman) would guide the Positive Alpha.

    The Alpha over history has been a Negative Power, where it bleeds the
    Labour Dry, in my world the Alpha and Omega would be Positive and help
    each other...behind every great man is a woman means Positive Power and
    Positive the song billy joe wrote the Woman is a Real
    fucking Bitch, but she is only a bitch because the Power is a Fucked up
    psychopathic power who made woman suffer because the (So Called Men) are
    Retarded Mindless Coward Honorless Snitch Back Stabing Fucking Rat

    Here are the New Lyerics for shes alweays a woman to me....

    She can kill with a smile

    She can wound with her eyes

    She can strengthen your faith with her honerable kindness

    And she only reveals what she feels safe to see

    She acts like a child but shes always a woman to me

    She can lead you to love

    She can take you or leave you

    She can ask for the truth if she feels safe to believe you

    And she'll take what you give her knowing nothing is free

    Yea She isn't a thief and shes always a woman to me

    Oh she takes care of herself

    she can wait if she wants

    shes ahead of her time

    Oh and she tries to give out

    and she tries to give in

    She can change her mind

    And she'll promise you more than the Garden Of Eaden

    If she'll carelessly cut's you she should help you from bleeding

    And she'll bring out the best not the worst you can be

    Blame it all on yourself cause she's always a woman to me

    Oh she takes care of herself

    she can wait if she wants

    shes ahead of her time

    Oh and she tries to give out

    and she tries to give in

    She can change her mind

    She is frequently kind and then suddenly crule

    She can do as she pleases she's nobodys fool

    And she can't be Convicted She's earned her Degree

    If she feels safe with you I feel safe with you too cause she's always a woman to me

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